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Colour in the garden!


I thought it would be nice to see summer colours on a wet dreary day!

I am going to change this border slightly in the autumn as I need to move the yellow achillea and crocosmia so that I can put just slightly lower plants in so that there isn’t a gap from low to high ones.
Just got no idea where to put them though! lol

These rudbeckia flowers are nearly the size of my palm!

Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of this one , but it may be a lobelia!

Annabelle hydrangea has been fantastic this year!
Obviously likes the rain!

And finally the cutting of the hydrangea from Shirley.

I hope this has cheered you all up a bit!
Stay dry!

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So cheerful on such a wet day. Not dry here at all and too wet to take the camera out.

5 Aug, 2023


Very colourful Rose! I do like the red “grass”(?) in the fifth picture … please could you ID it? Thank you 🙂.

5 Aug, 2023


What a wonderful garden ,RoseI can't believe hw much you have crammed into it,and all those lovely colours and textures too. All looking so healthy,so the rain has been appreciated by most of them it seems .
Re the one you think is a Lobelia, might it be a Penstemon,as it looks very much like one of mine,as does the white one inthe next photo too ? I'm probaby way off the mark with both ! Lol.xx

5 Aug, 2023


Your garden is looking very colourful, must be all the rain, and your hard work of course.

5 Aug, 2023


I will be pleased when we have dry days Seaburn! Thanks for your comment.
Thanks Sheila, I will have to find the label and will let you know.

Hello Sandra, thank you..yes you were a bit! lol!
The blue one is Lobelia "Starship Blue"and the white one is Physostegia Virginia " White crown of snow"
I have just found the labels!
I suppose we did need the rain for the gardens, but not that much!

Thank you Siris. I don't think we needed that much rain though!
Thank you Julia and yes it is helping me a bit being out in the garden.
Not looking forward to the winter though.
Thank you Klahanie!

6 Aug, 2023


Rose, you have a lovely selection of plants in your garden, the height of some is what my borders lack I think. I spotted the Alstroemerias and hope to buy some at the end of Summer, mind you, with the chilly weather of yesterday it could have been just that!

Today has been just right, sunny, no wind blowing, so I have spent hours and hours in the garden. I found far too many slugs and snails when I moved pots around, and woodlice seem to be everywhere too!

I have divided up a Heuchera and am hoping the pieces will root, fingers crossed, and have taken some leaf cuttings of Sedum, not done that before. Loved looking at your photos ... :o)

6 Aug, 2023


Definitely a cheery, uplifting blog, Rose. You've an abundance of pretty colour in your garden. It is a place of therapy, how could anyone not smile when you see your blooms!
Agree, the hydrangeas have been loving the rainy spells, haven't they!
Your Annabelle looks splendid as does your pink t one from Shirley. They look perfect companions!
Hope you are doing OK x

6 Aug, 2023


Your garden is a picture Rose, a real explosion of colour and a beautiful choice of plants.
My favourite photo is the second one as your garden looks so pretty and welcoming!
What you have achieved Rose is quite remarkable.

6 Aug, 2023


Oh, you have been busy Shirley! I'm sure your cuttings will take as everything you do is successful.
According to Country File summer is coming the end of thi week, but not sure for how long!
I hope you still decide to get Alstromerias!
You will love them! xx

7 Aug, 2023


Thanks Kate! I don't know how I would have coped without my garden.
It's a shame I can't put Shirleys hydrangea in the border with the others! There just isn't room!

7 Aug, 2023


Thanks Chris! It's a pity you live so far away as it could be "welcoming you!"
I am pleased with my borders now so don't have another project for the autumn yet!! xxx

7 Aug, 2023


Ha ha,story of my life Rose.. I'm often 'off a bit ' ! Lol.Thanks for the names of those two plants though,and so glad you found the labels :o)

7 Aug, 2023


Senior moments Sandra! Haha! xx

8 Aug, 2023


What a beautiful cottage garden you have, Rose, with lovely mature shrubs to give the feeling of enclosure and privacy. It's a testament to your 'eye' and green fingers. We have been working outside in the few times it's been dry, so still lots to catch by the tail...

8 Aug, 2023


Rose, I'm not sure that those cuttings will 'strike' with the cooler temperatures and lack of sunshine as it has been such a horrible day for weather today. On the plus side though ... I have ordered some Alstroemeria plants at long last ... :o)

8 Aug, 2023


Thank you so much Ange for your lovely comments.
Cottage gardens have always been my style since first moving to Willow Cottage years ago.
Hopefully will have more sunny dry days now!

I hope you will be happy with them Shirley.
I put ringed stakes around them, depending where you plant them.
The ones I have in full sun don't seem to need staking but the others in part shade do as they lean towards the sun.
As the flower finishes , cut it right down to the ground and in time another will pop up.
Also if you cut them for the house, do the same.

10 Aug, 2023


Thanks for that Rose, sound advice! I have read that you can pull them like Rhubarb rather than cut the stems. Do you agree with that?

10 Aug, 2023


Garden is looking lovely Rose, thinking of putting in some agapanthus for next year, was looking at mine today and concluded that i have provided a restaurant for slugs and snails, been a bit neglected these last few months but time now to go back outside and get it back to how Kim would have wanted it

14 Aug, 2023

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