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Aerial views - by popular demand


In my previous blog (my August review) a few members asked if I could possibly take my life in my hands and get some aerial shots of the garden. Always up for a dare – here it is, warts and all!

I’ve always been a bit embarrassed of showing my garden as a whole, there are a couple of areas which are still a work in progress and to me they are a bit of a disappointment.

First of all, here is an image taken from Google Earth, taken around mid 2006 (I think). This image is the garden before I moved in here – and as you can see, planting was quite sparse. It isn’t the clearest of pictures but you can get the gist. A snowberry hedge ran the entire length of the back fence. Many other overgrown shrubs, fruit bushes and let’s not mention the brambles were growing. Chipboard wardrobes and dressing tables were buried beneath the large barren looking area to the right of the path running from the patio are to the lawn. The old patio is now gone as I extended the back of the house.

Part of the garden shaded by the birch tree (above pic), is in fact the sunniest part of the garden. For most of the day right up until the sun goes down at night. I decided that this would make an ideal spot to put the deck (I’m a sun worshipper). Once the shed was erected, I began building the deck (yes, all my own work). Planting at the back has chopped and changed over the years but now it’s home to a couple of shrubs, a few peonies and odds and sods. I’m training a Rambling Rose along the fence. The clematis just about to come into flower is currently hindering the growth of the rose but I will rectify that when it has finished flowering.

The little bed in the front has always been a bone of contention – I have never really been happy with what I’ve planted here but I bet we’ve all got a bit like that in our gardens! It’s had more plants in it than I’ve had hot dinners! If anyone has any ideas going spare, I’d love to hear them :) Oh and for the more observant amongst you – the cat sleeping on my chair is Harry from next door.

In this next picture you can see the large gravel area nearest to the house. The gravel was a quick fix when the builders left. Soon after that my brother and his family moved back from Asia, they lived with us for 3 years. The gravel was practical in that the kids trampoline was housed there and we needed an extra whirly for the washing as there was 9 of us living in the house. Kids and trampoline gone in 2011 meant that I could get started on my garden transformation.

The arbor/arch was added last year – it provides a shadier spot in the afternoon for mum to sit and relax (or should that read a moan and a groan). Still needs a bit of work.

I installed a little wildlife pond last year, a general piece of advice that I picked up online was too choose the size of pond you want – then get the next size up. I didn’t heed this advice, wish I had now – something a bit larger would have been better. That can always be another project, can’t it?

This side of the back garden is a bit more shaded because of the fencing. A Pyracantha is being trained on wires along the fence. It’s been incredibly easy to keep this quite narrow but it seems I’m having to sacrifice some flowers. A young Mahonia and Euonymus will in time provide a greener background in a few years. The rest is planted out with perennials.

Over the way, the sunny side is quite colourful but the photo from above doesn’t do it justice. I’m pleased with this border. Too some it might be a bit too mish mash but since beginning my gardening journey, I’ve learnt that I don’t much like to see bare soil and that I’m a bit of an impulse buyer when it comes to plants. A phrase that come to mind is ‘my eyes are bigger than my belly’….lol!

It’s obvious from this picture that either the Physocarpus or the Buddleja has outgrown it’s allotted spot. Something will have to go! Most of the plants growing here are attractive to pollinators and this whole summer it’s been alive!

I may have been a bit apprehensive at the beginning of this blog but since I’ve started writing, it’s made me realise just how much I’ve achieved since planting the very first plant here in April 2011 (just before I joined GOY). Many plants have come and many plants have gone! My ability, knowledge and confidence has grown 100 fold! – so a great bit thank you too you all. In fact, the only thing that hasn’t grown is my bank account – so a big thank you (sarcasm) to all you inspirational gardeners out there! You know who you are!!!!

Those who didn’t ask for aerial views, please forgive my indulgence of others :) Thank you for reading!

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You have a lovely garden Scottish, you have done wonders there. Thanks for sharing :-)

17 Aug, 2013


Wonderful what you have done Angie .

Well done on all your hard work.

17 Aug, 2013


You have indulged me for a start,Scottish ! I have loved reading how your garden began,to it's present day..and your aerial shots are great..I think it's lovely to see your garden as a whole..much easier to visualise than seperate photo' have worked so hard and achieved so much in two years,it's a credit to you..all we need now is someone to take pic of you in your chair..if you can get Harry to shift ! Lol..Thanks for sharing:o)

17 Aug, 2013


Surreylad - thank you, didn't realise just how much I had done til I wrote this blog.
Kath - cheers, it's all been worth it!
Bloomer - thank you, each time I get up Harry jumps at the chance for a seat. Behind the shed is a small plastic chair that he usually sleeps on all day. He's such a gentle cat, unlike mine or his brother! I'm glad to have indulged you :)

17 Aug, 2013


I've thoroughly enjoyed looking at your aerial views, what a wonderful garden you have! All looks great to me and you've achieved wonders in a very short time!

17 Aug, 2013


yes agree with all...



17 Aug, 2013


Don't know how you did it in the time - even had time to throw some plants out already! I'm no good at that, feel sorry for them. The physocarpus is great - did you prune it to get that nice bushy shape? Mine's going straight up so maybe it ought to have its wings clipped a bit. Your border isn't a mish mash at all, its a lovely mixture.

