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We had a spell of sunshine today, so I took the opportunity to take some photos. I started out marking up self seeded Hellebores, now they are flowering, for removal, otherwise inferior ones take over.
There are many many more to open to be assessed. These however are keepers.
Some singles

Some Doubles, all ones I’ve crossed propagated from seed.

Also Iris tuberosa syn Hermodactylus starting to flower. (Just noticed there is a piece of grass seed in the picture-must weed that out)

Some Crocuses.

Galanthus floor plena

And Trillium kurabayashii leaves are pushing through the soil but not T. grandiflorum which comes later.

Spring must be around the corner.
Added to blog 23 Feb, since opening.

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looking lush

18 Feb, 2021


One thing missing from my garden is hellebores. You have a lovely collection and I'd like to get me some. Are they bulbs I need to plant in the fall or are they potted plants I can buy in the spring?

19 Feb, 2021


I do like the 'star' shape of your singles, Siris. They're dainty. A lot of the new ones produced now seem far too hefty to my eye and although the colours are striking they have lost some of their simple charm.
The iris is a lttle beauty, too. Roll on Spring - raining and blowing here (again) today..

19 Feb, 2021


hellebores are herbaceous perennials so you should be finding them in GC now Paul. They have quite brittle roots so transplant gently.
you have some lovely examples. I cannot get my iris to reflower despite them being in the 'ideal' spot. they haven't read the books I guess.

19 Feb, 2021


Spring has definitely sprung in your garden, Siris. Loving the hellebores.

19 Feb, 2021


Bathgate, although classed as herbaceous many do not die back, keeping most of their leaves all winter. Many people cut the leaves off when flowering, better to see the flowers. I don't, but just lower the leaves out of the way.
SBG, my tuberosa are in a sunny position at the edge of the front path, so the very long leaves can sprawl over the bricks not the other plants behind them. The tubers are planted covered with soil, unlike the tubers of my Bearded Iris, which are planted above the soil.
Btw that piece of grass, when I came to remove today turned out to be a Dianthus superbus.
My Iris unguicularis Peleponese Snow had its second flower a couple of days ago but rain did it to death. First flower appeared 17 Jan this year, very early I think.

19 Feb, 2021


Thanks for the information ladies, very helpful.

19 Feb, 2021


Beautiful, all of them.

20 Feb, 2021


You must be pleased with some of those crosses - the frilly pink ones are gorgeous!

20 Feb, 2021


Lovely, Siris. All of them. I do not like to go outside myself yet (too cold for me) but many of my plants do. They are poking out like yours. Hopefully we will not get sub-zero temps.

20 Feb, 2021


Thank you, I too am pleased with my creations, with a lot of help from nature.
Khalanie, from record cold last week, forcaste for +16oC mid next week. Hope Spring is on its way for you and your Hummingbirds.

20 Feb, 2021


Beautiful Hellebores, Siris! I like them but can't grow them on the balcony because it's far too sunny for them as it faces more or less SW so gets all the sunshine going from about 11am till the sun goes down. It feels like Spain in the summer when we have very sunny days!

22 Feb, 2021


Every year I mean to buy more Hellebores as I only have three, the third being hidden by shrubs and every year I forget!
Yours are beautiful Siris!

23 Feb, 2021

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