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The joy after 7 hours work.


The sky was cloudless and brilliant blue this morning so I put the sewing to one side and got out the muddy jeans from the weekend.
I continued working on the back garden and feel it is complete and as long as I keep on top of any weeds that appear it should look after itself.

The shed bed leads onto a strip of shady bed beside the conservatory. This has lots of enchanters nightshade as well as Cardamine bulbifera which is going a little bit daft.

This is it before

Enchanters nightshade showing its under ground rhizomes.

This is the bed after I’ve weeded it.

Looking back along this bit to the bit I did the other day, that I call the shed bed as OH shed is at the other end.

The garden beds continue down the side of the house and this is where I have a very large clump of a Hemerocallis. It doesn’t get too bad, just needs a quick tidy [about 1 hr]

Some Hemerocallis removed and replaced with some hyacinth Woodstock and Camassia and a bluish primula. The primula was in a pot on the pond wall but I knocked it off and the pot broke. So it it is now in the ground

The sun encouraged the Narcissus Spring sunshine to start opening.

The forecasters suggested rain by about 4pm and at 3.55 it started to spit and by 4.15 it was raining steadily.

So 7 hrs later I feel I have done well to finish the back garden. Just the other side borders and front garden to do. [That’s where the couch grass is}

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Well done Seaburngirl. Must give you such a feeling of satisfaction. Looks nice & tidy. I also spent most of Sat & Sun re-acquainting myself with my garden, weeding through the borders, picking off soggy leaves and generally having a tidy up. It’s nice to see what is waking up and sometimes come across a plant you’d completely forgotten about!

9 Mar, 2020


Oh my 7 hours that’s a tad punishing! a well done and a medal is what you deserve.......I wouldn’t have the energy unfortunately.....those days are long gone.....
At least you can see where you where you are’s all looking good.....

9 Mar, 2020


Well done Eileen, 7 hours work done by 4pm, very impressive, and looking much better, I just hope your back doesn't complain about it for the next week or more, as mine would, Derek.

9 Mar, 2020


Oh well done! Enchanters nightshade was a stranger to me until we moved here and now it is my mortal enemy! Its incredible how fast it spreads! I weeded a lot out earlier and am now checking regularly for the first signs of regrowth which is inevitable.

9 Mar, 2020


It does make me feel good and just removing the dead stuff from last year makes a big impression Amsterdam.
I was up at 6.30 and out in the garden by 9 DD2 and I did some warm up exercises Derek in the hopes I can make my back safe. My hands are a bit sore with scratches from brambles and the odd nettle sting. But I am planning a long soak in the bath later and then lots of moisturiser and hand cream.
Oh I need to make the bed as I stripped it first thing. Wonder if OH has noticed it needs making. ooh is that a winged porcine I see? :o)

9 Mar, 2020


If you decide to spray it off Karen it needs to be done as it starts to flower or just after. For some reason it is more likely to work then. At least it is easy to spot.

I know I wont have got it all but I love a challenge.

9 Mar, 2020


HA HA HA, Eileen, if your other half is anything like me, no, I usually make my bed just before I get into it, unless I change into my pj's, it does give it a good airing though, {well that's my excuse anyway}, Derek.

9 Mar, 2020


Thanks for that tip SBG!

9 Mar, 2020


At least the roots are easy to see (there has to be something to be thankful for...)
Congratulations on your staying power! Up at 6, changing the bed, 7 hours weeding and still enough energy to write a blog - I feel quite tired just reading about it!

9 Mar, 2020


What a difference , those boarders look so much better well done you I love those Narcissus .

9 Mar, 2020


You are tackling a job that I absolutely hate, edging the borders, in all my years of gardening I never have been able to get them looking good, I admire people who have mastered that, I gave up many years back and incorporated edging stones around mine, unfortunately we've had that much rain in the last six months that they have sunk in places and are now out of line, when my spring flowers are finished I will work my way around and hopefully get them realigned and looking good again...Not much going on outside today Seaburn its a Mad March Day here, the view from my armchair is looking good though as everything is opening up nicely....

10 Mar, 2020


I use an old hosepipe to lay the contours so they are reasonably smooth lincs.
Tidying border edges is a quick fix to make it look better
like straightening the cushions and spraying polish in the air when you get unexpected visitors 3d.

I was tired this morning Stera and I had to put the clean sheets on as OH forgot and I went up to bed before him!
But had a coffee morning with some friends and feel human again. :o)
I notice Narcissus Jetfire has opened today.
It is very windy here today, a typical early March day: in like a lion....

10 Mar, 2020


A job well done Sbg , I hope you weren't too stiff the next day ..Ouch ! I would never have thought about spraying polish in the air for a quick refresh Haha

10 Mar, 2020


I can understand why you were prepared to spend so many hours in the garden because we have had so few opportunities ( because of the awful weather ) to get any jobs done.
You must have felt very satisfied with your efforts and hopefully you can ease off a little now!
Our list of outdoor jobs is growing fast .....if only it would stop raining!

10 Mar, 2020


thankfully not stiff just tired Amy. I spent this afternoon doing paper work for our local HPS group as I have a committee meeting soon and want my bit sorted.
The garden was too wet today anyway Wildrose, after last evenings rain. But Hopefully tomorrow I will tackle the Garlic Mustard and self sown Honesty [too much of a good thing] in a border down the side of the house.

10 Mar, 2020


Busy busy busy SB, I keep singing the song "What a difference a day makes" whilst reading your blog, but it really does its all now ready for everything to blurgeon thru and to delight you after all your hard work.

11 Mar, 2020


Great work ! Your garden is looking better now and by the spring it will be a picture :)

12 Mar, 2020

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