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Completed the other half of that area.


Last month I pruned the climbing rose, wisteria and clematis and generally tidied up the border they are growing in. There is a corresponding border that I tag as the vicarage drive bed. It is next to the village’s Old Vicarage driveway. It is poor soil and full of rubble that never seems to diminish.

The next 3 photos show the bed before I started sorting the weeds/dead leaves. From right to left or west to east.

The hydrangea had to go it was a dirty pink and I was never really keen on it. The Daphne has grown mis-shapen as a consequence.

The rose, clematis and Jasmine were also pruned back and the edges re cut. The lesser celandines were grubbed out and I hope I took out as many of their tubers as possible.
I also managed to remove wild Arum tubers too.

I found the Mukdenia sending up her flower buds. A welcome sight.

Still lots to do, especially beyond the wrought iron gates into the front garden. but I am getting there amongst the showers and other family activities.

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A good job jobbed, as my old Head Clerk used to say.

7 Mar, 2017


A very good job. That looks like hard work with the earth being sodden. I had never heard of Mukdenia so googled it. It does have wonderful autumn foliage.

7 Mar, 2017


You are getting on a treat out there!
We have a problem with celandines near our pond and getting rid of them is not easy!
Here it is very wet and our already heavy soil is even heavier!

7 Mar, 2017


The Lords & Ladies wild Arum seem to have gone bezerk this year. I think the birds maybe disperse and of course if you miss a bit of tuber whilst weeding, you're back to square one. Celandine in my garden is down to my fault introducing 'Brazen Hussey'. First year for my Mukdenia, mine is at the same stage, never seen the flowers before, hope they are long lasting. Good job done, Sbg.

7 Mar, 2017


I'd never heard of Mukdenia either - hope you will show a photo of it when the flowers have opened. Good on you for turfing out the Hydrangea you disliked. I never have the guts to actually get rid of things - stupidly I feel sorry for them being left to die...

Would you like to come along and tidy our borders now???

7 Mar, 2017


I bought the mukdenia for the foliage, not realising what the flowers are like.

I have some fancy leaved celandines but resisted Brazen Hussy even though it is regularly offered at the local HPS meeting.

We keep getting dry days and then I think great it will be better tomorrow and then it rains overnight. So yes rather wet but it is very satisfying to see the improvements. We had lots of arum seed spathes last year and the birds loved them but they will keep coming back. easy enough to dig up if you use a long thing trowel. the corms self regulate their depth.

I've not heard that job expression for years it used to be a favourite of my dad's.

And i'll offer my services when my garden is all finished :o)

7 Mar, 2017


Are gardens ever finished? That's the point of them, to keep improving.

8 Mar, 2017


Seaburngirl: When I read accounts like yours I have to go and lie down to get over your exertion. :O)

siris: Wild Arum are all over the garden and I am forever pulling them out of the ground. Doesn't seem to work : they're back in full force the following year.

8 Mar, 2017


The Mukdenia are delightful plants, and the flowers a bonus....had ours a few years now....
Brazen Hussy is a nightmare, I am already pulling them out every time they surface......
Seaburn you are really doing an excellent job, so rewarding when you can see the improvements, keep going!!

8 Mar, 2017


You have been busy but it must have felt very rewarding when you looked back at it .

9 Mar, 2017


every time I walk around that side of the house it makes me happy. Got OH to get the chain saw out to cut various stumps down and to remove apple tree branches 2 hollies and a buddleia stump.
then we sorted them into logs and branches for shredding.

9 Mar, 2017


Good work SBG....I can't bring myself to get out and do much at the moment. I'm just concentrating on visiting other gardens at the moment...ha ha, that's much easier!

9 Mar, 2017

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