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GARDEN TV + festive DANGERS for pets + used stamps


Just a reminder of items unsuitable for dogs and cats.

and the Oldies Club for re-homing older dogs is grateful for used postage stamps …
please send to :

Oldies Club Stamps
40 Spring Bank Drive
West Yorks
WF15 7QS

Please ensure Oldies Club is mentioned on the envelope, to ensure money raised is allocated correctly. Thank you for your support.

More information at this link…
oldies club

and some TV ….

for those awake early tomorrow …

Sunday 21st December. BBC 2 6.35 am – 7. 35 am.
Natural World ..
Butterflies – A Very British Obsession.

Christmas Day. ITV. 3.10 pm – 4.10 pm.
The Queen’s Garden. Buckingham Palace.

[repeated Tues. 30th Dec. 2.20 pm – 3.20 pm]

Sunday 28th December. ITV. 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm.
The Queen’s Garden. Part 2. Alan Titchmarsh.
Buckingham Palace. Winter and springtime.

[repeated Weds. 31st Dec. 2.20 pm – 3.20 pm]

Happy viewing …

and a happy, safe Christmas to pets, and wild creatures too. :o))) xxx

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The Queens gardens sounds a treat Terra,
I knew about chocolate for dogs, and poultry bones of course, but not some of the other items

that dog looks like he's had too much of something poor lad

20 Dec, 2014


Hi Pam... or maybe the dog is just sulking because he wasn't allowed to eat a mince pie ;o) x

20 Dec, 2014


Thanks Terra :)

20 Dec, 2014


Helpful and informative,Terra..I will be up by that time in the morning,as per usual..but I think a little boy who is staying over tonight,will probably be up as well :o)Concentration will be somewhat lacking ! Lol xx

20 Dec, 2014


Thanks Sandra ..
sounds like maybe you could record the programme for when an adorable little boy isn't quite so energetic ! Lol. xx

20 Dec, 2014


You read my mind, will be set to record will "Strictly" at 6.30 tonight..he will be here by then,so we can watch it when he is tucked up in bed :o) xx

20 Dec, 2014


This is a good blog, because some people feed their pets with all sorts of rubbish. A lady near here gives her dog chips and he is very fat :(

Although, I once had a cat called Garfield, that I shared with a neighbour (he was thrown out of a passing car and we both cared for him)
and he used to like grapes lol. I used to peel them and cut them in half for him :D
They didn't do him any harm, because he lived with us for over 20 yrs, so I don't know how old he really was.

I wish I knew about the oldies club, because I've thrown all my stamped envelopes away :(
Maybe I'll remember about it next year ...

Thanks for the prog times :) I hope to see some of them.

Have a lovely Christmas TT xxx
and Conker Truffle and Crocus too :o) xxx

20 Dec, 2014



20 Dec, 2014


Thank you very much, Terra.

20 Dec, 2014


Thanks always appreciate your info and times of some really good programs
Merry Christmas to you!

20 Dec, 2014


Thanks for this very thoughtful information Terra.

I hope you have a really lovely Christmas and a happy, healthy new year.

20 Dec, 2014


What a helpful blog TT thank you duly noted xx
Happy birthday to Truffle xx

21 Dec, 2014


So have I Hywel...could you remind us at the beginning of december next year Terra ?.......

21 Dec, 2014


Thanks TT.... I see the Big Allotment Challenge is coming back early January....forgot date though..

21 Dec, 2014


That's nice....a service for the older dogs....lovely.Paddy approves of this.Maybe we will send our stamps there after christmas.Although most have gone now...but I'll have a few envelopes to open tomorro(a year older you see) so I'll keep the stamps!
Thanks Tt...all the best!

21 Dec, 2014


The Queens garden looks interesting, all set up to record..... happy Christmas to you the doggies and crocus... x

21 Dec, 2014


Hi Kat, Kidsgran, Chris and Neena ..
Glad the info. is useful and Merry Christmas !

Yes, Pam, I meant to put the Oldies Club link on earlier this month... will try to do so in early Dec. next year.

Hello Holly ... Big Allotment Challenge starts Jan. 2nd. BBC 2. I'll put some more details on GoY nearer the time. :o)

Hi Paul and Paddy ...
yes, older pets must not be forgotten!
Enjoy the holidays !

