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Since finishing the front border on Wednesday I haven’t really done much more in the garden. The saga of the woodworm is coming to an end, except we need to decorate 2 of the rooms and replace one of the carpets in the hall way. Social isolation has meant that project is on hold.

I do need to weed the ‘atrocity corner’ and one bed at the side of our drive, but that’s for later. I’ll have to wait as the tulips are in full swing. This is the bed down the side of our drive and the neighbours appreciate the colours.

The lovely Amelanchier doing its beautiful thing.

A shrubby Lonicera that is a rich deep pink.

10 or more years ago I planted this Clematis alpina to grow through the Philadelphus.

For several years now I have been growing Erythroniums and Pagoda, White beauty and Joanna are all strutting their stuff. There are a few others that are always behind these 3.

White Beauty


In the pond the Marsh Marigold is in full flower, though not as many as last year.

This hellebore foliage is lovely, it is Penny’s pink.

Under the beech tree this Lamium has started to flower. The variety is Pink Chablis and the flowers are a good contrast to the blue Anemone blanda.

When I walked through the conservatory late this afternoon I found 2 of my Amaryllis had opened.
A lovely double white form [name forgotten]

And this stripy one and I don’t think I ever knew its name. But of you have an inkling I’d be grateful.

Hope you have all had a pleasant Easter Sunday and are staying safe and happy.

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Lovely jubbly... Am envious of your Erythroniums. I only had two and they have gradually gone back, obviously didn't like where I put them. Any tips?
I'd never taken much notice of Lamiums - mine are the old original. But yours is gorgeous and I am converted!

Also envy the marsh Marigolds. There used to be a plant at the edge of the little river in the village but I think someone must have lifted it because suddenly it isn't there any more. And the one I had in the pond died.

Its not surprising your neighbours love the tulips - who wouldn't! Atrocity corner can wait a bit - still be there when you feel ready to face it...

12 Apr, 2020


Your beautiful garden plants have rewarded you for all your hard work I hope my Amelanchier does as good as yours its a beauty your Tulip what a great display they given you. Live the stripy pink Amaryllis stunning. Lets hope this isolation is soon over so you can complete the upstairs perhaps its ment to be to give you a brake between you doing so much in your garden you should be proud.

13 Apr, 2020


The single Marsh Marigold has a butiful simplicity. What strange leave on your Hellebore Penny's Pink, don't get me wrong, I do like, do they always have that veining? Your collection of Erthyroniums is gorgeous.

13 Apr, 2020


Hope you’ve been enjoying the Easter weekend too, Eileen! Lovely pictures! The Lamium has very pretty pink flowers, love the march marigold! Must really look bright and fetching in the pond! Those red tulips are a vivid delight!

13 Apr, 2020


Your Amaryllis look beautiful,Eileen,and the foliage on the Hellebore is so unusual,well,to me anyway.I haven't seen that one before.Your red tulips look wonderful too.We have certainly be rewarded with plenty of colour this spring.:I'm sure 'Atrocity' corner will get your attention before very long,and whatever name will you give it then,when it's looking all pristine and lovely ? :o)

13 Apr, 2020


Tulips and blossom at Easter - who could ask for more! Thank you for sharing.

13 Apr, 2020


Good morning all,
Stera, the erythroniums prefer lightly shaded conditions that doesn't dry out. I have them usually just out from the canopy of shrubs or in the case of pagoda at the base and 2 m from the trunk of the beech tree.

I much prefer the single flowered form of the Marsh Marigold and I think this was grown from seed I collected from a plant in the wild. Singles are much better for pollinating insects and I like the simplicity of it.

As for the Hellebore Siris the leaves are always like this and I like them more than the flowers. Lots of the pots had less marbled leaves but I chose this one.

3d the Amelanchier is such an easy shrub and I don't do anything for it except cut back wayward branches that get in the way.

The Lamium is also known as Pink Pewter as well as Pink Chablis Kate and takes easily from cuttings. So once I am allowed out I can sort bits and bobs if any one interested. It is a smaller leafed form and behaves well unlike its larger counterpart the yellow archangel. Though that does a good job too.

The tulips are Appledorn Bloomer but some have a black centre and others yellow so whether they are 2 different varieties I am not sure. They make a good vase flower and the elderly neighbours often find a bunch on their doorstep. There must be over a 100 or more bulbs.

Atrocity corner is the name I gave to the last bit to get sorted 20 yrs ago and it has stuck. everyone in the family know what I mean. Funnily enough my mum's garden had an atrocity corner too, that will be where I got the name from. Even when tidy I still call it atrocity corner.

We have a very dull cool day today which is good as it will make me empty boxes and try and get the lounge back to normal.

13 Apr, 2020


Thank you for that tip Seaburngirl.

13 Apr, 2020


Lots of beautifully grown plants giving a warm welcome to Spring. I googled your hellebore and if what I read is correct the flowers look out the way instead of drooping their heads. That is good. The leaves are very special too. I have E.'Pagoda' in the ground and in mixed pots which flower well but I am going to have to move 'White Beauty ' as it is not thriving where I put it. I am still waiting on most plants waking up as wet and windy weather from the west followed by a cutting east wind yesterday felt cold enough for snow.

14 Apr, 2020


Yes it was cold here too yesterday. So I am not surprised your garden is being a bit slower SG.

I don't think my Penny read the book as it isn't particularly forward looking. But it has a nice flower shape none the less.

My garden is at the point where it could do with some rain. I had to go round with the watering can last night.

14 Apr, 2020


Your garden is lovely! I wouldn't mind pottering around in it for a few hours! LOL!

The Amaryllis look lovely as well! I have one that's starting to fade away now, it's white with red veining, these are a type I especially like, each one is a little different from the others. I'll upload a few photos later.

I potted up some more bulbs a few days ago but I'd potted up a batch 2 or 3 weeks before that as well.

14 Apr, 2020


I had to get the hose out yesterday so I could soak potted plants ready for moving up to bigger pots or in to the garden. I have so many it is easier to use a large tray to soak lots at the same time. I'm glad I keep all my old pots because I cannot get to the garden centres while the lockdown is in place. Luckily I bought a lot of bags of compost before the virus turned our world upside down.

14 Apr, 2020


I'm not surprised your neighbours like the tulips in your 'Atrocity' boarder they are stunning. I also like your Erythronium Pagoda. I have a few, which is the same as your White Beauty although I've lost my label. I've always known them as Toad Lilies.

14 Apr, 2020


That's interesting Waddy as Toad lilies to me are the autumn flowering Tricyrtis. But many plants have different common names in different parts of the country. I have lost so many labels over the years.

14 Apr, 2020


I have found that too, what my friends down south call one thing, up here in Yorkshire we call something completely different. As for labels, I've tried keeping them, but sadly don't often succeed!

15 Apr, 2020


Beautiful gardn, Sbg! I'll admit to some wistful envy, since, with the exception of the Amaryllis, most of it won't grow where I live. I might have an answer for the double white Amaryllis, though. It looks like the old variety 'Jewel', one of the first of the double varieties.

17 Apr, 2020


That's the one thanks Tug, I just needed some one to put the thought back in my brain.

17 Apr, 2020


stunning pictures nice and bright :)

18 Apr, 2020


Atrocity corner....Ex atrocity now. A few years ago I started a spring border & it was doing well. 2 fence panels have fallen down & we have lost the privacy. Next door nbr put the fence up & is in no hurry to repair. Wood anemones are still ok

18 Apr, 2020

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