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Happy New Year Everyone !


New computer and new year !
After a really bad year in 2018 with hubby Rick being so ill, and a really old lap top only fit for the bin, plus having to leave our lovely bungalow in Laceby as it was going to be sold, I am hoping this year is going to be much better !
So…now in another lovely bungalow in Cleethorpes which has a garden crying out for my touch , things can only get better! As the song goes!
Once I have my pictures on here from the new garden, I am hoping to be back on Goy.
So…see you soon my friends!

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So good to see you back, Rose... It was strange not noticing your comments on here. Do hope 2019 is a much more positive one for you ... and how interesting a new garden to personalise.

6 Jan, 2019


Lovely see you back again

6 Jan, 2019


Nice to hear from you Rose ... I hope things will get better for you now.
Happy new year ! :)

6 Jan, 2019


So lovely to hear from you again Rose,and sorry Rick has been so ill again..I haven't been on Goy much this year either,but like you,hope to remedy that..Russell sends his love,and we both wish you a very Happy New Year in your new Bungalow..all that work you did in your last garden,I hope you were able to take some of your plants with you? Looking forward to seeing your new garden,as I know it will be just as

6 Jan, 2019


well Cleethorpes is a lovely place to live. I often visited it when hubby [boyfriend then] was working there for 18 months.

I hope you will be very happy in your new home and new garden. hope 2019 is a happy and healthy year for you and your family.

6 Jan, 2019


Thanks Julia, Can't wait to get started !

Thank you Marjorie. I have sent you a p.m.

Thank you Hywel. Nice to be back !
Hope you are well !

Hello Sandra, I hope to be back on here more regularly.
I had to smile when you said about the last garden !
There were 104 pots ! Large ones for shrubs , climbers and roses. Medium ones for well established perrenials and even small ones for primroses etc !
We were both so upset having to move , especially leaving the village, but as we had to have a bungalow for Rick , there was nothing available. We come to Cleethorpes quite a lot, so that was the next choice.
Best wishes to you and Russell for the New Year.
Thank you Seaburngirl. I agree with you. Cleethorpes is a lovely place.

6 Jan, 2019


Happy New Year, Rose.

6 Jan, 2019


Happy new year... I reckon it's got to be better than last year. A nice new garden for you to work your magic in Rose. Lots of good things to look forward to.

6 Jan, 2019


Rose I am wishing and hoping that 2019 will be a lot better for you than 2018 in many ways.

So pleased you have a new computer so that you can show us your new garden and the magic touch that you will be giving it in the near future.

Very best wishes to you and to Rick. xx

6 Jan, 2019


Happy New Year Rose! Best wishes for happy and more healthy times for you both in your new home. Looking forward to lots of "before and after" photos!

6 Jan, 2019


Thank you Linda and Homebird! Looking forward to getting started. There is a lot to be done!

Hello Chris ! Thank you for your support through last year ! Did you get my pm and email ?

Thank you Steragram. At the moment I am trying to put my pictures into the new laptop, but its not as easy as the last one which was very basic . I do have them in it, but haven't a clue what to do next !

7 Jan, 2019


I am ao looking forward to catching up with you this year Rose. Lovely to hear from you.x

7 Jan, 2019


How nice to see you back Rose! I'm sorry your husband hasn't been well and on top of that you were forced to move home. I do hope you have a much better year in 2019 and I'm looking forward to seeing your new garden progress.

7 Jan, 2019


Best wishes for a long and happy stay in your new home Rose. It is sad to leave your home and your good neighbours. I hope you find replacements in Cleethorpes. I am sorry Rick has been ill again but at our age we just thank God for another day. I am looking forward to seeing what you create in your new garden.

7 Jan, 2019


Thanks Karen , so will I !

Thank you Waddy. Its nice to be back !

Thank you Scotsgran. We were both very sad to be leaving and at such a bad time too ! I don't think it will be quite the same as living in a village , but hopefully when I am out in the garden in the Spring , I may get to know people.

7 Jan, 2019


Rose I think you would be able to copy your old photos onto a memory stick and then just plug the stick into the slot on the new laptop. If you know any teenagers they will know how to do it! We oldies have to have help with these things...

7 Jan, 2019


I have done that Steragram, but I don't know how to transfer them into an album or gallery, so that I can transfer them on to here ! Help !!

9 Jan, 2019


If they are on your laptop if you can look at them they will have a file number. Are they all just on the desktop or are they in a folder?

9 Jan, 2019


I have seen the file numbers Steragram but I need to get them into a folder which is where I am stumped. I have tried many times , but its not happening. Its so frustrating !

10 Jan, 2019


A belated message for a very happy new year to both of you ... wish I could help you with the photos but my techie skills are not that good! I like the advice from Stera to ask a teenager! ... :o)

10 Jan, 2019


Thank you Shirley. Happy New Year to you too !
The only one who knows how to do this is my son, but he lives too far away !

11 Jan, 2019


Where do you see the file numbers Rose? Is it when you open the memory stick? Does it open by itself when you plug it in to your computer. When I stick a memory stick in to my computer it opens showing file numbers. If I go up to the top where it says 'File' 'Share' 'Home' and 'View' etc. if I click on 'View' and choose 'Large Icons' I get the actual photo. I can then 'Save as' in Pictures. Once I have done that I can sort them in to different folders using one or more New folders. I'm sure your son would be happy to talk you through the process if you have the computer on and the memory stick in place when you phone him. If you cannot get a hold of him take your memory stick down to your local library and ask for the help of a member of staff. They may only be able to help on specific days or at specific times but they should be able to talk you through the process.

12 Jan, 2019


Hi Rosie, there's a piece of free software called Faststone Image Viewer that might help with your pics. Just download & install, then you should be able to find & access your photos in the file system on the left of the screen.
Not sure of your tech knowledge so at the risk of being patronising, right mouse click/New/Folder then give it a name like 'Garden Photos' or whatever is suitable

13 Jan, 2019


Thanks Darren, but my son said , when I rang him that my laptop isn't suited to this.

16 Jan, 2019


Thanks Scotsgran, I will try this and let you know how I get on.

16 Jan, 2019


Is it not a Windows 10 PC then?
I use several different types of computer so might be able to help if you let us know whether it's Windows, Android, Linux, etc?

16 Jan, 2019


It is a Windows 10 Darren, and don't know why my son said this. Its a basic Chromebook and doesn't even have a desktop. There is nothing written on the top to say "view ".
On my old Windows 7 I had a side panel and could find anything , especially "pictures" which I could just click on and would go straight to my gallery where all my albums were.
I may put a blog on about it soon in case someone on goy has the same one. The last one was so easy, but old and incredibly slow. This new one is brilliant apart from this problem about getting my pictures into somewhere I can find them easily !

16 Jan, 2019


Are you sure it's Windows 10 Rose? Chromebooks usually use a Google Chrome operating system as they're designed to store everything on an internet 'cloud'.
If you've still got your old computer it may well be possible to get it working well enough for your needs by using system cleaning software, re-installing Windows or putting a lightweight Linux operating system on it instead.
A new blog thread on the subject is a good idea, there's bound to be someone with useful knowledge!

16 Jan, 2019


Now you have mentioned that Darren, I remember my son when he finds time to get over was going to transfer all of my pictures from my gallery on the old computer by " cloud". I don't think my old computer is up to doing anything, plus it has gone green !
Thank you .

17 Jan, 2019

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