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Late July Flowers


July is usually the driest month here with an average of 2 days of rain. It has gone far beyond that this year and the garden is really blooming, although some foliage looks a little rough.
The Crepe Myrtle tree I have is in full bloom.

A Crassula coccinea is also flowering. It is a succulent that has bright red flowers.

There is a Agapanthus ‘Graskop’. It is a very dark purple to the eye, but more blue in photos. It has been attracting both bees and butterflies.

One summer bulb that enjoys all the rain is Eucomis comosa.

I had crossed Hedychium rubrum, a red type, with Hedychium gardneranum, a yellow, and it is flowering with the vigor of H. gardneranum but in orange.

An unusual, but small Morning Glory is Ipomoea hederifolia var. lutea. It is about an inch across and is yellow.

I had mentioned in my last blog that I had put in a structure for pumpkins to grow on and hang down without touching the soil. Here is the wide view:

Underneath this are bromeliads, and they are so happy with where they are and with all the rain that they are flowering. Normally I get them in December. Both Aechmea fasciata and Hohenbergia stellata are in the first photo, and then the Aechmea by itsself.

Of course there are lots of daylilies like ‘Buster Ruster’

‘Star of India’

And ‘Fancy Face’

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Beautiful flowers, Wylie! I love them all! 😃 I've never seen a 'Morning Glory' in yellow before & even less such a small flower!

My @Morning Glories' are growing very fast & have lots of small buds on them. Our granddaughter planted a seed in a small pot & a couple of weeks later she planted it out in a big tub on the balcony. That one has grown more than 2 meters & is still growing! It has had several flowers & there are plenty more buds on it. It is dark purple. The others I grew from saved seeds from last year so I suppose the majority will be the same. Hopefully there will be a few other colours as well.

27 Jul, 2023


What a lovely selection of flowers you have Wylie. I am very envious.

27 Jul, 2023


The whole Morning Glory plant is smaller than the big guys and is the yellow version of what is known as the Scarlett Creeper. I went to a friend's house where they had planted, on purpose, the Ipomoea indica. She loves the purple flowers, but the vine is very invasive and is trying to overtake everything. A stunning sight, but all the other flowers and trees are screaming as they are slowly choked to death. I have to watch the Hedychium as the yellow one is also another plant that will invade if you let it.

28 Jul, 2023


Some fantastic flowers there Wylie. We are all quite envious.:-).

28 Jul, 2023


What gorgeous and exotic colours! Your Crepe Myrtle is a beauty! Love the brilliant blue of the agapanthus too. Everything looks perfect in your garden.

28 Jul, 2023


Thanks for posting pictures from your garden Wylie, so wonderful and different from ours.

28 Jul, 2023

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