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Look what I found today.


I went to pick a cabbage for tea tonight and found this little pumpkin. It was one that Victoria planted in the early summer but we didn’t think anything had formed. It is only the size of a large orange.

We wont be eating it but it will be de-seeded for her gerbil to enjoy. The flesh will be put out for the birds.

Talking of birds Mrs D or deformed winged blackbird is back in the garden. She is 5 years old and has raised 2-3 broods every year now. Still keeping me company when I am in the garden. So are the robins.

Delighted to see this lovely Centaurea macrocephala sending out some more flowers. A strong sunny yellow to brighten a dull day.

This Chrysanthemum keeps on going and going. It is Brooke Farm.

By the main door I have an old Belfast sink from my lab, where I worked. The ferns, and there are 3 in there, are actually self sown freebies. The fuchsia has been slow to grow but is flowering well late in the season.

The Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’ has still got its red/purple leaves as it scrambles up through the Camelia. Clearly quite happy and flowering it’s socks off.

The colours on this Viburnum opulus has been wonderful and I must get it in the ground soon.

The dogwood Midwinterfire has been lovely though I suspect it is making a bid for domination in that corner.

Hope you have enjoyed my quick trip through what is doing well at this time of year.

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Lovely to see your cheerful plants, SBG. How special to have tame birds to help you till the soil! We were greeted with an adolescent hedgehog out this morning. Offered it catfood, which it demolished and cleared the entry to the hedgehog house under the birch for it to use if it so chooses. I think it was out in the day because it was hungry. It looked healthy.

24 Nov, 2021


Lots of cheerful things there still Eileen! Thank you for the photo of the Persicaria - always thought I didn't like Persecaria but this one is lovely!

24 Nov, 2021


Im glad you said Robin S, as Ive 3 that join me when ever I open the cmpost bin, thought they were wuite territorial.

24 Nov, 2021


They usually are though males and females are equally vocal and aggressive. The pair that visit me do scrap a bit around the lilac tree so I think that might be a territory boundary. There are 3 blackbird territories in the back garden that come to a focal point where my rotary line is.

though in the harsh weather I sprinkle food around the line and they do tolerate each other: just!

24 Nov, 2021


I enjoyed your little trip through your garden too Seaburn.
You have some lovely plants! We have a resident blackie here since we moved 3 years ago. There is something about them that I love.
When we lived at the previous house, the blackie used to come to the conservatory door and knock with his beak on the window if I had been late putting his currants out!

25 Nov, 2021


2/3 tap on the kitchen window when the mealworms run out. One male would tug your trouser leg to get your attention. Very forward.

25 Nov, 2021


Interesting to see your Midwinter Fire … mine doesn’t have variegated leaves. That Persicaria is very pretty. I was recently offered one but declined because the owner wanted £15, but maybe I was wrong …

25 Nov, 2021


Smashing blog, Eileen!!! The wildlife pics are so sweet too. That little pumpkin is a cutie, also loving the exoticness of the Centaurea..and the pink leaves of the viburnum - very pretty.

25 Nov, 2021


If you'd like some Red Dragon Sheila let me know and I am more than happy to send you some.
The label said Midwinter Fire but I just accepted that. perhaps it isnt. I will have to do a bit of investigating.

Thanks Kate, it is unusual for the Centaurea to be in flower at this time of year.

25 Nov, 2021


Love that photo of the robin amongst the seed heads. You have lots of colour still. The blackbirds that visit me are very nervous, though they might get a bit bolder when the winter really sets in.

26 Nov, 2021

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