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My early Spring Garden !


Hello my goy friends, I am sorry I have not been on here for a while as, firstly I had an horrendous side effect from the second vaccine!
I had severe shivers on the night time, which felt like I was having a fit, which lasted a couple of hours, then sickness for another couple of hours. If that wasn’t bad enough I had chest pains and breathlessness which lasted a week! Could only happen to me ! Haha! I ended up seeing my doctor who couldn’t understand it and said it was down to the vaccine.
When I was fully recovered I had to finish planting my Ammi Majus and Verbena Boriensis which will hopefully grow mixed up together ! Then more gravel had to go! Need I say more !
I had taken most of these photos before I was ill and hope you enjoy looking at them!

Couldn’t resist buying this !

Plum blossom for the first time since we moved here in 3 years !

Not quite true to colour in this picture!

Really pleased with this Iberis as I moved it from the back of the border, just about to flower, to the front!


Unfortunately I didn’t get the picture of the Amelenchier in flower!

Doronicums are one of my favourite spring flowers.

The large Photinia is much more colourful now!

Another Denticulata.
I hope you enjoyed looking at the main part of my garden and hopefully soon will show you the front!
Take care everyone and stay safe!

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Sorry to hear you've such an unpleasant adverse reaction, Rose. Your garden looks a treat and is a credit to you. The tulips are lovely and everything looks to be growing well.

2 May, 2021


Sorry you have been unwell after the vaccine. I had most of those symptoms except for the chest pains after my 1st jab. They said that was because I had Covid back in November.

Your garden is looking lovely.

2 May, 2021


The garden is looking lovely, shame about the side-effects of the jab. Now Spring is starting to be sprung, apart from the frosts which don't seem to want to disappear, you can take your time with the garden and fully recover. Did you know you had Covid in November Seaburn, or was that just their suggestion?

2 May, 2021


Thank you Julia! Its the first time I have had the beauty of the Iberis as it was further back in the border, so when I re-landscaped the lawn, I moved it right to the front.
Thanks Anget! I am looking forward to finishing off my long border and seeing the Ammi Majus in flower.
Thanks Seaburn! That is so strange as I never had covid!
Thank you Honeysuckle! We have been lucky here on the east coast as we haven't had many frosty days at all!

3 May, 2021


Rose that was very unfortunate for you to get all those horrid symptoms. I hope you are over all of them now and getting out into your beautiful garden filled with flowers. Your tulips look so pretty and I too love primula denticulata. You must have enjoyed the blossoms this year and have lots to still look forward to.
Take care and stay well.

3 May, 2021


Rose, I’m very sorry to hear you were horribly ill after your second vaccine! ( I was ill for 24/48 hours after my 2nd one - I was told to expect it after having covid 🙁)
I do hope you’re starting to feel better?
Your blog is full of lovely, colourful plants! You’ve some very beautiful flowers in the garden! Love the shape your Pieris has taken on, the skimmia is a fab shape and full of flower. The tulips are so pretty too, especially those ‘sunset’ coloured ones...
Keep well!!! Best wishes x

3 May, 2021


You poor soul Rose - you certainly drew the short straw there. Your garden is very pretty - hope it managed to go some way towards cheering you up a bit. It was great to see the Doronicums. I have never managed to keep them since we moved here so it was nice to enjoy yours.Tulip colours just seem to be getting better and better - yours are lovely with that pretty but subtle shading on them.

3 May, 2021


So sorry to hear you were so ill after your 2nd jab,Rose,was it just you,or was Rick affected too? We feel lucky that we were both fine after ours,but glad you are feeling well again now.x
Your garden is just beautiful ,and so full of colour.The Skimmia,Photinia,Pieris etc ,all seem to have done well this year,and so have mine,and it's so lovely to see them.Love Primula Denticula's too..I have white and purple ones,which are favourites of mine and I love your tulips..take care,Rose,and love to Rick ..xx

4 May, 2021


Hope you are now recovered from the after effects of the vaccine and can enjoy your beautiful garden. Rose you have obviously cast your magic over that plum tree ... hope you get plenty of plums (Shirley`s plum cake recipe comes to mind)! lol.

4 May, 2021


Yes, I am fine now Chris and have been raring to go to get more done in the garden, but the weather has changed and it's wet and windy! I still have two more small trees which are about to flower plus the huge cherry tree.
Hopefully you have had better weather than us! Did you get my pm? xxx
Thanks Kate, I am much better now! I haven't had covid so don't know why I was so ill!
I love your hair! xx
Yes it did cheer me up Yorkslass! We always sit in the conservatory looking out at the garden and watching the birds. I can't understand why you can't keep Doronicums! We have clay soil here to which I have added compost and they go on flowering into the summer. Maybe you could put some in a pot!
Just me Sandra ! Rick had no ill effects at all!
It was nice to see you on here again and hope you don't have anymore problems with your laptop!
Thank you Bloomer! Much better now thanks!
I will have to get that recipe from Shirley!

4 May, 2021


Rose, I will comment properly on your blog later, but for now, click on letter P on Goypedia (bottom page), then click on Plums and it should be the second recipe down. I don't bake it any more due to Diabetes now . . . great shame! You will enjoy it . . . hot or cold I should think . . . :o)

4 May, 2021


I enjoyed seeing the colour you have in the garden Rose . . . I seem to be known more for a flippin' cake recipe than anything planted in the garden . . . :o))

4 May, 2021


Delicious cake isn't such a bad thing to be known for after all...

4 May, 2021


That's true Yorks!!

5 May, 2021


Garden is doing well Rose, you have some lovely plants and shrubs, the weather is being silly isn't it, we desperately needed the rain but not the arctic conditions that arrived as well, oh well that's the joys of living here I s'pose , can't change it can we, have to accept it, lol, always somebody worse off isn't there...
Pleased you are feeling better now...

6 May, 2021


Haha! Shirley! It must be a good cake then!
Thanks for the info !
Thanks Sue! It is strange weather and most plants seem to be slower than usual ! Apart from the weeds ! lol!
I think we get off light when you see what the weather is doing in other countries! Being on the east coast, it always takes a while for the rain to reach us!

7 May, 2021

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