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Gwladys Mary Nicholas aka “Mrs Nick” 1907 – 2010

Without wishing to depress people in these lovely spring days, I wanted to tell my new friends as to why I havent been on the system much lately.
My mother died on Monday after a three month chest infection. She had been bedridden for two years in a nursing home and so it was a blessed release really, and I think she was “ready to go”. So for a couple of weeks before she died I spent a lot of time with her. Since Monday, as some of you will know only too well, I have been rushing around on a sort of wierd meeting game between a series of people, as we go through the process of preparing a funeral and tying up Mum’s affairs.

The reason I have written this blog is because I am looking for your help to advise on buying as a memorial to Mum, a small ornamental tree which I would like to plant in a pot.

I dont want to plant anything in the ground in case we move house later on.
I havent had much luck with acers lately, having lost a couple in the last couple of years. I did plant a magnolia recently (£8.99 from Aldis!)
I do have one old English rose in a pot but it doesnt seem to do very well.

So, my friends, any suggestions for a nice colourful tree for a pot which measures 18 ins across?

This time of year was significant to Mum – her birthday was on 3rd April and my parents’ wedding anniversary was 11th April. (They were married for 60 years) She would have been 103 next week.

Mum loved gardening, as did my father. She particularly loved herbaceous borders, dahlias, and house plants and my childhood memories of Sunday lunch would be listening to discussions between my parents as to which plants should be split/moved/abandoned.

She was a very skilled bonfire manager and loved nothing else than getting rid of all of Dad’s prunings a walled corner of the garden.

Towards the end of her life, Mum was living with us. She liked to sit in the garden and watch me as I gardened, and finally to sit indoors and watch through the window. She would have loved the patio door which we installed in her bedroom, sadly after she became ill and was transferred to the nursing home.

Thanks also for all those lovely messages which people have sent me after seeing Mum’s photo on my collection of photos.

Rachelsmum (aka Jane)

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hugs and heartfelt wishes to you Jane. This last photo is so happy. As to your request for a small tree: I grew a rowan in a pot for 10 yrs and would have kept it in a pot had I been able to find a bigger pot that I liked.

Then there are other shrubs like Daphne, Osmanthus [false holly] Skimmia, Camellia, Azalea that might be suitable.

Hope you find a suitable plant to do you mum justice. The pain does get less as treasured memories come to the fore.


25 Mar, 2010


Jane, I`m so very sorry to read this blog, my heart goes out to you and your family,I lost my Mum only a short while ago and know fully how much there is to sort out...
I understand your need for a memorial ,I planted a tree for Mum in my garden, I have a lovely standard Azalea in a pot, a gift about 5yrs ago ,its just forming flower buds at the moment and when in flower it lasts for weeks...........
Take care xx sue

25 Mar, 2010


I also like those little standard trees. You can get various types. I have one that produces bright red autumn berries. A spring flowering one like Linkslass's Azalea might be nice to remember your mam seeing as her birthday was in April. - only a suggestion :o)
I hope you're coping with things the best you can

26 Mar, 2010


I've had a cammelia in a pot for years and its doing fine, being in a pot its possible to move it to a sheltered spot for the winter. I'm sorry to hear about your mum Its very hard having to deal with things when your mind is on her and not all those details

26 Mar, 2010


Thinking of you, Jane, and god bless Mrs. Nick....
...amazing to think of the changes she would have seen to the world during over 100 years...
I hope you find a suitable shrub for the pot.
I have a Pieris Little Heath variegata which has done well in a pot for years. [ Ericaceous compost ]
Gives variegated foliage all year round the new-colour foliage and flowers you would expect from a Pieris. xxx

26 Mar, 2010


Have you thought of something with your dear Mums' name(s) at all ?

26 Mar, 2010


My thoughts are with you Jane at what is undoubtedly a sad time. That is a lovely picture of your mom and from what you have said about her and your dad it seems to me that she had a good life, and I think its a lovely idea to plant a tree or shrub in celebration of 103 yrs. I imagine you have lots of lovely memories stored away ready to recall.

26 Mar, 2010


so sorry to hear your sad news Jane i had a tear in my eye whilst reading this blog but what wonderful memories you have of your parents ..

26 Mar, 2010


I'm sorry too to hear about your sad loss Jane. Your Mum had a very long life, didn't she, and she looks so lovely in the photo. It sounds as though you have done a huge amount to help her, and I'm sure she appreciated it.
Sorry I can't really think of the best thing for a pot, but lots of people here are very knowledgeable.

26 Mar, 2010


Hi Jane, oh how my heart goes out to you at this saddest of times my friend.I, like so many, lost my mum twelve years ago, and even though time has gone by,I still miss her constantly. My mum, loved the scent of the Lilac, as did her mum, so, like you, I wanted to plant something that meant so much to us all, so had a Lilac shrub planted in my garden as a memorial to a much loved and wonderful woman. We had also one planted in a large pot, and it did very well there, so might be a thought added to all the other supportive suggestions posted by other GoYs. Truly my prayers are with you and your family as you try to come to terms with your dreadful loss Jane. Someone said to me, that while I lived, my mother always would, as I carried so much of her in me, I would like to pass these words on to you my friend, and hope that they bring you as much comfort as they did me. Keeping you in my thoughts Jane x

26 Mar, 2010


Like everyone my heart goes out to you, she really did well to reach that age, hope you find a nice plant for your container.

26 Mar, 2010


memories live forever and keep you going,your mum looks so happy in her photo.

26 Mar, 2010


So sorry for your sad loss Jane such a great age to reach,she must have been a wonderful lady.just before my dad died suddenly he bought me a "Granpa dixon" rose and sadly it didnt do well but i managed to buy another one so as in looking for a plant - shrub you will have lovely memories of your precious mum every time you look at it.My prayers are with you xx

26 Mar, 2010


Thinking of you

26 Mar, 2010


Very sad for your loss. You will be inspired I'm sure of which memorial plant to choose. She looks so lovely in the photo and made me smile when I saw her magnetic smile love Sue x.

26 Mar, 2010


I`m so sorry for the loss of your mum Jane. I wonder if an Acer would be a nice idea. Hugs Sandra x

26 Mar, 2010


I'm so sorry to hear your sad news - I lost my dear mum not so long ago, and I have a little shrub which I was given planted in the garden. It is a comfort.

I'm sure you could find a rose to remember her by - there's one called 'Remembrance'. xx

26 Mar, 2010


Dear Everyone,

thank you very much for the kind comments and excellent suggestions.

As you can imagine there is a lot to do and it hasnt been made any easier as we have been without broadband and a landline telephone for the last couple of weeks. Not mentioning any names of course but a certain American company are not in my good books at present.......

Anyway, it looks as if I am now back on line - I will certainly give some thought to all your ideas and will certainly let you know the outcome.

This winter I have lost several shrubs I will probably need to restock with a few shrubs.

Best wishes

Rachelsmum aka Jane

29 Mar, 2010


so sorry RM i dont know how i missed this, im thinking of you at this sad time xx

14 Apr, 2010

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