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I know its July!


Although its now July (where’s the year going!)I am at last putting my June roses on for you to see. These are my favourites…

Icecream rose which has the most gorgeous perfume and the flowers are enormous.

Pat Austin which I trained as a climber as it had a leggy habit.

The Times ( hubbies favourite)

St. Swithen ( my birthday rose)

Cottage rose

Gertrude Jekyll flowers most of the summer

rosa mundi a gallica rose but unfortunately only flowers once

This rose must be well over 20 years old and has moved house 3 times .

Brother Cadfael I first saw this on Geoff Hamiltons “Paradise Gardens” programme .

The Mary Rose The cuttings root very easily from this put in a gritty trench in november and by spring it has rooted. I have 3 of these now.

Rhapsody in Blue. the perfume is lovely even if the picture is not so good.We get alot of strong winds in our garden being on a hill so find that the flowers do not hold well.

Iceberg This rose as most of you will know is the most reliable one of all and will go on flowering all summer whatever the weather even into the autumn

This is an old shrub rose which had been left in an old allotment and was being buried by thistles and bindweeds so i had to rescue it,didn’t I? Middle of summer ,the worst time to do it , hubby thought I was nuts as I had to battle with 5foot high weeds and then drag it to the garden as it was far to heavy to carry. Now 2years on it has prduced its first flower!

Bonica one of my favourites. It just flowers and flowers.

This has no name. It was given to me by an old boy who retired from his allotment and he used to win prizes for it at shows.

New Dawn A lovely climber

Royal William The most regal rose in our garden. It just feels like velvet when you touch it. Just opening and open.

Graham Thomas shrub rose ( another one which is easy to take cuttings from)

Just Joey

Sexy Rexy Apparently Charlie Dimmock’s favourite Remember her!

L.D. Braithwaite shrub rose

I would just like to thank you for taking the time to look at our roses and would like to end with the best as they are named after our most favourite of all people. This is dear old Geoff Hamilton rose who we still miss on our gardening programmes and last but by no means least the Princess of Wales .

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Have enjoyed looking and making notes you have some beautiful roses. I have never tried taking cutting so will use your information and have a go, thank you.

8 Jul, 2011


wow they are so beautiful, lovely colours, are they all perfumed? I love them all. My new roses are a bit of a disaster as the rabbit got into the garden when they were just sprutting and damaged them badly. Hoping they will survive and show off next year for me. Thanks for the pictures they are great.

8 Jul, 2011


They are so beautiful. I am a rose lover to say the least.

8 Jul, 2011


fantastic roses, and not a blackspot in sight....
like olive i wld like to know if you go for perfumed varieties or just roses which take your fancy?

8 Jul, 2011


So many and all equally lovely, I wish I knew the names of all my roses, I`m afraid I didn`t keep a record when most were first planted, Iceberg is my favourite and I do have Princess Diana, sadly she doesn`t like todays weather...
Gorgeous photographs..

8 Jul, 2011


You have a beautiful variety of roses and you must really give them lots of TLC as they are looking so robust and happy :)

I've favourited this blog so I can refer back to it for the names of your roses. Perfumed roses have got to be my favourite....double bonus...beautiful flower and lovely scent.

8 Jul, 2011


You've got lots of lovely ones :o) I enjoyed seeing them all.

8 Jul, 2011


Wish I had those in my garden - they are all beautiful. I've only got 2 roses at present but am hoping to get some more in the autumn. Do you feed yours ?

8 Jul, 2011


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I feed my roses very early spring with well rotted manure as i am lucky enough to have a constant supply from my allotment which is next door to the house. I keep to a monthly spraying regime and only spray just before dark when all the bees have gone. I also keep a book Lincolnshire lass and have since i started .I have a rose on each page with columns down with details of when fed and sprayed. In April or May I feed with rose fertiliser or chicken pellets.Hope this helps youResi andMariek.Olive i'm sure your roses will survive but it is disheartening.Roses take 2years to get established so they will be better next year.I hope you are successful with your cuttings Stroller.If you have a long stem from a well established rose you can make 2 or 3 cuttings from this but remember to keep it the right way up.I don't always look for certain roses .Some are chosen on a whim where others i have probably seen on a gardening programme or in my David Austin book. The most perfumed i have Whistonlass is Fragrant Cloud (which i forgot to put in with the pics.) and Icecream.

10 Jul, 2011


Hi Rose...Many thanks for sharing these gorgeous blooms with us...We have just ordered two Bare rooted Roses from David Austin I'm pleased to see amongst your display...Just Joey...and the other one Whiter Shade of pale...There are so many beautiful Roses, it is nice to get the info from other GOYers when making a selection...The next thing is finding room in the Garden... :))

10 Jul, 2011


I always find room for a rose Crissue.

11 Jul, 2011


What size shoehorn do you use Rose, mine is a large one. lol.

11 Jul, 2011


Same here Olive.

12 Jul, 2011


:))) Know what you mean Olive and Rose....H calls me Shoehorn Sue...

I meant to ask Rose, what Chicken Pellets do you use!!

12 Jul, 2011


lol :O)

12 Jul, 2011


They are dried chicken pellets Crissue ,no particular make. Most garden centres sell them but we have a fantastic superstore which does loads of offers.

12 Jul, 2011


ok thanks :))

13 Jul, 2011


Lovely pics and advice Rose. I've gone 'rose mad' this year and have recently received through the post David Austins new Handbook of Roses. I think it shouldn't be allowed...poor addicts like me have no chance:-( I don't have a car, but am determined to get to Albrighton to see them all in situ, naturally buying a few too. All I have to do, according to 'plan a journey' is catch 2 buses, then a train, then a 20 minute walk or taxi. Can't wait:-) have you seen Michaellas rose blog? :-)

26 Jul, 2011


All you have to do then Bornagain is get your roses home. Wouldn't it be easier to order from David Austin? I have seen Michaellas roses, and I thought I had alot at 54.Now I would love to see her garden, she must have a fair bit of land.Thanks for your comments too. I will have a look at your page now.

26 Jul, 2011


I have ordered on line from DA, but really want to look at them all growing so I can see the shape of bush etc...I just want to go:-))

26 Jul, 2011


I can understand that Bornagain, so would I.

26 Jul, 2011


Hi Rose, would you mind looking at my new blog where I'm asking for rose suggestions for my little newly made over front garden? Obviously only if you have the time...thanks:-)

3 Oct, 2011

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