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More value than a night out!


We recently had tickets for a show put on by a local musical and comedy theatre company but were unable to attend as I was unwell earlier that day. All back to normal now!

We offered the tickets to friends, they accepted them, saw the show (one messaged me the following day saying: Not to rub it in, but the show was great!) so I was very surprised to receive a Thankyou card from her, with a Garden Centre voucher enclosed.

Well, it just so happened that I was in need of a couple of shrubs for the raised bed, phew, that was fortunate wasn’t it?!!

I found a couple of Hebes on offer at said Garden Centre, which by the way, even though it’s the closest one to us we rarely visit as the prices are so high.

This one is a small dark leaved variety with purple flowers called Hebe Addenda Vinoa …

The other one is a larger variety,Hebe Franciscana Variegata …

I had previously bought a pack of twenty five mixed Crocus bulbs, they are a favourite of mine in the early Spring, so I set about planting those first. A mulch of home-made compost had been spread over the raised bed a couple of weeks ago.

The bamboo canes are supporting some Sunflowers to the left of the raised bed, and will stay until the seeds have been eaten by the birds. The area does look rather bare now as I had pulled up Forget-me-nots and Welsh Poppies, also cut off the browned Hellebore leaves last week.

Next task was to plant the Hebes, then cover the whole area with a layer of chipped bark. Sounds simple but took me quite a long time, with a lunch break in between.

Some members will recall our lovely cat, Megan, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. Her ashes are buried just by the rock with a face at the back left, a place where she used to love resting. Some other Crocus were planted at that time so I’m hoping it will look colourful in early Spring!

Thanks for looking in, have a happy gardening week if the weather stays fine, wherever you maybe.

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Looks just right Shirley..good to see your 2 Hebes have larger leaves...they will be much hardier.It's the smaller leaved ones that aren't.
Like your design very that a Nandina there?

9 Oct, 2023


Looks very smart Shirley, love it.

9 Oct, 2023


looks wonderful Shirley. Lovely plants and such a fortuitous gift from a good friend.

9 Oct, 2023


Thanks Julia, it is indeed a Nandina 'Fire Power'.

Hi Sylvia, the new folk next door cut back the enormous Bay Tree, so the raised bed has more light than before. I am trying to cut down on plants now, nothing that needs too much maintenance, you know what I mean!

Thanks Eileen, I wonder if the Escallonia to the back left would take kindly to a bit of pruning/shaping. Mind you, the Viburnum in the middle is growing away well now so perhaps I shall cut that a little too.

Oh yes, this morning I found some of the chipped bark had been thrown around, so I'm guessing that blinkin' Fox came around last night.

9 Oct, 2023


We find the blackbirds are the culprits here with throwing of bark.

9 Oct, 2023


Julia, it seemed too straight a line for birds to have done it, if that makes sense! I just messaged you ... :o)

9 Oct, 2023



9 Oct, 2023


The Hebes are very nice Shirley, I'd rather visit a garden centre than a show any day :D

Your raised bed looks nice and tidy, it will be pretty when the Crocuses are flowering.
I thought Megan died last year, time flies doesn't it.

10 Oct, 2023


A job well done Shirley, crocus are my faves too. I am having two or three low pots planted with them.this year.

10 Oct, 2023


I love what you have done with your raised bed Shirley and that was so kind of your friends to give you a garden voucher , especially at a time when you needed more plants.
I'm with Hywel, I would sooner go to a garden centre!
That special area is going to look so colourful in the spring with the crocuses.

10 Oct, 2023


Hywel, I agree with about how time flies. We almost adopted a rescue cat last year but changed our minds, mainly because our neighbours on one side have a large Dingo type dog which is not tolerant of cats ... :o((

10 Oct, 2023


Janey, they just make me smile when they appear, such pretty little flowers. I bet your pots of Crocus will look wonderful.

10 Oct, 2023


Rose, we try to support the local theatre company, especially the musical youth group, as they really struggled during Lockdown, plus a friend has a granddaughter in the troupe!

I have found some dwarf Narcissus hat I saved from this year in the greenhouse (as you do!) so will add them to the raised bed.

10 Oct, 2023


You did very well with your purchases and plantings in the raised bed Shirley_tulip.

10 Oct, 2023


Thanks Klahanie ... I am pleased with them too!

10 Oct, 2023


Your new hebes look lovely, Shirley, really attractive addition to your raised bed. In fact, the whole are looks very appealing, smashing plant choices too. A nice mix of different colours, shapes and sizes.
I found the blackies used to chuck all the bark chipping around when we used it years ago, they did it blatantly in front of us too!

11 Oct, 2023


Thanks Kate, those Blackbirds have a lot to answer for ... :o))

11 Oct, 2023


It’s looking good, Shirley.l like your choice of Hebes. Pity about the fox scraping about! We all have different wild life around us, here the squirrels dig in pots & the moles are tunnelling under my plants.:-(

12 Oct, 2023


Josie, I think the Squirrels have left now, they used to dig up bulbs in pots here. I hope those Moles don't do too much damage in your garden.

13 Oct, 2023


Sorry, I missed this blog. How annoying to miss a night out but hope you are much improved, Shirley. I like your little bed, all looking spick and span. We've pretty much given up on hebes here on our hill: not one made it through last winter!

14 Oct, 2023


Thanks Ange, a little improved, getting there slowly! Yesterday I planted the 'Sundisc' Narcissus I had saved from the Spring ... hope they flower again. Such a shame that Hebes don't fare well in your garden.

16 Oct, 2023

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