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Some little iris.


Like many of you I love Iris and they come in many forms. At this time of year it seems to be I danfordiae, I reticulate, I histeroides putting on a show.

But there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason as to when they flower.

The first in my garden is Iris danfordiae a lovely yellow that the slugs seem to love.

Followed by I. histeroides Katherine Hodgkin. I have this in the corners of the ‘conifer’ bed along side Cyclamen coum. Depending on which corner depends on which ones open first and it varies with the year too.

A sister to this one is I histeroides Sheila Ann Germany. She was only just opening this morning but a sunny spell this afternoon had it fully out.

Another one near to this one is Iris histeroides Finola, often pure white standards but this year they seem to have pale blue flecks in them.

Other I histeroides that are coming on is Lady Beatrix Stanley and that is a stunning blue if it manages to flower this year. I also bought Katherine’s gold this autumn, which is similar to Katherine Hodgkin but more yellowy.

This one is called Painted Lady but I am a bit ‘worried’ as it looks very yellow and it is meant to be bluish.

Finally today this one opened. It is in a pot that I did for Victoria when she went to wales last year. Cant remember what it is. Could be I reticulate DS Dijt but it could be Lion King. I will need to have a look back and see what I planted for her. But it looked very rich in the afternoon sunshine.

I still have lots more to come but this is today and it is making me feel good as I have a cold and feel ‘down in the dumps’.

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You have a lovely collection of Iris, all of them such pretty colours and markings. Really cheerful plants.
Sorry you are suffering with a cold. Same here. It’s taking some getting rid of. Hope you feel better soon.

31 Jan, 2020


We bought most of these, yet to see any of them return.....hey ho! I am going to enjoy yours instead!
Hope your cold is a fleeting one!

31 Jan, 2020


I find these like good drainage and summer warmth.

31 Jan, 2020


Now you do have some nice ones. That clump of Katherine Hodgkin is spectacular.
I've bought some this year from Woottens, came in 2 litre pots!
Iris lazica - fairs better in heavier soil apparently
Iris unguicularis
Iris Bucharica
I bought Iris ung Mary Barnard last year, leaf growth but no flowers yet.

31 Jan, 2020


You have already got some lovely ones in flower. I particularly like the pure white one and the purple one at the end.

Hope your cold goes away very soon - let those pretty flowers cheer you up.

31 Jan, 2020


I have I unguicularis 'Peloponnese snow' a lovely white form. Also I bucharica in a pot some where.
Like many people I love all the iris.

31 Jan, 2020


What a great collection. Aren't they irresistible? I keep being tempted by George but haven't succumbed yet.
I hope they cheer you up and that you soon get over your cold.

31 Jan, 2020


These early ones are great aren't they. You have some real nice ones Seaburn.

31 Jan, 2020


Wonderful collection you have I love Iris histeroides Finola

1 Feb, 2020


Painted lady has opened and despite the yellow outer colour it is pale blue/lilac inside. I will add photos later.
Noticed Natasha is almost open too.

1 Feb, 2020


Hope you feel better soon! The last one is my favourite. I love purple Iris. :)

1 Feb, 2020


I really love your spectacular Irises, SBG! I mentioned somewhere a week or two ago that a very bright blue Iris appeared in the church grounds last year, right under the church windows. Well I was taking photos of the Crocuses & Anemones that have opened in the church gardens, after the service, as well as the Daffs in bud but I didn't notice this blue Iris from last year. Perhaps it's a little early but I didn't remember it at the time anyway. I'm sure I wouldn't have missed it if it had been open.

2 Feb, 2020

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