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First Autumnal walk by the seaside.


This morning found us happy to see a blue sky, even some sunshine, so we thought a walk along by the River Arun, leading on to the sea was in order.

Driving along the coast road there were areas where many pebbles and seaweed had been blown across, no photos of that as we were driving!

We parked beside the Oyster Pond, built in1910. It was used originally to store oysters, by the early 20th century the Oyster Pond was popular with children as a boating lake for their toy ships. The children’s regatta was also held there in 1912.

There was a lone Swan and a couple of Cormorants were constantly diving down for Crabs. In the Summer, pedalos are available for hire, along with Crabbing nets and buckets, always popular with the younger children.

Walking away from here, heading South to the sea, is the river Arun, a very fast flowing river which leads out to sea.

The stormy weather of last week brought masses of seaweed and pebbles over from the beach onto the boardwalk, but then we really saw how much seaweed had been brought in … just look at it all!

There were plenty of Herring Gulls, Blackheaded Gulls, Seagulls and Sanderlings foraging around within it.

On the horizon is the wind farm. Rampion Offshore Wind Farm is now generating enough green electricity to power the equivalent of around 350,000 UK homes. This is equal to almost half of the homes in Sussex.

The wind farm comprises 116 turbines on a 70 square kilometre site located between 13 and 20 kilometres off the Sussex coast in the English Channel.

Now we have turned to walk away from the sea, heading North, along the riverside promenade. Plenty of boats moored, none being maintained or taken out today as the forecast for later is windy, yet again!

It was a pleasant stroll, even though I kept my jacket hood up much of the time as it was chilly by the water! We walked down some steps back to the car and noticed the shrubs have contended really well with the salt laden winds.

Thanks for looking in, I hope you enjoyed seeing the seaside.

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Oh Shirley I felt I was walking with you...some lovely seaside and river scenes.Today was so suitable for an Autumn walk and car trip.

5 Nov, 2023


I really enjoyed our trip today, Shirley. The sights along the Arun were particularly scenic too. Lovely coastal pics you've shared - I could almost feel the sea breeze and smell the fresh salty air!
I'll bet you both felt refreshed and quite energised afterwards. It's a very uplifting blog, I found the history interesting too, thanks for the day trip.

5 Nov, 2023


wow lots seaweed washed up. That will give the birds lots of foraging material.

I really enjoyed 'our' walk. thank you for taking me with you.

6 Nov, 2023


I really enjoyed this walk with you! I couldn't believe how much seaweed was washed up.
I loved how you talked about every picture you showed us.
I can imagine how cold it was near the sea as it is the same here at Cleethorpes especially if it is an easterly wind!
Thank you for sharing!

6 Nov, 2023


Fascinating walk Shirley, and I’ve never seen so many wind turbines together. But I can’t believe the measurements! Is the 70 kilometre site protected from shipping?

6 Nov, 2023


Sheila, I could only find the following info.:

Once the wind farm is operational, most sea users will be able to continue commercial and recreational use of the sea area as before. However, a limited number of larger commercial vessels may choose not to navigate through the wind farm.

I do know there are four or five companies operating tours around the wind farm from Brighton Marina.

6 Nov, 2023


Thanks Shirley, that makes sense.

6 Nov, 2023


Julia, if it stays dry tomorrow we will have had three whole days without rain, hooray! Leaves have been swept and weeds removed from the block paving back and front.

Kate, thank you so much for your kind words.

Eileen, I had a feeling you would like to see the sea!

Rose, I recall many years ago there was so much seaweed washed up on Worthing beach, in the Summer, that diggers were used to remove it all and the smell was just awful! I'm pleased you enjoyed the text I added too ... :o))

6 Nov, 2023


Lovely sparkling seas and rivers. Thank you for the details, Shirley. I'm in two minds about offshore wind farms since I read about their possible effect on birds.

7 Nov, 2023


Ange, you got me thinking about the birds but there isn't much to support the pros and cons other than this Danish study:

7 Nov, 2023


Lovely stroll, Shirley! It's surprising more studies like the one you posted a link to haven't been made! It good to know that the birds are capable of detecting & avoiding the turbine blades! 👏

7 Nov, 2023


David, my husband always says that the birds manage to avoid trees so they can do the same with the wind turbines!!

8 Nov, 2023


And it seems he was quite right, too!

10 Nov, 2023

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