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Waiting for the sun to shine


Looking back through a gardening journal I had last year I was not at all surprised to read that on this date, the UK was having a heatwave!

How very different to the weather we have today, torrential rain at times with a gusty wind blowing over from the English Channel, definitely not a day to walk by the sea.

By about 3.30 this afternoon the rain had become a fine drizzle, the wind speed had dropped enough for me to venture out to the garden, if only to see what plants may have succumbed to the elements.

A few days ago I had actually staked up some of the Gladiolus plants, good job too as they would have been on the ground had I not done so.

This bright red one should have been re-sited last year, come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I said that two years ago, ho-hum.

The yellow ones have been lovely this year and now that the Day Lilies have almost finished flowering, the clump of Crocosmia ‘Norwich Canary’ is brightening up the area by the back fence. It had to be supported with some garden twine tied around as it was already starting to flop before the strong wind arrived.

Close by is a Lacecap Hydrangea, a cutting grown from the larger one planted in a raised bed, easily propagated too.

Dahlias in pots are loving all the rain, at least I shan’t need to water them for a while!

Another potted plant I love is this Salvia ‘Love & Wishes’, grown from a cutting kindly gifted by Janey.

Some Verbena Bonariensis plants were left to grow, not all though as they self-seed so readily and need to be pulled up before they take over.

Other potted plants loving the rain are the Hostas, many now flowering, which are loved by the Bees.

This yellow Begonia is possibly in too small a pot but keeps on blooming.

I finally got round to buying a bag of Ericaceous compost in order to pot on a Pieris. I did this while OH was watching cricket on TV as I’m not a fan of the game!

The Crabapple ‘Evereste’ is forming fruit for another year, although I do wonder if it’s earlier this year.

Geranium magnificum is beginning to bloom for a second time this year … a favourite of mine.

Sedums are good this year, some varieties have grown very, very tall!

I used my new cordless hedge-trimmer on this lime green shrub and am happy to not have the electric one now, too dangerous and heavy for me now.

Finally, at last I hear you say, these seeds are free with a garden magazine and you will see why I had to buy the mag.!!

Thanks for looking in, keep smiling despite the inclement weather. Things can only get better, can’t they?

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Interesting blog. I like your yellow Crocosmia, much nicer than the bright red, one normally sees. I have a pink lace cap Hydrangea too. It was cut down to the ground by the frost in March & I didn’t think it would flower this year as it had to completely regrow from base,but it is now in bloom on nice new foliage. The plants prefer the rain to that awful drought when the soil was like dust.

2 Aug, 2023


You wouldn't think there had been bad weather looking at your garden Shirley!
Everything looks so colourful and healthy.
The hydrangea cutting you gave me is growing so well with plenty of flowers, but my begonias in both pots, even though are sheltered fron the worst of the weather have just gone to mush. No sign of any new growth either!
I love the yellow crocosmia too!
I don't seem to have much luck with day lilies.
I sent for another one early spring, but only one flower and none on the other which I have had for two years!

3 Aug, 2023


Thank you for sharing your garden pictures with us, they look lovely and well cared for.

3 Aug, 2023


I really enjoyed your blog Shirley , you have some beautiful flowers . Seeing your gladiolus plants brought back some special memories for me , it was the first plant I ever bought for my first garden 55 years ago, where does the time go.

3 Aug, 2023


Your plants look healthy and attractive in your pictures Shirley_tulip. Love your yellow begonia.

3 Aug, 2023


Josie, I don't have much red in the garden, other than that bright Gladdie, as it's not a favourite colour of mine. That's good news on your Hydrangea too.

3 Aug, 2023


Rose, today has been dry and quite Spring like, certainly not Summer though. Flying Ants are around, horrible things! It is strange how some plants just don't thrive in our gardens, I know that Pulsatilla and Bleeding Hearts always give up in mine.

3 Aug, 2023


Ams, thanks so much for your kind words ... :o)

Callie, we only said today 'where does the time go' as my OH reached his three score and ten years birthday today.

Klahanie, many thanks and pleased you like the Begonia. I shall buy some more for next year as they never seem to grow a second time.

3 Aug, 2023


Looking lovely and colourful Shirley,I have similar coloured Crocosmia to,plus the Red 'Lucifer' variety,,all tied up like yours so not as effective,are they? ,but needs must!
I love Dahlia's,and only have the single ones this year,only just starting to flower ,but a welcome sight..Trailing Begonia is pretty too,and haven't they grown so big this year? I've had to stake mine in a wall trough,as the stems are so thick ad fragile..looks like Scaffolding just now ! lol.

Please let us all have the much awaitied warmth and sunshine that's been forecast to arrive soon !

Belated Happy Birthday,Michael, and welcome to the 70's club, Russell will have been in for 8 years on Monday ! lol..x

5 Aug, 2023


I'm loving your garden, Shirley! Gorgeous and colourful flowers right now, and loads of interest. Everything looks very lush and healthy - I guess our rainy July has helped somewhat.
You're right, this time last year, we were baking hot, as was our lawns and plants! What a difference, polar opposite of last summer. Last year, the lawns were parched and haylike in areas...this year, I look out and its thick, lush and green. My blooms are suffering a little from lack of consistent sunshine...
Your hosta flowers are looking good too, mine are still in.bud, although I haven't been out in the garden for days.
Your blooms must really cheer you up during the wet spells! So vibrant.
Happy belated birthday to your OH!
Weather wise, it looks like some sunny, warm weather later next week!!!

5 Aug, 2023


Sandra, those Crocosmia were flopping over to the stepping stones through that back area and I didn't fancy treading on them. It's not a pretty sight. If I had thought about it earlier I could have put a fancy support of some kind there, oh well, garden twine it is!

Michael says 'Thank you' for the Happy Birthday wishes ... I shall message you tomorrow with some photos of us at lunch with some of the family.

5 Aug, 2023


Kate, thank you for your kind words. This wet weather is bringing out the slugs and snails in force ... I think the Hedgehog we may have had earlier in the year has gone now. Shame, as it could have had a feast all day and night!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for OH too ... :o)

5 Aug, 2023


Enjoy your Family lunch tomorrow,Shirley and Michael..Snap ! that is exactly what we are doing on Monday .:o) x

5 Aug, 2023


Sandra, I worded that wrongly as we went to lunch on Thursday with Graham and co.!

5 Aug, 2023


Shirley,and so did I with my reply,as I had said 'tomorrow',meaning Sunday ! thank goodness for 'edit' ! We DO go tomorrow .ha ha. Hope you had a lovely lunch with the Family. xx

6 Aug, 2023


Sandra, what are we both like?!!! I have just messaged you with some photos from the birthday lunch. Enjoy your day tomorrow ... :o)

6 Aug, 2023

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