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Question in a blog!


As I feel more members view blogs and/or photos than questions, I am asking if anybody knows how Terratoonie is.

She last posted a blog in November 2021 and I wonder if a member or two may keep in touch with her on Facebook perhaps.

Please let me know, many thanks.

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I can't answer your question but I would observe that the site seems to me to be in the doldrums with not much activity going on.

19 Jun, 2023


She's fine, I get messages from her on facebook (that's the only reason I look at it)
Do you want me to tell her you're asking after her Shirley ?

Well there is another reason too, do you remember Sandra (Corseside Pembrokeshire) She has a page for her succulents and I look at that sometimes too.

19 Jun, 2023


Hywel, I am so pleased Terra is in touch with you. I don't do Facebook at all so would have no way of knowing. Yes, do send her my regards. How could I forget Sandra, she of the purple hair and the Alice in Wonderland themed wedding years ago, great fun! :o)

19 Jun, 2023


I'll tell TT Shirley.
Sandra runs Corseside Nursery with her daughter now. I sent for some Aeoniums from them last week.
That's all I really do with facebook.

GoY is quieter than it was Ange but I like it like that. I belong to Gardeners Corner and it is very busy - lots of threads and lots of people saying things, and a lot of pointless jabbering. Wears you out. I look at it sometimes and keep to the gardening threads when I do.
Facebook is the same - too busy and too gosippy. GoY is more relaxed :)

19 Jun, 2023


say hi from me to please Hywel, to both TT and Sandra.

I dont do FB either.

19 Jun, 2023


I've often thought about her too,so very pleased she's doing well. I do miss her doggie pics, they were wonderful!

19 Jun, 2023


Am I right in saying TT had a very attractive Spring garden which I always admired... and of course her wonderful dogs.Hope I've got the right person.

19 Jun, 2023


Yes you have Julia.

19 Jun, 2023


Yes Julia! TT’s Spring Garden was always a joy!

19 Jun, 2023


I remember her beautiful Sheltie and the Terrier with the really long legs! They were gorgeous!

19 Jun, 2023


I remember her very well, her garden, her wonderful well trained doggies and her "poems". Very smart lady.
I wish all the best to her.

19 Jun, 2023


I see her on F/Book too, Shirley..not commenting,but she leaves a 'like' on another members photo's,who is also a friend of mine on there.. I don't know if she still has her lovely dogs,and Budgie.. x

20 Jun, 2023


TT still has the dogs and budgie.
I have a few friends on facebook who are/were GoY members, and I see some others who are not actually 'friends' on face book.
But I don't do much with it - don't really like it. GoY is better.

20 Jun, 2023


Please give my best wishes to TT also Hywel if you do not mind, I don't do face book either.

20 Jun, 2023


I'll do that Callie :)

Eileen and Shirley, Sandra (Corseside) was glad to hear from you. She remembers you both and sends her best wishes.

20 Jun, 2023


Sandra, that's really good to know that she is looking in on Facebook and ta for letting me know ... :o) x

20 Jun, 2023


Hywel, fancy Sandra (Corseside) remembering me!

I have just realised that she is the second GoYer I know of to have received an RHS Gold Medal as Vicki, who shows Heucheras, also has RHS awards.

20 Jun, 2023


It was her first time in the Malvern show Shirley :)

20 Jun, 2023


That's so impressive ... great result for a first show ... clever Sandra ... :o))

20 Jun, 2023


Though I don't go on FB very often when I was on there a few weeks ago it seemed that TT was still active as I remember opening one of her pages & seeing her together with her dogs competing in a show. There was no mention of the budgie though.

21 Jun, 2023


David, it's good to hear all the feedback from GoY members re. Terra ... thanks so much.

23 Jun, 2023


Thank you everyone.
I've written a blog today.😊.

24 Jun, 2023


Terra, there you are ... I'm off to read your blog next!

24 Jun, 2023


Like Shirley, I'm going to read your blog right away! 😃

27 Jun, 2023


So good to see Tt back again, I popped in at the right time as I don't spend much time on Got anymore. Will try harder..
Also I remember Sandra from Pembrokeshire very well, so good to hear her news. Well done that lady!

1 Jul, 2023

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