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Sarcococca confusa


I’m in love again. The Sarcococca, or ‘Sweetbox’ has opened and fills the avenue with a rich perfume. All attributes of the plant are very pleasing to the eye.

But before I continue singing its praises, two things:

What are these pretty buds? I know I’ll find out in a few months, but I wonder if anyone can recognise them. They are not that variegated elaeagnus behind it though – a separate plant.

And my favourite berberis (we have a lot of cultivars, indeed a vast range of spiky stuff for protecting the rest of the garden!) is putting up a little new growth:

Here it was when we pruned it in early November last year:

Perhaps someone knows the cultivar?

The real stars of the show this month are the sarcococca. That heavy fragrance makes me weak at the knees, and this overpowering of the senses can be felt several metres away. When walking up and down the main avenue, there’s nothing in my nose (bearing in mind I still don’t have the best sense of smell after that sinusitis) but that intense, indescribable smell. I s’pose it’s a bit vanilla-ey…

I hope others are enjoying this slow-growing shrub en masse. I’m so lucky right now. :)

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Lovely Sarcococca! I think the stud should have planted a few of these shrubs....anything that has a beautiful scent this time of year is a wonder.

19 Jan, 2012


I really like that Sarcococca too !! and the berberis is lovely - we have a few berberis

19 Jan, 2012


I have my Sarco. in an ali baba pot so it is kept small but I love the scent, reminds me of hyacinths!

19 Jan, 2012


You are right about slow growing though. A friends gave me one when I moved here nearly 4 years ago and it isn't much bigger now.Perhaps it's in the wrong place. Beautiful scent, I should move it nearer to the house maybe.

19 Jan, 2012


Thank you all.
A tiny sprig I took as a cutting from the plants in the photos is also flowering in my greenhouse at the moment. :)

19 Jan, 2012


I almost fancied I could smell it when I saw the pic! Keep meaning to get one of these.

19 Jan, 2012


Stera the flowers are insignificant really, it is the scent that makes it worth growing! I have mine by the back door, its fab.

20 Jan, 2012


Directly as a result of reading this blog, I have just bought a Sarcococca Confusa because I am trying to get more winter interest into my garden. So, thank you, T.

21 Jan, 2012


Oji. try to plant it where you will walk past it!! You need to sniff the scent when passing.!

21 Jan, 2012


Yes, GM, that's a good idea. Meanwhile, the car i brought it back in smells great!

21 Jan, 2012


Lovely. but you can't keep it in the car. ha ha

21 Jan, 2012


Does it need shade? My back door faces south and the front door north, so its one or the other!

22 Jan, 2012


Stera, I face North (back garden) so mine is happy there!

23 Jan, 2012

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