17 Aug, 2013


Oh Wow!! you've no need to be embarrassed Scottish it looks great and its a bigun, lot of hard work gone into your garden and in only a few years you've transformed it, you should feel proud of yourself.
I like your mish mash border, my perrenial beds are all like that, if there is a gap I'll fill it up, come to think of it my borders are the same, lol...
Beware of pruning the Buddhlia, I pruned mine hard last year and now both are three times the size, they love a good haircut apparently, lol....
Thankyou Scottish, I too have enjoyed the views of your garden....

17 Aug, 2013


Congratulations ! It just shows beginners with a blank canvas the tremendous amount of interest that can be created using the right plants in the right places.

18 Aug, 2013


Interesting to read about how your lovely garden came to be.....I'm still reeling from a house of 9 people!
The garden has survived and blossomed beautifully x

18 Aug, 2013


Scottish, your garden is an inspiration to me. Yours is much the same shape as mine, even down to wanting to add a seating area in the sunshine at the end of the garden.

It's really beautiful and makes me want to get off the comp and get myself outside again! :-)

18 Aug, 2013


You have certainly put some work in there looks great well done.

18 Aug, 2013


Why are you embarrassed about showing your garden ... I love it, especially those round stepping stones. You've done well to get it like that in such a short time.
It will always be a work in progress. That's how gardens are - never finished ... and I don't think we'd want them to be finished would we, or we'd be bored lol ...
You need not be afraid to show more views of your garden now - It's a pleasure to see it :o)

18 Aug, 2013


Good to see all your garden, S.......the Physocarpus, whilst a beautiful shrub, it's hard work to keep it under control.....have to trim mine many times in the year.

18 Aug, 2013


Louisa - thank you. Pleased you enjoyed :)
Jane - glad you like what you see!
Steragram - I haven't pruned the overall height of the Physocarpus but I did prune out a few stems from the centre that were growing the wrong way. I've a gold coloured one that I moved in spring and it wasn't a great shape - I chopped it back and it's bushing up now, maybe yours would benefit. Thank you for your lovely comments :) I've been brutal with plants this year. No more time wasters ;)
Lincs, thanks for the tip re the buddleja - I have pruned this one right back every year and yes I think they do like it, its got taller this year! Glad you enjoyed :)
Dianebulley - thank you, it's been a learning curve but since I accepted the fact that plants will only thrive if they are happy, it's been more enjoyable. It would be the first piece of advice I would give anyone just starting out. I know I learnt the hard way!!
Jent, odd you should mention a pond. I had that conversation yesterday with my mum. It would be an ideal spot - some sun and some shade. Best of all a pleasure to look at when sunning on the deck. Thanks for the input :)
Snoop - thank you. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to weeding, that's why no plants get a chance to self seed.
BJs - thank you, I'm please with it and doing this blog has helped me appreciate what I've done.
Hywel, thank you. I think now I've taken the plunge it won't bother me now. I know it's only me who sees the bits I'm not happy with! Glad you liked :)
Meadowland - thanks for the advice. I think this may be the last I will get away with not pruning!

18 Aug, 2013


Blimey, knocks my aerial shots into a cocked hat, doesn't it? Pure genius! Lol.
You've performed miracles, Scottish & that's from the heart!
Of course, you realise you've started a trend that will burn out the satellite & send it hurtling to earth, causing NASA to intercept with missiles to prevent lives being lost.
Boy, that'll be some bill they send you! ;-)

20 Aug, 2013


Mouldy - they can come after me for the money - I don't have any :) The can't get blood from a stone and certainly not if I throw it at them first!
Thanks for the compliments, they are much appreciated :)

21 Aug, 2013


Just stating the obvious, Ma'am.

23 Aug, 2013


How on earth did I miss this? What a beautiful garden Scottish. I can't think what you mean about that little bed, it looks gorgeous to me. I just love your design, and I'm really impressed at what you've achieved on your own. I couldn't have done all that without OH to help way! Thanks so much for taking these pics, it's always a joy to see a good garden from above. I can just see you on that deck sunning yourself! Enjoy it while you still have chance! We had a really stormy night last night and then viewings of the house this morning, so I had to go out and rake up all the debris that the wind had deposited all over my lawn and gravel beds! You should have seen me...mad dash! Very creative work...congratulations! :))

7 Sep, 2013


p.s. my favourite bit of all is the stepping stone path with the little mounds of green....I love that! :))

7 Sep, 2013


I have only just found this - what a gem!

It is such a well designed space and looks delightful. I too love thoses stepping stones, what a pretty area they create.

You have worked wonders there and long may it continue.

8 Sep, 2013


What a smashing garden you've created here. I like how you have 3 distinct areas, all with so much interest. I love the stepping stone area and the lovely full borders. You have worked wonders and should be so happy and proud of this.

8 Sep, 2013


Just found this too Angie, your garden looks lovely. I'm with you on filling every patch of bare soil and it's so much easier to keep the weeds out then. Where did you buy the circular slabs? They are very effective :o)

9 Sep, 2013


Your comments are much appreciated - stepping stones are from Dobbies Annie. Come in different sizes.

9 Sep, 2013


This is wonderful Scottish. You have so many good ideas and lovely plants.

21 Sep, 2013


Thanks Sheila - I think once the shrubs are covering the fences, I'll be a lot more at ease with it. Patience, patience!!! :)

22 Sep, 2013


Hi Angie, I been digging around on GOY in the "nooks and crannies". What a great blog .... you made a lot of progress up to 2013 and it looks even better now. Here's to a good summer.

31 Mar, 2015


Did you decide what to put in the little bed in front of the patio area? Looking at it again now I wondered if a single low shrub might be nice, perhaps a Choisia or one of the low Philadelphus?

1 Apr, 2015

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