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By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all,i need a little bit of help.One of my neighbours is moving on saturday . His honeysuckle had snapped off the wall due to the weight ,the council said you must clean all your gardens up before you move.As you can see from the picture they have dug them up and gave them to me.Can i seperate them ? and also would it harm them to cut them back now ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated:)))




Hi Mark .. I'm sure you'll get lots of advice, but immediately immerse the roots in a bucket of water, out of the sunshine, and cut back a lot of the top growth .... that's a start and will help them to survive ...

17 Jun, 2013


Yep cut them back to about 12-24" and plant asap and water regularly until plants are established. about a month or so.

17 Jun, 2013


S. Yorks Council must be a little more responsive than here in Moray. In our village a County House tenant laid a huge concrete slab to hold a timber building for the purpose of home schooling his two children. The tenant then moved on, removed and sold the building but was not required to remove the concrete slab and make good. The new tenant is stuck with it.

17 Jun, 2013


Thankyou all so much for your help.

Hi TT i did something right for a change lol,i placed them in large buckets of water straight away.I shall be cutting them back to help them.Thankyou:)))

Hi Seaburngirl thankyou i shall cut them back to your suggested heights,its going to make planting them much easier now.

Hi Bulbaholic thats sounds awful to have that stuck in your garden.We have to make sure the property is left in good state and they do come and check and will not allow you to move until the work is done,they certainately wouldnt allow that.

18 Jun, 2013


Well done Mark ... good luck with the planting ...
If planted in a sunny location, put some temporary shade around the root area for a while, and keep them well-watered ..
... you do very many things right ! :o)))

18 Jun, 2013


Hi TT thankyou,i have now planted it and i have done as you suggested with shading around the root area.It seems to be ok for the moment lol:))))

25 Jun, 2013

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