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Tackling yet more weeds.


With all the wet weather since Autumn I haven’t really kept on top of some of the areas in the garden. The rea down the side of the back garden towards husbands shed is know as the shed bed. More for his benefit than mine.
It is shady and damp all year and this year positively wet.

in the far end next to the shed is this lovely yellow Ashwood seedling hellebore. There is also Paris quadrifolia in this bit which I hope the slugs haven’t nibbled

I was given a pimply Dorothy oops no Spotty Dotty ie Podophyllum by a good friend and there are 2 shoots now. My eldest girl called it Pimply Dorothy and it sort of stuck. Doesn’t roll off the tongue as well though.

I worked my way through the buttercups and wild geum then I met my Nemesis in this bad. Namely enchanters nightshade. Nothing above ground yet but lots of think white rhizomes. But I have dug it over twice and I will keep my eye on this bit as the season progresses and hopefully I will pull it as soon as it shows.

The buttercups etc This bit was very wet still.

After the buttercups are gone

All done and edged and looking decent.

I planted a few pots of bulbs and Pteridophyllum racemosa.

This Lamprocapnos [formerly Dicentra] is putting on lots of growth and will add a splash of pink later in the spring.

I then started to dig out one of my compost bins and used it as a top dressing for this bed.

This bit of the garden took 2 days and then I moved round to the front where there is a border with a lot of couch grass.
The next 3 photos sort of lead on to the next one. Not quite a panorama but hopefully you get the idea.
This bit was started before Christmas but a few missed pieces have come through.

I am lifting plants and allowing them to dry a bit before cleaning the roots and then I will repot so that I can check for any missed pieces.

This area has less grass but the Penstemons need cutting back. Material suitable for cuttings.

This bit now looks better and there was less grass than I thought. the rest of this border going left is clear.

Now for some pretty flowers in bloom this week.
Hepatica transsilvanica

Iris unguicularis

Cardamine trifolia

Narcissus Spring Sunshine, looking forward to seeing what this one is like

Snowdrops and Scilla bifolium roseum. In the rockery the blue one is starting to show too.

We are due for rain tomorrow so I will be sewing or dusting & vacuuming. Sewing hopefully.

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Really like your new fern plant Eileen. Hope most of the grunt work is behind you and you can really enjoy your garden now.

8 Mar, 2020


No there is more grunt to do. Its a very nice plant but isn't actually a fern, despite what the foliage looks like. The common name is inside out flower. Its name means fern-leaf. Its in the Ranunculaceae - buttercup family. I bought 3 from a supplier in Japan and they came beautifully packed, roots washed with phyto-sanitary certificate for less than I could by 2 for in the UK.

I am quite weird as I actually enjoy the grunt, that's not strictly true I love the effect after the grunt work.

8 Mar, 2020


You’ve done very well, Eileen. Edges and beds looking very smart. Looks like you’ve had a pretty arduous task.
Loving all your dainty, spring flowers. Very pretty pastel colours too. Hopefully as you say, it’ll be a sewing day tomorrow for you! I’m off driving around Lincolnshire, busy day, rain will make it a bit miserable..

8 Mar, 2020


Looks like you've got a lot of work keeping on top of 'noxious weeds'. My name for non compostable weeds. Compost looks good, borders will love that. (I found a pair of my 'lost' spectacles when I turned mine recently.)

8 Mar, 2020


Never heard of 'Inside Out Flower'but I heard that about the fig tree. A fig is actually a flower turned inside out. What is the world coming to? lol.

8 Mar, 2020


You have done a thorough job of removing those weeds. The constant wet weather has stopped us from being able to properly tackle our weeds here.
The new narcissus looks very promising, do let us see it when it has opened out.
A few days of ' Spring Sunshine ' would be very welcome not just a few minutes!!

8 Mar, 2020


It's great to see the results of hard "grunt" work later, isn't it? I did a lot of grunt work on the allotments & it always paid off later!

You have some very nice flowers coming on & the garden will look very nice as we go into spring & then into the summer months!

8 Mar, 2020


Eileen you are the fairly godmother of the garden re transformation scenes! You might even have inspiured me to get on with sorting mine. Love that pretty lemon Hellebore!

8 Mar, 2020


You're really doing well clearing those area's Eileen, loving the description " grunt work " I find it helps when working on clay soil .....

9 Mar, 2020


Well you have certainly taken the bull by the’s all coming along nicely.......what are you eating these days...spinach?

9 Mar, 2020


beans on toast for breakfast, banana for lunch and lots of cuppas. not sure what tea will be tonight except I know we have some roast pork left. I'm not keen on spinach unless its in a saag curry DD2. :o))
Stera when I read transformation scenes I can hear the voice of Manny the praying mantis in Bugs life . It makes me smile.
Lincs, some of the areas are much easier to sort as I have been working on them steadily for the last 20 yrs.

9 Mar, 2020


I have a praying mantis pic. I'm very fond of them - all sorts of bugs. I'll post it for you and we can call him Manny.

9 Mar, 2020


You're doing well ! Couch grass and Enchanter's Nighshade are difficult to get rid of, so many small bits can be left in the ground unnoticed, but with perseverance you'll get there :)

12 Mar, 2020

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