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Photos to remind me . . .


in 2022 what was flowering a year ago!

This morning, before it became too hot, I spread the contents of the Dalek composter around the borders. It was necessary, even though possibly the wrong time of year to do so, as I had emptied the bin and bagged up the contents to spread after the rain had fallen.

I wondered what would happen to the red Brandling worms once they were out of the bin, birds didn’t seem interested in them, not even the friendly Robin who often flies in when I disturb the soil!

Don’t Hosta leaves always look attractive with rain drops settled on them?

I was asked to help young grandaughter sow and grow some Carrots for her school project and am happy to report some have germinated, phew!

A couple of fairly recent plantings are now flowering, firstly a Geum ‘Lisanne’ planted in 2018. I now see that it is too close to a Rose and will need re-siting in the Autumn. Must make a reminder to do that. I like the creamy yellow flowers to this Geum.

In July last year a Cistus corbariensis (Rock Rose) with pure white flowers was planted in the back shrub area. First flowers spotted today.

My garden companion appeared and chewed on her favourite Catmint . . . shortly afterwards she was rolling around contentedly!

Some Iris plants are really enjoying the weather right now …

Purple, mauve and blue shades are always welcome in my garden …

These Anemones were part of a 200 Summer bulbs free offer when I ordered some Dahlia tubers and I did wonder if they would bloom this year. They have, so I’m chuffed with that!

Now, if anyone is still reading this, I should know the name of this next plant but cannot for the life of me recall it. It’s one of those plants that pops up one year, then nothing for a couple of years. I like it though and am happy to let it bloom wherever it chooses.

There are tiny grapes forming on the vine …

My one and only Fern was not looking happy, so following
some advice from Kate, I have been watering it almost daily and it’s perked up.
Thanks Kate!

Finally, thank goodness I hear you say ,earlier this year I was fretting over what to plant in this little raised bed after clearing out some plants. I didn’t plant anything new and think the existing plants are putting on a good show. I will be interested to look back at this blog in a year to see what changes in flowering times there are.

That’s an Acer ‘Orange Dream’ enjoying the morning sun with shade in the afternoon.

Thanks for looking in . . . enjoy the sunny weather!

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That's a lovely blog and I have really enjoyed reading it. What beautiful plants you have. Glad the Granddaughter's project is thriving - what a responsibility!!
The geum is attractive and a pretty colour. Your border has come on well, too. I'm glad you Garden Helper is well catered for. She is a lovely girl. Is your plant cerinthe? Ours are sporadic in their appearance. Beautiful blues and yellows. Shirley.

5 Jun, 2021


Anget, you're right - it is Cerinthe - so thanks for that. I bought a packet of seed after seeing photos of Cerinthe on here some years ago.
My garden helper (Megan cat) is now 18 years old and still enjoys a chew on the Catmint!

6 Jun, 2021


Lots of lovely colour Shirley. Well done Ange for identifying Cerinthe - I knew I’d seen those leaves somewhere before! It’s obviously happy ... they don’t usually grow so tall ... Love your Acer btw.

6 Jun, 2021


Lovely blog Shirley and I totally agree about rain drops on foliage. Also glad that the anemone flowered it should be back to normal flowering time next year.

My Cerinthe used to pop up sporadically but nothing I the last 4 years. I must buy some more seed.

6 Jun, 2021


Nice pictures of your garden Shirley_tulip. Lots of blues and yellows. Love that combination. Especially your irises.

6 Jun, 2021


Lovely blog, Shirley! I enjoyed reading it and looking through your pics too. Beautiful colour and greenery all around, the pic of your hosta is a good capture, so clear..and your right - they look so attractive with raindrops on or just after being watered.
I’m pleased your granddaughter’s carrots are sprouting..looking healthy too. She will be pleased her project is well under way!
Megan is looking pretty as always, she is a good girl isn’t she, helping you out around the garden..

6 Jun, 2021


Sheila, that Acer was looking sorry for itself so I gave it some TLC . . . it has certainly responded well!

Sbg, I put the Anemone corms into the chipped bark covered area. This will hopefully be a low maintenance shrub area . . . fingers crossed . . . :o)

Thank you K, those yellow Iris will probably need to be moved as I find myself almost knocking into them every time I walk through the archway! I'm wondering if, like Triffids, they move around, as I'm sure I didn't plant them there originally ....

Hi Kate, I definitely would not have called Megan a good girl when she was howling by the back door at 4.15 am today! Goodness knows what she had seen or heard in the garden, clearly upset her as she rarely howls like that.

I am so glad some of those Carrot seeds germinated for the school project . . . just need to keep an eye on them now!

6 Jun, 2021


Your raised bed looks very nice - what an attractive contrast of colours and shapes. I remember your little tortoise peeping over the edge! And its nice to see little Megan again - funny how some cats love catmint and others aren't interested (we have one of each!)
You have some lovely colours, especially the blues - can't go wrong with blue! And your Hosta is magnificent - and you are clearly an expert in keeping it slug free!

6 Jun, 2021


Sue, now it's funny about the raised bed as I was wondering about changing it completely, putting pebbles and rocks in, along with some Acers to make the garden easier to maintain. Still not sure if that would work!

As to the Hostas, this is the first time they have been placed there, in the shade all day as it's a North facing wall and it obviously suits them. Perhaps the S&S don't wish to slide across the block paving . . . :o))

7 Jun, 2021


All lovely Shirley, :-))

7 Jun, 2021


Thanks Daylily ... grey and dull here today so looks like a housework day for me ... :o(

7 Jun, 2021


Me too Shirley ... put a wash on, watered the front and back gardens, baked a cake, and ironed some of the shirts from the earlier wash! I think I can now have a guilt-free read in the garden ... hope you’ll do the same 🙂.

7 Jun, 2021


Sheila, you put me to shame as the sun decided to shine after all, so after doing the ironing (feeling smug here!) I went out to use the long handled scraper tool to get some weeds out of the block paving. I did sit for a half hour and was pleased to see a small blue butterfly flitting around the plants . . . :o)

7 Jun, 2021


There's a lot going on in your garden Shirley, I'm sure things are later this year, well they are with me anyway ... it will be interesting to see what happens next year.
Lovely to see Megan :)

7 Jun, 2021


Thanks Hywel, I just thought it would be interesting to compare what is in bloom this time next year. Megan is currently outdoors again ... in the shade ... sensible cat!

8 Jun, 2021


Nice looking flowers! Apparently this plant is also known as 'Honeywort' or 'Shrimp Plant'! It also appears that it is an annual which may account for its sporadic flowering. It would probably grow & flower from seeds that had dropped into the soil after it had died.

18 Jun, 2021


David, thanks for that info., another thing I have learned from GoY this morning!

19 Jun, 2021


Glad to have been of help, Shirley! 😃 There is so much we can learn on the Internet, isn't there?

23 Jun, 2021


Oh yes, Mr. Google comes in very handy at times!

23 Jun, 2021


Shirley, I prefer DuckDuckGo!

24 Jun, 2021


David, I have no idea what that is!!

25 Jun, 2021


DuckDuckGo is another search engine that does the same as Google but doesn't keep a hold of your data. It's much more private. I've been using it for several years now. It's results aren't influenced by sponsors paying to have their results come at the top of the results page like google does.

25 Jun, 2021


David, thank you for explaining DuckDuckGo to me.

26 Jun, 2021

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