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Nymans Gardens


Please join me on a visit to these National Trust Gardens. You may wish to have a cuppa by your side as this goes on for a while!

Follow your nose to the Rose Garden, which houses the treasured collection of lovely old fashioned, scented roses, brought to Nymans by Maud Messel in the 1920s.

Redesigned in recent years, David Austin’s English roses have been added to the core collection and the Rose Garden is now filled with over 100 varieties, while the soft colours of herbaceous geraniums and nepeta complement the planting.

The rose arches, developed over generations, are now heavy with mature plants that surround you with crowds of blooms as you walk through the garden.

Crown Princess Margareta


Jacques Cartier

Sceptered Isle

Golden Wings

Some of the Roses may have had labels, but neither OH nor I could find them! Here are some of the ones I really liked, especially their perfume.

The mingling of plants is superb around the pathways …
Geraniums, Nepeta and Honesty.

Apart from the gorgeous Rose garden, there are many other plants in bloom right now. The white Wisteria is a sight for sore eyes!

These gardens are full of surprises, not least the very tall Redwood tree … with OH at 6’ 3" as a height guide!

Some photos to show the architecture of Nymans house which is part Regency, part pseudo-medieval and now part ruin following a fire in 1947.

Now it’s time to leave after a very pleasant couple of hours in the sunshine.

Here are some of the plants we passed by on our walk to the exit …

Gillenia trifoliata

Thank you for taking a tour around these gardens with me.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, Shirley! Thank you for sharing.
I didn’t have a cuppa, but sipping a cool glass of rosé ( OH watching the football - England v Scotland.)
It looks like a very warm day too…those roses, all equally beautiful. The white flowering wisteria is definitely a beauty.
So many pretty flowering plants…I’ll bet there were a lot of bees buzzing around too.
The redwood is a really amazing tree.
The ruins are beautiful to see too, as is the actual brick gate exit.

18 Jun, 2021


My husband is also watching the football!!

These gardens are just beautiful in every way. What a delicious selection of roses and the frothy borders are exactly what I would like in our garden!!

What a marvellous day out you must have had. Thank you.

18 Jun, 2021


Beautiful gardens and the roses are stunning, but having had arms ripped to pieces in the past I am going to stick to Clematis for climbers in the future.
How is it that ruins always seem to make a garden more interesting?
Lovely walk round what looks like a lovely garden to visit.

Another football widow here, can't stand it and won't sit in the same room, don't care if it's England v Scotland, just a load of overpaid blokes acting like big kids when they pretend to get knocked over! Bah! Humbug!

18 Jun, 2021


A beauriful selection of Roses. Must try to visit this garden some day.

18 Jun, 2021


That's four of us not watching the football then!! Another seven and we can build our own team ... :o)

We were advised to pre-book our timed visit, but upon our arrival we were not even asked for proof of booking! First impressions were disappointing, there are hoardings up advertising the building work for a new restaurant, then the walk to the temporary entrance was a mass of weeds, Bindweed climbing up through trellis panels, but we heard some folk saying it's good for the wildlife! Hmm, the jury's out on that one here.

So glad we went on the Wednesday as last night (Thursday) and this morning the weather has been very wet and windy.

18 Jun, 2021


I'm one of those (very few?) blokes who never watches football! Never seen any point in going mad over 22 blokes chasing a ball all over a field & getting paid exorbitant money for doing it!

I very much liked the walk around the gardens & there are some fabulous roses there! I particularly liked the white Wisteria! So many racemes of flowers! 👏😃

18 Jun, 2021


Another football widow here Shirley. I took myself off with a glass of wine and my book.
Thank you for allowing us to accompany you to Nyman's Gardens. I really enjoyed my stroll around with you. Do you make a note of the plant names as you go or have you got a good memory?
I love the roses, so many beautiful blooms. I had quite a few in my 'old' garden, but none so far this space lol!
The white Wisteria is gorgeous!

19 Jun, 2021


David, it wouldn't do for all of us to like the same things! I have learned to live with my OH's like for sports and take myself off to the garden, weather permitting!

Waddy, you asked if I have a good memory. Not at all, I took pics of the plant labels where possible and referred back when I uploaded the pics from my camera - simples!

I think I need to take some Rose cuttings, never done it before so perhaps this year will be the first.

19 Jun, 2021


Thanks for taking us through this lovely garden Shirley, I just came in from my sweltering hot garden for a cuppa and found your blog.
I enjoyed seeing all the plants/flowers, and what a shame about the magnificent house being ruined by fire.
The white Wisteria looks very cool, I think I'd enjoy sitting under it on a hot summer day.

19 Jun, 2021


That looks great place to visit, Shirley. Glad you managed to find a good day to go there.

19 Jun, 2021


Oh aren't you clever?!
I once tried taking rose cuttings...not very successfully I'm afraid. I hope you have better luck.

19 Jun, 2021


I enjoyed your blog Shirley_tulip. Thanks for sharing.

20 Jun, 2021


it is a beautiful place isn't it, so much of interest to see. I do the same, photo the plant, then the label. Says on my memory haha.

That white Wisteria is stunning.

20 Jun, 2021


What a delightful visit Shirley … thanks for sharing 🙂.

Do have a go at Rose cuttings - I just stuck one in the ground once and it worked!

20 Jun, 2021


Thanks everyone for looking in ... :o))

Sheila, I shall follow instructions from a Carol Klein book re. propagating plants that I dip into now and then.

20 Jun, 2021


A beautiful place,Shirley,and those Roses are wonderful.What a lovely varied selection ! A shame some aspects of your visit were disappointing,but what you did enjoy,was well .worth the visit.. I Don't have any Roses now,but I used to do the same as Sheila.Stick some in a sheltered place,maybe near a wall? and in a couple of years,you should have a new plant big enough to have new roots..good luck ..Oh, and re the Football ,another widow here,but luckily '',him indoors'',sometimes records a couple if'' her ladyship'' wishes to watch something else ! lol so a bit of give and take, helps to create peace and harmony :o)

21 Jun, 2021


Shirley, what a treat! I had a cup of tea ready to hand and have loved strolling round Nymans gardens. Gorgeous roses there, I can.imagine the scent on a warm day, beautiful. Old roses, frilly and perfumed, I have one or two too. I did like Golden wings with it's open face, I bet the bees love it too.
Fabulous white wisteria, what a beauty!
One of my fave pics is the old leaded window with the white rambling rose, very nice.
Ahh....better finish my tea now..:))

23 Jun, 2021


No football for me, you can add me to the team..

23 Jun, 2021


Sandra, I think we've pretty much got a GoY team now, ha ha! I have read that Rose cuttings do better if taken in the Autumn, hard wood, not soft, sappy growth so I shall try some later in the year.

Janey, I loved that white rambling Rose against the wall too, looks so natural.
Today we went to a rock garden North of Brighton and saw a mass of 'Rhapsody in Blue' Roses - stunning!

23 Jun, 2021


Lovely rose that one. Shall we see a pic???

23 Jun, 2021


As long as I'm not in goals,Shirley,I'll be ok as a substitute Lol. Yes,Autumn would be the best time,I think that's when I did mine,when they were hard wood.. so long ago ,I can only just remember !.no change there then ? lol x

24 Jun, 2021


Not this time Janey . . . :o(

Sandra, then you shall have to be on the bench! I remember a friend telling me her grandson was on the bench and she thought he was in court up before a judge!!!

I wonder if I will even remember to take Rose cuttings . . . :o(

24 Jun, 2021

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