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Seven years ago . . . (edited 5/10/2021)


I bought two small Agave plants for £10 from a local family run nursery, planted them up in the blue pots by the front door as the garden is South facing and sheltered a little.

Over the years they have been root pruned and thrived really well, but I was tiring of them, it has been seven years after all!

I think it was probably when Grandaughter, aged nine, asked me if they were real that the decision to remove them was made.

This morning, with a lot of help of from my non-gardening husband, between us we managed to cut them down and safely get them out without breaking the pots, phew!

They temporarily each have a pot of Dahlia in, so I need to purchase two plants, some bulbs and possibly a trailing Ivy or two for the Autumn through Winter.

I’m thinking a couple of Skimmia ‘Magic Marlot’, with some cream or white Crocus, or dwarf Narcissus would suit.

Any other suggestions for this sunny, South facing spot would be appreciated.

Thinking caps on please . . . :o))

I have no idea why the first photo is sideways on, but I have noticed this has happened to some of the photos on my GoY Garden page, very strange!

Now planted up with two grasses per pot, black grass from the back garden and some Violas.

I did smile when a lady walking her dog stopped to ask if my ‘Cacti’ had died!!

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At least you’ve had some enjoyment from the agave plants for many years, Shirley…time for a change! Mine suffered some rot years ago and I replaced them with something very different too.
It great you managed to preserve your lovely blue pots! Both of you have the patience of a saint! Plus, obviously very intricate skills! Skimmia do sound a nice alternative, I guess evergreen plants would be better as it’s at the front and those pots are crying out for all year round colour!
I’ve a euonymus in a large pot right next to my front door. I try to keep it in a sort of ball shape. It’s variegated too.
So many choices! I think the trailing ivy and some flowering bulbs would be lovely over the colder months.
I’ve a pot on the front green, cobbled area, it has a pieris in the middle and trailing ivy around the edges.

12 Sep, 2021


Lovely pots - they'll enhance anything you plant in them.

12 Sep, 2021


I agree with Anget. Lovely pots. I would not put anything in to go over the edge to hide their beauty.
I have to admit ....I love the agave in these pots.

12 Sep, 2021


I too loved the Agave,Shirley, but we all feel like a change sometimes.. I think most plants look good with that shade of Blue pots, and I wouldn't hide them with trailing ones either.
I'm not familiar with 'Magic Marlot' Skimmia,Shirley, but anything with a smallish root system would be nice.Alternatively ,just seasonal plants that like full sun ,would be equally as good :o) Not much help from me really,so I'll just wait and see what you decide to have :o) x

13 Sep, 2021


Thanks ladies for your comments. These pots were a Christmas gift from son and d-in-law some years ago and have had a few other plants in, prior to the Agaves which are now in the brown bin.
Pity the poor man who has to move it to the bin lorry as it's not been emptied for some weeks, shortage of HGV drivers apparently, and is now filled to the top!

We are now thinking Grasses would look good in the pots, then again so would a lot of other plants . . . decisions, decisions!

13 Sep, 2021


There are lots of plants you could choose, but I would go with something that is perfumed and evergreen. Christmas box comes to mind , but can't remember the proper name for it. It will be fun choosing the plants anyway whatever you plant!
We have a Daphne outside the conservatory door, but they are such lovely pots, so they would look nice whatever you choose!

14 Sep, 2021


Rose, that would be Sarcococca, tried it once, couldn't smell the scent from it though! Grasses seem to be the favoured option at the moment . . .

17 Sep, 2021


Sorry I'm late Shirley, I am lagging behind again ....

Magic marlot is a lovely shrub and a good choice for your pots.

17 Sep, 2021


Hywel, it's a wonder any of us can keep on top of GoY!! I'm just looking in before I go out to cut down the old Hollyhocks . . . :o)

18 Sep, 2021


Miniature plum trees? :-)

29 Sep, 2021


Ba, only you would make that suggestion! I have now planted the pots up ... see photo added today.

5 Oct, 2021


Looks like you have made some good choices for your pots! 😃

7 Oct, 2021


Lovely planting for this winter. For summer, something different again, why not? You can have fun choosing annuals with colours that go with your lovely pots. Plants with variegated silver leaves would also look ok. My silver Sage looks good all the year round & it loves the sun.

8 Oct, 2021


Thanks David - the dark foliage Dahlias I placed in there, temporarily, are still flowering away in the back garden . . . :o)

8 Oct, 2021


Josie, I expect the grasses will be planted in the back garden eventually! I have, over the years, put small shrubs in them for a while, then re-sited them to the borders.

8 Oct, 2021

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