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Continuing to enjoy an early spring.


Despite the uncertainty of the health of the Nation the garden continues apace.
I have done the odd bit of tidying between the rain but mainly I have been sewing. Not ready to show yet!.
The pots on the various walls have been giving me lots of pleasure.

I do a lot of layering of bulbs so the show can start Feb and work through to May.
Anemone blanda doing their thing now with hyacinths to follow

Iris D.S.Dijt finally going over to be replaced by these pale pinkish Hyacinths. I cant remember the variety though.

Last year I planted Bellis double pink daises in a pot for Victoria along with Crocus, Snakeshead fritillaria and tulips. No sign of the tulips but the others are starting to put on a show.
Double pink bellis


This pot had Iris Lion King and they are going over. In the pot there is a F imperiallis rubra and Queen of the Night tulips. They were layered up last year so really pleased they are strutting their stuff again.

I am pleased with the way the plants in the rockery are doing, lots of bulbs and their allies. And [in a whisper] so far no sign of any missed couch grass

Then there is this little novelty. A. nemerosa Viridis, sterile as the flowers are green leaves. It was given to me years ago.

The pond is rather green but it will clear soon. The fish are becoming more active and are rising for food but just cant quite get them. Though I do have frog spawn for the first time ever.

Hope your gardens are giving you something positive to do and think about.

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Layering your pits is such a sensible idea. Mine tend to flower all at once and then it is all over!
Our containers here have given such a lot of pleasure when there is quite a lot of despondency all around.
Warmer weather is on its way.

15 Mar, 2020


The little Tete-a-tete daffodils are just such a joy, all of a sudden they just spring (no pun intended) into life and there is a clump of nodding little heads to make any day better. Forget about all the doom and gloom for a while, who else is fed up with it being poured down our throats, and it's us oldies who will be blamed yet again for any NHS clogging up? Get out into the garden when you can and pretend the other side of the garden gate doesn't exist, unless you need something. Such pretty colours you have showing already, my Hyacinths that have been in a pot for years are in full bloom, thriving on neglect as usual!

15 Mar, 2020


Isn't it great when something you had forgotten all about suddenly sends up a nice big flower? I was astonished the other day to see a lovely big pink Hyacinth I had no idea was there. So glad you have some pretty little Anemone blanda - one of my Spring favourites. I have them under the magnolia stellata but there are fewer than usual. Layering is a good idea. But this year l layered some tulips and they have all come up together---funny old weather we are having.

15 Mar, 2020


It's lovely to see so many bulbs flowering! :)

16 Mar, 2020


It's nice to see your pots and garden showing some colour again. I hope the couch grass won't show though.

17 Mar, 2020


I enjoyed seeing your garden and pots Seaburn, such a lot of colour, we're all in isolation as well, you've known me long enough to know as long as I have my garden and can get essentials, I'm content in my own space, do worry for my family obviously but we have to try to do our bit to protect ourselves and hope for a good outcome in the not so distant future... Lovely photo's...

21 Mar, 2020

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