21 Dec, 2014


Holly ... yes .. the Queen's Garden programmes should be good viewing ...
Merry Christmas to you and Kayleigh and Sky ...
my 'Christmas greetings blog' was on GoY a bit early.. Lol. ..10th December ... 'Festive Sing-Along' :o) x

21 Dec, 2014


Thanks for the information Terra, looks like I'll be setting the recorder so I don't miss anything. Enjoy your Christmas :) xx

21 Dec, 2014


Thank you Waddy ... Happy Christmas ..
I'll put details of New Year garden programmes on GoY after Christmas. :o) xxx

21 Dec, 2014


the warning notice is very timely; i never used to give our family dog chicken bones cooked or raw; i'd heard that being hollow, they splinter very easily and can injure the dog's thorat or stomach.

21 Dec, 2014


It is worth being cautious, isn't it, Fran.

With the chocolate, dark is more dangerous to dogs than milk chocolate, because it contains more theobromine .. but dogs shouldn't eat any chocolate at all, unless it is the 'choc drops' type sold especially for pets.

21 Dec, 2014


Havnt been on for a while. .. happy Christmas to you crocus and the dogggies...hope u all have a lovely day.

21 Dec, 2014


Noticed you were missing for a while, Holly ... glad all is well :o)

21 Dec, 2014


Be a good idea if my pets could read this Terra, we have a right game going on here, Toffee knocks things off the tree whilst Brynner lays in wait to see if its edible, little devil has even knocked it down completely today, its all classed as good fun, lol..At this rate they will not even get any treats for xmas, good or bad, worse than caring for the kids when they were
Very informative blog Terra and much appreciated, I have so much listed on my planner I'll be happy for weeks to come, (I still have some glorious gardens to watch), I'm the only one who watches that kind of prog so save them for when I'm on my own, I will be adding to the planner in a few mins....
I had never heard of the Oldies Club so thankyou for that info, I'll look it up, I have collected my used stamps as my daughter usually passes them on via the college but its always good to know where else they can go......

21 Dec, 2014


All ok TT....just been busy, did pop in now and then... x

22 Dec, 2014


Sorry Hywel ..
my eyes were especially tired last week from too much sorting of old papers, and I've realised I didn't answer your comment ... sorry !
I agree ... can't be too many reminders of the dangers for pets, such as chocolate.
... Thanks for your good wishes .. next year I hope to put the used stamps information on GoY in early December. :o) x

Thanks Sue ..
Sounds like chaos and fun in your household ... Lol.
I hope you eventually get time to catch up with favourite TV viewing !

22 Dec, 2014


dogs are like people - usually prefer what's not good for them to what is!

22 Dec, 2014


It's all right TT, don't worry about it :o) x
I hope your eyes are better now ...

22 Dec, 2014


My dog lived nearly 20 years - I don't recall that she ate any peach/nectarine stones or macadamia nuts (simply because she would never have come across them) but she polished off plenty of the rest of the so-called poisons on the list without any problems.

23 Dec, 2014


Not necessarily always poisonous, Urbanite, but likely to be harmful to some dogs ...
I was just trying to give helpful information ...

25 Dec, 2014


better safe than sorry, TT; at least if one breaks rules one sould know which rules one is breaking!

25 Dec, 2014


Wise words, Fran .. thank you ..Merry Christmas ...

I'm sure you had your lovely outdoor lights on yesterday evening ... I really like the way you've displayed those ... looks like a Santa and sleigh silhouette to me !

25 Dec, 2014


doh, never thought of that! I put them up when it was almost dark and I was fumbling to untangle the cords and wind them round the canes. lol I could have spelled out something naughty!

26 Dec, 2014


very informative , Terra ! xxxx

29 Dec, 2014


Lol. Fran ... good luck with your next 'cave' design !

Thanks Junna ... so many foods which can be harmful to dogs, especially chocolate. x x x

29 Dec, 2014


Yes, that's true , Terra, How 's the New Year over there? We have a night of different fireworks, so colorful last night !

But now , morning here 11am, its raining again :-((

1 Jan, 2015


Hi Junna ... happy new year to you ...

New Year's Eve I slept for hours, not even woken by the fireworks !
I woke up to find it was 7 a.m. .... 2015 ... :o)))

2 Jan, 2015

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