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Heaven Scent


By siris


Trachelospermum jasminoides is growing up the right hand side of the front door, and over the lounge window. The scent filled the lounge during the heat wave when the window was open.

So many flower.

I also have a variegated Trachelospermum, but as you can see it is not as floriferous as the plain green leaved variety.

That really doesn’t matter because it is growing next to Lonicera japonica, a rampant evergreen honeysuckle. The root is behind the evening sun seat and the plant stretches along the back fence and in the opposite direction along the trellis on the garage side wall. The scent can be overpowering.

What is that pong! Dracunculus vulgaris.

It is at the back of the side fence.
On the other side of the fence on the neighbours side they keep their grey wheelie dustbin. A couple of years ago, when the Beast was at its most vile, they spent quite a while scrubbing out the bin. I didn’t enlighten them!!

So this year when the stink was at its worst during the recent heatwave, I resorted to putting a poly bag over the spathe. I really think it has overstayed its welcome.

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Looks stunning , it gets too cold here to grow


25 Jun, 2017


Dracunculus vulgaris var. "polybag"

I had to laugh about the wheelie bin too - what a revenge that would be against difficult neighbours!

25 Jun, 2017


That made me laugh Sue Lol ... even the delicious scent of the other plants couldn't hide that smell ...

25 Jun, 2017


the climbers are beautiful and I adore the scent of honeysuckle on a warm evening.

as for pongs well.........

25 Jun, 2017


Your Trachelospermum jasminoides is stunning . You little minx on the quite you are Siris? I could nt stop laughing about the bin I ll have to remember that plant for the future.☺

26 Jun, 2017


Thank you for your comments
Stera, I particularly like the variety name 'polybagus' for the Arum or maybe 'horribilus'.

26 Jun, 2017


Some nice scents in your garden. It did make giggle about the wheelie bin.

26 Jun, 2017


I love the first photo Siris and the smell must be amazing.

26 Jun, 2017


That smell really is horrendous! Reminds me of the Stapelia gigantea my father once grew. He wore one of the exotic-looking flowers in his buttonhole one night when he visited our village inn. Everyone admired the flower and willingly accepted the invite to, "Smell it". Victims then watched out for the next person to arrive! It certainly lives up to its title of "carrion flower".

The Jasmine is beautiful and so is the perfume, in small doses.

27 Jun, 2017


Eirlys, had to look up Stapelia, says one of the 9 worst smelling flowers in the world! Your father a bit of a joker?

29 Jun, 2017


Siris: Lovely man, my father! Always wore a flower in his buttonhole. The Stapelia was a one-off and caused a lot of merriment.

4 Jul, 2017


Thank you everyone. Our neighbours are lovely, I won't want to deliberately upset them. We do help each other with various things. I do a bit of weeding and pruning for the widow on the right hand side. That's from where my Hibiscus seed came originally.

6 Jul, 2017

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