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Take a Walk round Cardiff


Today I “reccied” a walk in preparation for taking some of my health walkers out next week. (I co-ordinate a scheme of providing short weekly health walks in different parts of Cardiff) I thought you might like to see where I went.

We start beside the River Taff on a path for walkers and cyclists called the Taff Trail. We walk north up the river, past a weir near Llandaff Rowing Club.

Then past some tree logs which have been left beside the river

past a tree with red berries – not sure what this is – any ideas?

Now we are in Hailey Park.

we will circle round the park, past the tandem cyclists

and back towards the River Taff

Now we are standing on the bridge over the river, looking north

and then looking south; Llandaff Cathedral is in the distance

Here is a view of Llandaff Cathedral from the Cathedral Green

Now we can see the Cathedral down in its deep little valley.

We carry on past the Cathedral and into Bute Park, which runs into the centre of Cardiff beside the river.

Here is the Weir bridge across the River Taff

Now we are standing on the Weir bridge (known to the children as the “wibbly wobbly bridge”) A new fish pass has been built to help the salmon leap the weir. The river is clean these days since the coal is no longer mined in the valleys. Its surprising to think that the City Centre of Cardiff is less than a mile away in that direction…….

Looking north, the river looks calm today. It looks deeper than it is!

Now we are walking north on the other side of the river again, back to our starting point.
We can just see another view of Llandaff Cathedral, this time from the east, across the river..

Here is the old park lodge – now a private house – nice eh?

Nearly back to the start of our walk – this is a well-known landmark – the stunted tree (struck by lightening)

I hope you enjoyed this little walk around the parks of Cardiff! Maybe I will take you to the sea next time.

PS Happy Valentines Day!!

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Lovely pictures Rm :-)
The Lodge looks gorgeous doesn't it ?

I used to drive through a bit of Llandaff when going to Canton sometimes (working).
I'm not a city person but some of them have lovely areas and this city is one of them !

14 Feb, 2010


Totally agree! Wonderful city! ( I have to say that because my partner is from Cardiff.) No - I joke! I LOVE Cardiff and, as we haven't been there since 2008 these pictures gave my partner a lovely glimpse of his one-time home, If we weren't here, in Spain, we would be in Cardiff as it was a close-run choice. Lovely walk - I hope your people enjoy it.

14 Feb, 2010


Looks healthy and beautiful...
Happy Valentines Day :o)

14 Feb, 2010


I really enjoyed that walk ( from the warmth indoors of course ! ). Thanks for showing me round.

14 Feb, 2010


Lovely walk. Your health walkers will be sure to enjoy it.

14 Feb, 2010


what a lovely day to be the lightning tree...;-)

14 Feb, 2010


Thanks folks

Nariz - so glad I could evoke a few memories for you and your partner!

Wish me luck for good weather on Tuesday! We have been a bit unlucky with the weather over the last 12 months.

14 Feb, 2010


Rachelsmum, thanks for this nice walk! Lovely pictures...

16 Feb, 2010


Thanks everyone
the walk went well today - there were 56 of us and it didnt rain this time!

16 Feb, 2010


Loved this descriptive walk plus the ace photographs. Brought back lots of memories for me of my father who lived in Llandaff as a boy in the 1920s. He and his siblings used to run along the top of the weir wall trying hard not to slip in. Then they would swing out from a rope in the mulberry tree, seeing who could swing out the furthest. Ofter my father ended up falling into the river and in trouble at home! On my next visit to Llandaff I shall do your walk. Thank you again!

3 Jul, 2011


Thanks Cassau,
I am really pleased that brought back some memories for you! That after all is what this website is all about:) I think the mulberry tree is still there....

3 Jul, 2011

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