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The back is better Part 2


I continued the weeding of what was formerly the conifer bed. It still has a few conifers in it but several years ago it was revamped, there are now 2 roses over an arch and several evergreens and ferns.

I had planted A mollis but time had come to dig it out. Surprisingly tough to do as I was trying to avoid the emerging bulbs.

Once the wayward plants were removed I was able to see the Liriope had in fact attempted to flower.

There was a good crop of creeping buttercup to remove and some grass that had found their way in from the lawn.

I then used home made mulch/bark chippings to top dress the soil. Of course many of the blackbirds have been throwing it onto the grass. But I am pleased with the way it looks.

Each corner has a grouping of Cyclamen coum and Iris histeroides Katherine Hodgkin. The amount of light and moisture in this bed means that some corners have better iris or better cyclamen.

I really must make a better record of what I have in there. I will have a list somewhere but that isn’t much help when the birds and squirrels play with the labels. I moved on to the area behind the greenhouse but still under the beech tree.

This is the area I was removing nettles from the day my back went.

These 2 ferns have self sown into the retaining wall.

The following day I started tidying up some other areas. Husband however decided it was too damp to work on the Panther 120 restoration [its another motorbike] and he proposed a trip out for the afternoon.

We headed for the coast and after a 30 min car drive we arrived at Bridlington. In glorious sunshine and blue skies, a gentle breeze and surprisingly mild.

This is the view North, showing the southern outer wall of the harbour. The outer Northern wall faces out to sea.

The inner wall of the harbour and the fishing boats that are in on the high tide.

A turnstone on the outer wall looking for scraps of food from the people fishing off the outer wall. They are so entertaining to watch. The fishermen too!

We had a walk around Bridlington harbour then off to a fish and chip restaurant. I had showed him the blog that featured this lovely dish and I think that must have prompted him. We had a small meal each and it was amazing. The couple who came in after us had the regular fish and it was like a whale well over 12" long.

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Great progress - its looking good.

Don't you love the seaside in winter! (when the sun shines...) Thank you for the pic of the turnstone - never seen one before!

Like the young ferns- so very bright and cheerful. I am trying to propagate some hartstongue but as it can take six months it demands lots of patience. I keep peering at the "moss" but so far no shoots appearing.

Hope you get the nettles out before they start into growth - the roots are so much easier to see in winter.

The fish and chips look delicious!

24 Jan, 2020


More fish and chips! They look delicious! Glad you had a lovely afternoon out. This is what retirement is all about isn’t it? Just taking off when you fancy. The seaside is always beautiful, whatever month you long as theres sunshine and I’m wrapped up cosy, I feel like I could be anywhere in the world. :)

24 Jan, 2020


Creeping buttercups are thriving in our garden at the moment, sadly the frost had no effect on them at all!

You must be very pleased with the work you have done and can now enjoy the beauty of all those bulbs waiting to burst into flower.

As for your fish and chips.....they look much nicer than ours but to be honest, ours did taste better than they looked!! Like you, a regular portion is now too big for us to cope with!

24 Jan, 2020


You’ve been busy again, Eileen! It’s all looking pretty good. It’s nice to see the spring bulbs emerging. Ferns look good, I do love a fern or several in the garden, especially free p, self seeded ones. A bonus.
I was about to say fish and chips again! Your pics of Brid look nice, weather has been really good today. My friend and I went to Cottingham for lunch today.

24 Jan, 2020


Where did you go Katie? there are some lovely places. We went out on the BMW to Seaways bikers café up at Fridaythorpe.

Yes wildrose ours also tasted better, though the fish looked really white and so fresh.

24 Jan, 2020


Those chips have made my mouth water, proper chunky chips. Bridlington in January, blue skies and fish and chips, what more could you want.
You’re getting on well with your garden, way ahead of me.
Pleased your back is better :)

25 Jan, 2020


my garden is a lot smaller than yours though Dawn. :o)

25 Jan, 2020


I have to turn a blind eye to some areas but the creeping buttercup is rampant.
It’s great when ferns start to seed around isn’t it, I have a few now.

25 Jan, 2020


Creeping buttercup is a menace here as well. I dug some out the other day. When you only have a small garden its much easier to keep on top of things Dawn. I think you do incredibly well with your big plot.

25 Jan, 2020


You did well to even get out in the garden, its still much to wet here to really attempt any tidying, I would sink and probably end up doing too much damage, I have made a start on my rose pruning though..
The joys of retirement Seaburn, you don't have to do all the jobs on any particular job, don't have to feel guilty at dropping what you are doing and taking yourselves out for an excursion, fish and chips at the seaside, always tastes so much better....

25 Jan, 2020


You've made a lot of progress. I'm glad you left the Liriopi. I have the same kind and I appreciate its wispy evergreen form this time of year, except mine has white flowers and bloomed prolifically followed by black berries which is a bonus. I love fish n chips.

25 Jan, 2020


Love the Ferns and your beds.
Lovely snaps of Bridlington its a lovely town and beach now I ve seen the harbour thanks for sharing.

25 Jan, 2020


....And mushy peas! Glad your back is much improved. Just mind those nettles.

25 Jan, 2020


Karen. I tackled some of the creeping buttercup today, they came up easier than I expected :-)

25 Jan, 2020


most of my runners came up easily except for the pioneer plant that had substantial roots Dawn.

3d Have you been to Brid? I love mushy peas especially when not runny. these were wonderful Siris.

25 Jan, 2020


Seaways and Teapot! Two favourite spots to stop off for a cuppa, Eileen!
My friend and I went to try the vegan place, Blondes. Tiny little tearoom. Think there were 6 tables, all taken. So, we ended up in a pub for fish and chips. ( we aren’t vegan, another friend who is said to try it ).

26 Jan, 2020


Katie the Teapot is closed until about March and to be honest it is too cold to sit outside at the moment. My youngest girl loves Blondes in Cott, it does brilliant milkshakes apparently.

Pascoes is a nice Italian restaurant both for evening and lunch time. Most of the pubs do decent food so there is plenty of choice. Skidby's Half moon pub has come back to strength and their food is also worth a run out for.

26 Jan, 2020


I ventured out into the garden yesterday to give the loganberries the TLC they missed out on before Christmas; it is still quite damp out there but it was a job that needed doing before it was too late ..... I should have dug out the clump of nettles around the silver birch before the snowdrops grew through them! Your bed looks so neat and tidy now Sbg, a worthwhile job well done. I shall now wait until the snowdrops are ready to be split and dig my nettles out at the same time ... hope they haven't grown so well by then that it proves to be a painful job too ;-)

26 Jan, 2020


One job always involves another! Needed to dig up and move up onto the meadow/field the Tansy that I planted across the front of the garden together with some Achillea Gold Plate which also tries to take over. Neither were well behaved, they grew to about 5 ft tall and I couldn't keep them staked, miles too heavy. so they needed to come out, but that involved replanting them, which involved digging out some nettles and then realised the Buddleia on the field hadn't been pruned so that needed to be done! Needless to say the original idea of planting a couple of pencil Cherry Trees where the Tansy was hasn't happened!

26 Jan, 2020


I went to weed out some Vinca Gertrude Jekyll today and ended up doing lots of other little things instead. Sadly rain has stopped play:o(

26 Jan, 2020


Rain stopped play for me today too :-(

26 Jan, 2020


Glad your back is so much better,SBG! You have done a lot of work on your garden & soon you will be reaping the benefits.

I still remember the time on Gerry's allotments when I was battling the Nettles as well! They have such long, tough roots but to avoid getting stung I cut them back to around a foot high before tackling them (wearing gloves, of course!)

28 Jan, 2020

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