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Manger baskets emptied.


The flowers in both manger baskets on the front wall have bloomed really well since planting them up at the end of May, but now they are definitely looking worse for wear so this morning OH brought them through to the back garden for me to dis-assemble for another year.

This is how they were in July …

and here they are today …

Now I could have just tipped the contents straight into the brown bin, but that would have been silly!

The faded blooms, complete with roots, were chopped up for the composter … along with a little of the soil.

The two baskets yielded enough soil to mulch around a couple of plants in the border, the rather old basket lining material is now in a heap in the little log-pile area at the back of the garden. The birds may well use some for nesting, they certainly pinched some when the baskets were on the wall, cheeky things, and I’m hoping a Hedgehog may snuggle within.

There we are, another task done before the weather turns colder.

Next to be sorted will be tidying the greenhouse as that’s where I store breakable pots over Winter, along with the potted Hostas, but I’ve done enough for one day!

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'A woman's work...'

22 Oct, 2023


You've certainly done a great job, Shirley. Good for the compost and great for any little hedgehog that will be looking for a cosy little spot!

22 Oct, 2023


Ange, I actually really enjoyed doing this earlier today, out in the fresh air, sun shining, birds singing in the trees. As my OH is no gardener I am more than happy to get on with it! The garden is definitely my 'happy place' ... :o))

22 Oct, 2023


Thanks Kate, I was determined to be outside today after so many wet days recently. There definitely was a Hedgehog earlier in the year, I heard it snuffling around, so would love it to take a liking to that corner of the garden.

22 Oct, 2023


Shame they have to go, isn't it, Shirley? They certainly looked lovely in July! Are you planting them up with flowers &/or bulbs for the spring?

22 Oct, 2023


Well done you!
A good idea for the basket material and have never thought of doing that so will do that this year.
My pelagoniums seem to have had a new lease of life so will stay there for now.

23 Oct, 2023


Hello Shirley

Lots of good ideas there - I hate to waste spent compost - always bag it up and re -use it round the garden - and any broken pots are kept for drainage -waste not want not as the saying goes and if you can help the wildlife on the way that is great

23 Oct, 2023


David, I did ponder on having them planted up for Autumn and Winter but decided against it!

Rose, last year I saw Magpies, Blackbirds and a Robin all cheekily flying off with the lining stuff in their beaks. Hopefully they will take it from that big heap in the Spring. I need a completely dry day to empty and clean the greenhouse, doesn't look promising for this week though.

Jane, I agree with you entirely re. the 'waste not, want not' ethos.

23 Oct, 2023


such good recycling there Shirley. Luck to have space for a log pile. I do too but many people don't. Lets hope you get a grateful hedgepig :o)

I also had birds helping them selves to the basket linings. But all in a good cause I guess. I have several frost tender plants to bring in out the cold and wet. Some will go in the conservatory [aeoniums from Toria's wedding] the others into the greenhouse, Hostas in terracotta snail shaped pots. No drainage holes so will need to be at an angle to drain. Dahlias and agapanthus in frost resistant pots.

You have inspired me to get on with it.

24 Oct, 2023


Eileen, the log pile has been there for many years and we have had Stag Beetles making an appearance a few times. I did have to stack it all back up a little while ago as a Fox or Cat had landed on the top and moved the lot, grrr!!

I am pleased to have inspired to you to do similar tasks in your garden ... :o)

25 Oct, 2023


I always love the way you plant up the mangers and will look forward to the next display.
All neat and tidy!

25 Oct, 2023


Nice work Shirley. The town baskets have all been removed here as well. I hope they plant them up again for the winter.

25 Oct, 2023


Recycling is good, I don't like throwing things away if they can be made use of.

26 Oct, 2023


That's kind of you to say so Chris ... :o)

Karen I'm sure they will keep a good flowering display going, much as they do in the next village along from us.

Hywel, great minds think alike ...:o))

27 Oct, 2023

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