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The calm after the storm.


The strong gusty winds, together with some torrential downpours have left the garden in a mess.

In parts of the garden where I would have expected damage, there is none, but sturdy upright plants have not fared as well.

Both of the Miscanthus zebrinus (Zebra grass) have been pushed forward onto the lawn by the strength of the wind, and even though one or both will be re-sited in the Spring I do like their tassels in the Autumn and Winter.

I have managed to push them both back, secured with garden twine.

Further along this border, to the left, is a Fuchsia ‘Lady Boothby’ who has grown so tall this year that she needed the support of an obelisk. Both plant and support were leaning to the right, sadly some stems had snapped but she is still giving a good display against the new fence.

Rosa ‘Perennial Blue’ has decided to send out some late blooms, the wind and rain was too much for the central stems though and they are heading South!

I love the Rose ‘Peace’ and had left this stem heading skywards … glad I did as it now has buds about to open.

The half barrel containing a Rose ’Together Forever, (in memory of my lovely Mum) is being troubled by a critter of some sort so I have put netting over the whole barrel this afternoon. That should keep it out, she said with an evil laugh!

After feeling very smug that the Hostas were untouched by slugs and/or snails I was really disappointed to see so many leaves have been munched. Midnight feast for the S&S perhaps?

On a positive note though, Gazanias, Penstemons, Sedums are still giving colour to the garden.

A pot of the climbing ‘Black Eyed Susan’ continues to bloom …

Pretty little Cyclamens from Brian (BjS) many years ago are popping up now …

Much as I love Forget-me-nots, I think these will need to be thinned out as they have bulked up so much!

Anyone else find that Verbena bonariensis self set just about everywhere? I may pot up a few to grow on for planting out next year.

Finally, the grapes are being eaten by Blackbirds and Starlings, a treat for them and for us to watch them fighting over the best bunches!"

The weather forecast is for dry and warmer days ahead. Let’s hope we can all get some gardening chores done before it turns grim again.

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Your colourful display of flowers looks wonderful. Let’s hope the weather settles and we can enjoy some autumnal sunny weather.

5 Oct, 2021


Oh Shirley isn't it sad when the weather batters our gardens and so many lovingly tended plants succumb? I have been watching the wind and rain play havoc with my delphiniums today, even though I have supported them.
I wonder what the 'critter' is that's been trying to did up your mums rose?
You've still got lots of colour haven't you? Let's hope the weather forecast for a better few days is right then you can enjoy your garden a little longer before the shorter days and longer nights are here.

5 Oct, 2021


Thanks Ams, temperature of up to 18 degrees for the coming few days, that will do nicely for me!

Julia, I noticed the soil on the path 2 days ago, then saw lots of Ants on the Rose stem and the Polyanthus plants. No idea what would burrow/dig down quite deep, also for what? We do have a few Magpies coming in the garden, but not sure they would have dug in there.

I took all the foliage off the Tomato plants in the greenhouse today, then all of the green Tomatoes, in the vain hope thy might ripen! After so many developed blossom end rot, I think I shan't bother growing them next year, especially as we have found a local nursery selling very tasty ones!

5 Oct, 2021


Shirley, your garden is amazing! Lovely to see so much colour in October 🙂. Do you have a greenhouse? Mine is my sanctuary in cool wet weather, where instead of working outside, I can quickly take a few cuttings and then retreat into cosy warmth. Just hope they take!

5 Oct, 2021


I do not really see too much damage from your pictures Shirley_tulip. You have still lots of colour around. Love your Black-eye Susan.
Your grapes look wonderful. Are you making anything from them? I am leaving mine for birds. They love them.

6 Oct, 2021


It looks good to me too,Shirley,but the strong winds do such a lot of damage,don't they? .I'm lucky that my Miscanthus Zebrinus are sheltered by the high Bowling green wall,and have remained far ! not any damage to anything as far as I can tell. I do like the Black eyed Susan,in fact I think I still have a packet of seeds lurking in my gardening tin..worth a try next year,maybe?
I'm looking forward to prolonging lots of plants,if the good weather holds for a bit longer..fingers crossed :o) x

6 Oct, 2021


Yes Sheila, I do have a greenhouse, but it will be going next year as it's definitely past its best. Not sure yet if I will replace it with a very small one, or maybe just a cold frame or two.

K, the Grapevine is about ten years old now and I have only ever made grape juice once, too much trouble for the small amount made so, like yours, they are left for the birds to enjoy.

Sandra, it's funny about the Black eyed Susan as I moved it from full sun to the shade, against a North facing wall and sheltered under the pergola roof. It has really taken off since moving it there!

