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I have had a beautiful pink rambling rose in my garden for a few years but it was suffering increasingly from black spot and nothing I did to it cured the problem. I took the decision to cut it down last summer right to the ground with the intention of digging it out and putting something else in its place. Unfortunately I spent 10 weeks in hospital and it grew back again. It hasn't bloomed this year and although the leaves look good I think it might be the root stock that is growing. Do I pull the whole thing out again or see if it is the original plant next year?



Only you can answer that question, Cammomile, it's your choice to wait and see or not. If its sucker growth from below the graft, that's usually very gawky, prolific and tall, often a lighter colour and with more leaflets than on the original rose. If it doesn't look like that, then maybe its worth waiting to see.

15 Jun, 2011


Thank you Bamboo. It has grown so much that I am going to have to cut it back if I don't take it down.

15 Jun, 2011

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