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Ideas please for climbing plants suitable for a north facing wall that is quite unattractive so we need something to cover it quickly and thoroughly please.



Hydrangea petiolaris takes a few years to get going but grows huge in time and although self clinging does not damage the wall. It is really magnificent when mature. The ideal choice for a north wall.

20 Mar, 2012


Thanks so much, we already have a hydrangea on the wall but it hasn't got going yet - maybe 2012 is THE year!!!

20 Mar, 2012


Euonymus varieties 'Silver Queen' or 'Emerald Gaiety' are self clinging when planted against a wall or fence

20 Mar, 2012


Although not a true climber, try Chaenomeles (Ornamental Quince), needs to be attached to your wall, but will flower early in the spring and able to withstand the ravages of winter.

21 Mar, 2012


how about Clematis armandii?

21 Mar, 2012


Seem to remember there is a yellow climbing rose that does OK on a north wall - perhaps someone on here will remember what it is?

21 Mar, 2012


I think that the rose 'Golden Showers' can be grown on a north facing wall, although I've never tried it.

21 Mar, 2012


Many thanks for such helpful suggestions. Might have to go for one of everything as it really is an ugly wall!!! Nice to hear that there is a climbing rose that would be happy there.

21 Mar, 2012


I grow the rose Golden Showers on a north wall and it has done very well over the years.

22 Mar, 2012

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