It was so warm and sunny this afternoon that Michael mowed the grass, I edged it and we both then enjoyed a cuppa in the little Summerhouse. I hope the warm days last a while longer too.

6 Oct, 2021


Lovely shots of your garden Shirley, you still have plenty of colour to enjoy, considering how rough it was last week I'm amazed all our flowers are not laying down on the job, we were desperate for the rain but didn't appreciate the cold and high winds that accompanied it, today was actually, quite warm in the sunshine, I'm not ready to hibernate yet awhile either, quite like to spend my time outdoors, lol...

6 Oct, 2021


Your garden still looks lovely and you have sorted out the damaged plants really well. The weather was very rough for quite a few days and we had such heavy rain.

Our hostas were nibbled in about June I think, so yours have done so very well! Your Peace rose looks splendid and is going to be beautiful. Our forget me nots are also becoming a bit too persistent and no matter how much I try to thin them out, back they come, stronger than ever!!

And as for the leaves that have to come down I am just not thinking about those ......yet!!!

6 Oct, 2021


All looking good, Shirley. My asters have been flattened by the wind, too. What a year this has been!

7 Oct, 2021


Sue, I'm definitely not ready to hibernate yet either! Today is so grey and damp that I have had to resort to housework . . . :o(

Hi Chris, I hope you are well and not being rained upon today. The top bud on the Peace Rose has opened up today, pretty but would look better if the sun was shining on it! I have already filled one black sack with various leaves from the garden - mostly from neighbouring trees.

Anget, we gardeners really do have to be patient with all that the British weather throws at us!

7 Oct, 2021


Shame about the wind damage to your garden, Shirley. 😞 I've had plants on the balcony damaged as well. A big Dahlia got blown over but when I put it up again it seemed undamaged. 👍 But I'm thinking they are too big for the balcony & I don't think I'll be keeping them for another year. They also take up too much room & cast too much shade on the plants behind them.

Our balcony is very exposed to the wind & it often damages plants I have though the tomatoes further in against the windows are unaffected! 👍 Lots of green ones still to pick!

The white Petunias are proving to be much better than coloured ones that crept in & are looking awful at present! The white ones have been more compact & their leaves are in a much better condition! Lots more flowers on them as well so they should last till the end of the month. I've bought some Violas to take their place then.

7 Oct, 2021


It has been a strange old time weather wise..cold, wet, warm, sunny…windy too! It certainly has been a nightmare at times for the garden.
I agree, all looks well in your garden, Shirley. Lots of lovely colour persisting on through into October. Your grapes look wonderful!!!! Those birds are going to enjoy the delicious soft fruit!
I enjoyed several mild sunny days in Ayrshire, apparently missing heavy rain at home!!! Today and the next few are definitely warm here and sunny…a lovely end to my time off.

7 Oct, 2021


Sounds like a few changes to be made on your balcony planting.
I have a tray of green Tomatoes in the greenhouse, vey slowly colouring up, but with no sunlight today they will no doubt stay the same colour for some time. Perhaps I should put them ina drawer with a couple of red ones, I read somewhere that it helps ripening.

8 Oct, 2021


Kate, your visit to Ayrshire sounds wonderful! I'm off to read about it now . . . :o)

8 Oct, 2021


Shirley you could put them in with apples or bananas - but perhaps only a few at a time to avoid them all ripening at the same time.

8 Oct, 2021


I'm sorry your garden has suffered the effects of high winds but there's still a lot to see there.
I hope the netting works and your pot is left alone. I wonder what it could be that's finding it so interesting.

8 Oct, 2021


Happy reading, Shirley! Thank you for your interest too. x

9 Oct, 2021


Thanks David, I had forgotten about that!

Hywel, it is a real mystery about the digging in the barrel. Since I put netting over the Rose and the pot there has been no further damage . . . hooray!

10 Oct, 2021


I'm glad to hear that Shirley :)

10 Oct, 2021


Thanks Hywel. x

10 Oct, 2021


There is always " sunshine! after the storm to pick your spirits up Shirley!
I am pleased your " Lady Boothby is unharmed! I hope you were able to get cuttings! Hint hint! Haha!
I am sorry about the wind damage though!
I have a rose in a large pot with the same problem and think it is from cats, so I have put deterrant down and it hasn't happened again!

11 Oct, 2021


Rose, your comment did make me smile . . . and I DO have some cuttings of 'Lady Boothby' . . . very small but alive!

I am wondering if the damage to the barrel was courtesy of some Magpies as a friend had the same sort of problem . . . she actually saw the birds flicking soil out of pots . . . :o(

15 Oct, 2021


Wow Shirley! I hope they survive! I am keeping my fingers crossed !

18 Oct, 2021


Rose - me too!!

20 Oct, 2021

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