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New shed tutorial (Garden re-design part12)


By diydick


Hi all,have been busy again these last few weeks with the arrival of my new shed.It is an 8′ × 6′ pent shed with a few design changes.I had it made with only two windows put in instead of four and the door is put at the end rather than on the front side.I have also fitted glass windows instead of the standard Styrene ones that would normally come with it.

Day 1. Just finished a 12 hr night shift and waited for delivery of shed,once arrived put it in garage and went to bed for three hours.Got up at 2.00pm and commenced assembly of said shed.

Base upside down-coated with creosote before turning over the correct way

One end and back panel bolted together with coach screws

Other end and front panel all bolted together

Showing nails that came with shed – am using similar sized screws 2 1/2" x No 8 instead.Much stronger and putting about 3 times the amount than recommended for the nails

These are called flip drivers.The main part is like a small chuck that fits into a standard electric drill.The other piece is a drill that pilot drills,counter bores and counter sinks all in one action.Flip the driver over and it is a screwdriver powered by the electric drill,it saves so much time and effort.

Screws in holes ready -try squares to make sure all corners/sides are at 90 degrees to each other before screwing down to the base.Very important as the roof is also in one piece and needs a fairly close tolerance fit.

So far assembly was difficult enough doing on my own,holding the first two panels together squarely and bolting together really needed two people but I managed.

Getting the roof on was almost impossible.I am 5’8" tall and of medium build,these panels are in one piece 8’x 6’ and quite heavy.
Shear determination and one very big push got it up the side until I found the balancing point of the roof panel,one more small push got past the balancing point and the roof fell on top PHEW! I had to get it as central as possible to the side before lifting otherwise it could have fallen inside! I would sure have a problem then!
The whole shed was then treated with a mixture of wood worm and clear weather preserver

Once the roof was screwed into place I treated it with "Aquaseal"which is a rubber/bitumen damp-proofer

When dry the roof and edges were coated again with bitumen felt adhesive,had to wait 20-30 mins. for the adhesive to go tacky.This was done in 3 stages starting at the back with each successive felt layer over-lapping the last by approx.6".So far took 6 hours.Now 8.00pm and I am hungry and shattered,so called it a day.Did not get front piece of felt on until the following day

Day 2.
All felting complete and galvanized nails used to secure at edges and a coat of preserver paint for smooth wood applied

Glass windows puttied in

Inside – quadrant beading fitted over a bead of putty and pinned in place

Putty was a quick drying acrylic type so I was able to paint it along with a second full coat on the whole shed before losing the light

Day 3.
Edge weather boards around roof fitted and two coats of preserver paint.It has rained quite heavy for a few days and not a drop has got in

This last week inside I have built a work bench,fitted loads of shelving and managed to get all my garden hand tools up on brackets,a bit more to do but almost done now.Will follow up with more pix when complete

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28 Sep, 2010


An excellent job diydick, you've made sure that it will give no problems for many years, I like your choice of colour too. I'm interested in the 'Flip driver' that drills, pilot drills and countersinks. Could you tell me where I can buy one?

28 Sep, 2010


A very informative and interesting blog. Well done you for doing it all on your own. What a lovely sense of satisfaction you must feel after that ! It certainly won't come to bits easily.

28 Sep, 2010


Well done Diydick!

28 Sep, 2010


Fantastic job looks great and the colour is really good too

28 Sep, 2010


Well done Dd ,it looks very smart, you can pat yourself on the back for that, I like the colour as well, I`ve also took note of the Flip driver as its getting near that certain time of the year when one needs ideas for Presents..........

28 Sep, 2010


Great job Dick. I know what its like putting the roof on, done my daughters, I'm 5' 3'', and there was no way I could do it without help. :0))

28 Sep, 2010


Your shed looks right at home there. Well done and I'm sure it will serve you well for many years. A mammoth task and your pictures/instructions are spot on.

28 Sep, 2010


Thanx everyone for your kind comments.I enjoyed doing this blog as well the job itself,I am very pleased with it.
Heron and Lincslass the flip drivers are from Screwfix,set of three drivers and driver body in a case for £15.66 quote no.15285 worth every penny.

The paint is Herb Green from Wickes 2.5 ltrs. for smooth wood,I think about £20.
There was enough for two good coats on two sheds with a little left over.
The shed was from Tiger sheds based in Leeds, very good build quality,tongue and groove all round (roof and floor too) £344 and free delivery which I found a good price considering the changes I had made to it as well.I did research for a good price on this and it comes out tops compared to sheds of less quality build and price.
Hope this helps to anyone interested.

28 Sep, 2010


you have done a brilliant job there Dick, it looks great

28 Sep, 2010


Thanks Diydick, it's my birthday soon :-)))

28 Sep, 2010


Mine too, Heron.....but sadly hubby isn't a DIYer....nor am I. The shed is such a lovely colour too.'ve gotta get your family looking at this blog to plant the

28 Sep, 2010


Thanx very much Yorkshire

28 Sep, 2010


I made a mistake on the paint,it is called Herb Garden from the colour care range and costs £12.99 for 2.5 ltrs.

29 Sep, 2010


Looks great Diy.

29 Sep, 2010


Thanx Linda

29 Sep, 2010


wow well done.

15 May, 2017

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