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In Tribute To Yorkie Val.


As many of you know, here on Grows On You, we recently lost a valued member of our Goy Family, when Val, better known as Yorkshire, passed unexpectedly recently, leaving many of us shocked and in tears.

Val was well known and well loved among many of the loyal GOY members, for her love of gardening, and that incredibly zany humour of hers that kept so many of us here in stitches. She could find humour in anything and everything, and humour is such a wonderful shared gift by us all.
Somehow, our friend could just reach out across the miles and come into our homes and make us laugh, and we responded in our droves. That is the power of the internet, no matter how isolated you may feel, friendship can be just a click away.

Val and I became good friends thanks to this lovely Gardening site, and shared many a chat through our pm’s and emails and plus of course her endless collection of risqué jokes, but mostly Val lived for the camaraderie she shared with us all on her blogs or photos she posted here online.
Who can forget the ‘Moonies’, who then became the ‘Moonsisters’ here on Goy that received numerous comments that went into the hundreds?
We have giggled endlessly and unashamedly, shared her ups and downs, and enjoyed the photos she posted of her lovely garden…the one common link that makes us all a family here on GOY, that passion we keep in our hearts of the love of gardening, but also friendships gained.
This is what makes Grows On You, the huge success it is, and unites us from all four corners of the world.

Val played a major part in that, and will be much missed by all of us fortunate enough to have shared just a little part of her life and friendship on here.

Pita, Val’s daughter is also a valued member on GOY, apart from being an exceptionally talented photographer, she shares her mother’s love of humour.
Pita has recently shared a poem ‘The Dash’ written by Linda Ellis, that had been read at her mother’s funeral, with us all and I have been in contact with her to ask if I could also share my own personal tribute to Val in a poem I have written especially for her.
Pita happily agreed to my request, so in tribute to a much loved and much missed dear friend, here are a few of my own humble words that I hope incorporate the feelings of us all here on GOY lucky enough to have known her.. Thank you for reading my friends..

‘Hello old friend, I heard you left,
leaving loved ones so bereft..
The friends you made both near and far..
know how special, Val, you are.
So much laughter, so many jokes..
Remembering witty blogs we wrote..
You helped bring out the best in us,
and kept us giggling fit to bust!
Hard to believe that you’re not here,
though in our hearts, you’re always near.
No one can extinguish your brilliant flame..
as in our thoughts you will remain.
Bless you Val, for all the joy,
dear friend you helped create on Goy.
This poem is just my humble touch..
to someone we all still miss so much..
In tribute to you, Wife, Mother, and Pal..
Keep them laughing in heaven, our Yorkshire Val’.

With grateful thanks to Pita for letting me share this with you all, Ralph and all the family..We keep you all in our thoughts my friends..always.
Flori xxx

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A very special tribute for a very special lady ♥

26 Jan, 2014


Hello Pam.. I hope that Yorkie would have approved..She was such a lovely friend, and I will so miss the laughs we shared..
I wonder if our friends here on Goy, realise just how much they touch us and leave a mark even though we may never meet in person..?
I know that other demands on my time have kept me busy and away from Goy this last year or so, but not one of my friends I have made on here over the years has ever been forgotten and Val will always remain a part of us even though she has passed..
Bless you for looking in on me and adding your post dear friend..\0/xxx

26 Jan, 2014


What a lovely tribute Flori.......and so well put into words what we all feel about GoY, our gardening family......

26 Jan, 2014


Hello Janey! Oh what a lovely surprise to see you my friend!
I checked that Pita approved before I published this poem, but thought it really was a fitting tribute to a much loved Goy member..
Yorkie kept us laughing with her mad antics and zany humour for hours on here..This is just my own simple way of saying thank you for that and all the friendships that have built up through Goy over the years..Once touched, never ever forgotten.. Lovely to see your post dear\0/

26 Jan, 2014


A beautiful tribute.

