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Mystery plants

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First, I started from seed what I thought was Acca sellowiana. This was about 18 years ago when I first moved into my house. It grew and grew, got put into the ground and grew some more. It never flowered in all that time, and I took a passive attitude towards it. I didn’t water it, I didn’t prune it; but I didn’t cut it down, either. I had never actually seen the plant, and the only real photos of it are close-ups of the flower. Then the other day, I noticed it had a flower bud on it! Finally, after all this time I was going to see a flower. I kept forgetting to go back and take a look until the other night. It is in a location I don’t frequent – like I said, I have been passive and go there only to use the strimmer on the weeds. I went out with a flashlight and saw an odd looking white flower, not like the photos at all. So today, I finally remembered to have a look during the day and saw this:

Then, looking up, there was a fruit that explained what the tree really was:

It was a surprise I had grown some sort of orange tree, although I remember that the seed didn’t look like an orange seed – much smaller and kind of brown.
Then I have another mystery plant that was just there, and after looking through hundreds of photos on the University of the A├žores’ Biodiversity website, I still don’t know what it is:

It will get to about 1 meter tall, has these skinny stems with very skinny needle-like leaves, flower heads about 1 inch across. with individual trumpet shaped flowers. No idea – it’s a mystery.
Less of a mystery is the Geranium maderense, which has started opening:

The Bird of Paradise continues to flower:

And the Moraea ochroleuca has a lot of stems and flowers, depending on the angle you view it:

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Just call it my little treasure.

30 Mar, 2019

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