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Getting back on top of things..


By sandra


After a busy Summer it’s time to get back on top of the garden especially the grass….which, as ever has been neglected…I see perfect lawns on here and think why isn’t mine like that…but I will settle for short grass…

So I started right outside my door…I managed once round the middle bit with the mower but it was just too long so the strimmer came out to play..

I will rake it all up today as I ran out of steam yesterday…

For once I took some before photos…check out my stingy nettles…I’m sure they are award winning..will have to wait for the after pics as its a work in progress.

The grass and nettles have grown through the fence…this bit of garden is known as the dog pound it helps to contain Blod and Reggie… I used my fab new toy tractor to sit on while I pulled out as much as I could.

I acquired a second hand self propelled petrol mower and its sooo easy to use.

Today it’s all about making inside space for all our succulents. The nursery has been realy busy this year and we need to make the most of all inside space to make sure we have enough for next year. take a look at one of the greenhouses….one side is ready and filling up fast.

Who keeps a bike in a green house?

This is today’s task…find the other side of the green house!

If you think that’s a lot of junk wait till u see this….I was encouraged by Hywels blog of all the stuff he has to tidy up…during wedding preparations earlier in the year all the stuff from around the garden was dumped in one place…well that was months ago and now the grass brambles and stingys have taken over…

Yes you can see a kitchen sink…

Oh and a bathroom one too..

I need to rescue these Demi johns before winter!

I won’t be tackling this lot on my own!! I’m a recycling junkie and this is my treasure! It’s hidden from view but it does need a good sort out.

Hope you are all enjoying the autumn sunshine.
Thanks for reading my blog..?

EDITED to add tidy greenhouse pics!

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I love your greenhouses Sandra. I wish I had more room for one (or three !)
Love all the junk. I don't believe in throwing everything away. It's good to recycle :)
It would be boring living in an empty box.
I just wish I could keep mine tidier lol

I'm glad I haven't got any grass to cut though. Good luck with it !

21 Oct, 2016


Wow Sandra, you won't be wondering what to do to pass the time! I amlookign forward to seeing how you recycle the bathroom washbasin - I just imagine it standing upright full of succulents...
Its good to hear that the little tractor is satisfactory.

21 Oct, 2016


Good luck with all your tidying up Sandra, I know what it is like to run a business, we were in poultry, farming, and market gardening, , and three small children....., never had time for the garden, other than a quick mow now and then, so it is easy now, we just have a small but high maintenance garden, and at our age that's!!..

21 Oct, 2016


I do sometimes wish the garden was smaller but only sometimes...
This green house has Windows from a friends conservatory Hywel and I cleared loads out if there today.

Stera I'm looking forward to seeing the sink planted up sometime soon

No time in the summer Dd but I love getting stuck in during the winter.

21 Oct, 2016


You certainly have a very interesting, full up garden space Sandra....
I think the being lost in wonderland fr a few weeks in the summer s plenty excuse for the lawn being a little long!!

21 Oct, 2016


Wonderland was worth the long grass Paul....

21 Oct, 2016


Sometimes life can be so busy that some things just don't get done, so what, we are only human :-). Think Hywel blog has inspired a lot of us lol, as I sit here eating my lunch after my 1st tip run of the day so clearing some of the things I have allowed to sit there all summer. I too can't wait to see what wonderful things you are going to create with your treasure.

22 Oct, 2016


You're right Jen. I have tidied the shed today and yesterday, which included getting rid of a big box of plant pots to make room on the shelf for the rest of them - luckily I found a good home for them.

22 Oct, 2016


We have all winter to sort it all out Jen. I made so much room In the greenhouse so it's a start...

Stera I'm always sorting pots they take up less space if they are sorted..

22 Oct, 2016


I always enjoy reading your blogs Sandra, the things you have hidden away I know will feature in a blog in the future and I'm looking forward to seeing what you will come up with this winter.
Paul is right you were definitely right to hide things away and concentrate on Wonderland, the grass and stingy's didn't mind being left and your memories of this summer you'll cherish forever...

22 Oct, 2016


Thanks Lincs you and paul are right it was worth it...but I am enjoying having time to tidy up.

23 Oct, 2016


Hi Sandra ...
a lot of work around your land ... you tidied up plenty of grassy areas, and the greenhouse. Well done !

12 Nov, 2016


Thanks The winter tidy up..

13 Nov, 2016

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