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Colour in the garden today


Many plants seem to be really coming into flower these past couple of days, the intermittent rain showers have obviously spurred them on!

At one end of the middle border (not as grand as that reads!) is the ever reliable Geranium ’Johnson’s Blue’, a plant that was the subject of a debate on GoY some years ago regarding its identity. Many folk, myself included, were unsure if it was J. Blue or an imposter, the outcome was in favour of J.Blue.

At the opposite end of that border is another Geranium, label long gone and no record on my plants list of it, but it is another reliable plant with cerise pink blooms. The plant to the left of it is a Hebe ‘Pink Lady’.

I am thrilled with this Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ as it was divided up a couple of years ago and all divisions are now healthy and blooming well, phew!

This morning I persuaded OH to assist with barrowing a bag of bark chippings from the garage to the back shrub area, and whilst we were laying it around the plants (not on top of them please is what I said to him) we spotted the white Broom in flower and a bright yellow Welsh Poppy. The seeds of the Poppies were sent from a GoYer many years ago and still pop up all around the garden, I love to see them.

Once again the Grapevine leaves are opening up, a lovely sight to see along with the remnants of a Blackbirds nest as I felt it should be left for roosting purposes, possibly, although it looks very shabby now.

We bought an Apple ‘Gold Sensation’ last November and the first blossom is now out in bloom.

and finally, the manger baskets have been planted and are beginning to fill out with blue and yellow flowers now. Annoyingly, the birds have been tugging away at the liners for nesting material. I have been pushing it back in place for days now, grrr.

Thanks for looking in. Enjoy the sunshine in between the rain showers!

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lovely blog Shirley. The gardens are looking good after the rain, but we did need it didn't we? For me it can stop now except for at night when I am asleep.
All the flowers you have shared are looking really pretty. You must be so pleased with the way your garden is looking.

17 May, 2021


I love the flowers you have shown us in this blog, Shirley! πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

What flowers have you put in your manger baskets? You have created a lovely display in it! πŸ˜ƒ

17 May, 2021


A selection of pretty plants, Shirley. Everything is looking so much greener now. We've had the drought, we've had the deluge, now I just wish the wind would calm down a little.

17 May, 2021


Sbg, I am trying to make the garden less labour intensive. Having said that I have just potted up lots of home grown Dahlias, there are Cosmos, Ammi, Gazanias and Zinnias still in the greenhouse growing for the garden. I contradict myself all the time!

David, you will be pleased to know that the baskets contain two varieties of Calibrachoa, 'Callie' (double yellow) and 'Hummingbird' (Pink Ribbon), Bidens 'Solaire' (yellow), Osteospermum 'Tradewinds' (Yellow),Verbena trailing 'Lanai' (sky blue) and Ipomoea 'Papas' (Deep Purple) along with a trailing plant which may be Creeping Jenny if I remember correctly! Yes, I have kept all of the labels . . . :o) Just remembered that I pushed in a couple of blue trailing Lobelias too!

Anget, being where you are right now I'm not surprised it's windy weather!

17 May, 2021


Your garden is looking a delight. We needed the rain, but not the hail and thunder.

17 May, 2021


Thanks Siris . . . sorry you had hail and thunder but glad it didn't come any further East!

17 May, 2021


Lots of goodies there Shirley. The photo of the apple blossom is beautiful. Apples are worth it just for the blossom and its lovely scent even if you don't get any apples for a year or two...

17 May, 2021


Sue, the apple tree was an impulse buy and has gone into a pot until we decide where it can go permanently! Not a lot of spaces left for it really . . . :o(

18 May, 2021


You say there are not many spaces, but gardeners always find one more! the manger basket looks lovely and when the calibrochoa really get going it will look stunning. I had the fibre liners in a hanging basket one year and the blackbird ripped it apart until I had to move the poor plants that were hanging out - but not how they were supposed to.

18 May, 2021


The apple tree is a pretty one, Shirley, I think it’ll look nice in a pot. Your geraniums are lovely and in full bloom too! I’m envious...mine are in leaf, not quite ready to flower yet.
A burst of yellow in that poppy!! It’s a cheerful looking flower.
Your window box is very bright and jolly!

18 May, 2021


Honey, I really must use that shoe-horn for plants! You made me smile re. the basket lining being pinched by the birds!

Kate, it's a good job I used my GC vouchers last year for a set of three lovely pots! I think we all need a bit of bright yellow in our lives this Spring . . . hence the plants in those wall baskets.

18 May, 2021


A nice lot of colour there St. I think it must have been warmer & sunnier where you are. At last things are growing nicely in my garden after all the rain, so it's at least looking green & lush now, but no flowers yet, though the Irises are about to pop. I haven't bought any annuals as yet. Will definitely be getting Calibrachoa. Your planter looks lovely.

19 May, 2021


Thanks Ff, although I am one county further South than you it has still been cold and wet! The manger baskets are in the South facing front garden and receive sun (when it appears!) all day. I'm sure your garden will be looking colourful before too long.

19 May, 2021


Thank you very much Shirley for giving the names of all the plants in your manger basket! I guessed a few of them! πŸ˜‚

20 May, 2021


You have lots of nice plants Shirley and your manger is very colourful.
I think the unknown Geranium could be Bloody Cranesbill G. sanguineum.

21 May, 2021


Lovely blog and photos Shirley, I have quite a number of the hardy geraniums now, only just starting to sprout the flower stems, lack of sunshine has slowed the bottom half of my garden down a lot, Geums are the same, I bought a new plum tree last year, like you I haven't a clue where to put it so its still in a tub, it did have some blossom so obviously thriving..
Your manger looks so pretty, I haven't done mine yet, even though I have plenty of plants available, they are positioned below the kitchen windows at the front of our house, Toffee Cat, sits in them and scratches at the windows when he wants to come inside, he ruined my winter display, have asked him indoors to move the brackets elsewhere and pop a shelf underneath the smallest window for said cat, its on his Todo List but not sure whether he's dated the flipping thing for next year, lol....

23 May, 2021


Thanks for looking in Hywel . . . the Geranium sanguineum rings a bell . . . thanks for that.

Hi Sue, I wouldn't be without the hardy Geraniums now as they cover so much bare soil, once they get going. I gather we are all being asked to plant a tree this year, so no worries about where yours and mine will finally be planted out!

I read your comment about Toffee cat and thought you were asking HIM to move the brackets and put a shelf up . . . doh!!!

31 May, 2021

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