26 Jan, 2014


Thank you so much for reading and posting a comment Scottish..It really is appreciated..\0/x

26 Jan, 2014


Im a newbie GOY member but already feel the warmth that excudes from the membership here. Sadly i never had the priviledge of knowing Yorkshire Val but it is pretty evident from your beautiful poem and touching tribute to her Floribunda that i missed out on a very special lady ♥
I often refer to such folk who have a wonderful knack of bringing such love, joy and laughter to others as
"Earth Angels" they do walk amongst us and many of us are blessed to have known them in whatever form that takes and it seems that your dear friend was indeed an Earth Angel.
Please except my heartfelt condolences to you her family and all of you who knew her x

26 Jan, 2014


I too sadly didn't get to know Yorkshire Val and am very sorry that I didn't ! My sympathy to all her friends and family. That was a beautiful poem Flori.

26 Jan, 2014


Beehappy, that was an absolutely gorgeous comment you made, and I have to agree with you about Earth Angels, there are quite a few on here.. I am deeply touched by your lovely post.
Val had the most outrageous sense of humour, and was such a lovely warm vibrant soul that she has left a huge gap in our Goy family..
Make I say a warm welcome to you joining our Goy family my friend..\0/xxx

Hello Rose, nice to see you my friend. Bless you for your kind comment..Our Val was someone pretty special..\0/xxx

26 Jan, 2014


a very fitting tribute Floribunda. Glad Pita approved. It is lovely.

26 Jan, 2014


Thank you Sbg..I made sure that Pita thought this poem was suitable to share among all Yorkie's friends on Goy and she readily gave me her support..
So many of us knew Val and thought so much of her..I'm really glad I could publish this for all the Goy members who knew her and for Val's lovely family too.. Thank you so much for posting. \0/xxx

26 Jan, 2014


Wow,, another tear jerking wonderful blog and comments. Flori, you are an amazingly talented and wonderful being and your sentiment is truly heart touching. Thank you so very, very much for your love and kindness.

Thank you also to all GOY friends, beautiful tributes and kind words.

Love and blessings, love Pita and your old pal...Yorkie who was not always an Earth Angel, she liked being a Hells Angel too! Rebel without a cause was my mother! Hee hee

Love loads one and all


26 Jan, 2014


Such a wonderful tribute to dear Val (Yorkshire), Flori. I know that Val loved her garden so very much.

Like yourself, I haven't been on here for sometime, but I do look in from time to time just to see what is happening here. Val was one of my friends on GOY too and I am sure that she would have appreciated the kind words that you have said on here. My thoughts are with Val's family and friends, including all the friends here....take care everyone, and hope all your flowers and plants bloom well in 2014..

26 Jan, 2014


Hi Pita..Loved the thought of your mum being more like a Hell's Angel and Rebel without a cause too, than just an Earth Angel lol..
I certainly know she could even make me blush from some of the jokes she would pass on to me..but I loved receiving each and every one because they were so Val..

Am so delighted that you liked this blog about your mum..that was important to me my friend.
The one thing we all wish for in this world before we shake off our mortal coil is that we have touched someone and made a difference.. Your mum reached out and touched a lot of us through Goy and she did make a difference. and she will always be fondly remembered for that and so much more.. I hope you feel that I've done her proud.

Bless you for letting me share this with all our Goy friends on here Pita..and thank you sweetheart, for such a lovely post. \0/xxxxx

26 Jan, 2014


Ah Richard, you snuck in here just as I was posting this reply to Pita..Great to see you too old friend..Thank you for posting such a great comment..Val touched so many of us on here.

May your garden bloom continuously and may your slugs and aphids be few this year..\0/xxx

26 Jan, 2014


That was a lovely tribute Flori, it's good to remember all the happy times we have had on GOY. I listened to your CD at Christmas and it reminded me of Val and those epic blogs. Keep in touch xxxxx

27 Jan, 2014


Hi Santan! \0/ How great to see you again..Yes we really have had some fun on Goy, and those epics blogs will take some
Although I love Goy for all the great gardening inspiration, it is the laughter and friendship that I always reflect on most..
I hope to be on Goy a little more now that I am not quite so committed to other projects, as I certainly miss you all and the camaraderie we all shared in days gone by.

Our lovely Yorkie will be much missed but never forgotten..This loving tribute was the least I could do for someone we all cared so much for.
Thanks for looking in on me my friend, and thanks for helping keep my music alive..\0/xxx

27 Jan, 2014


Hi Floribunda ..
That's very thoughtful of you to add this blog to GoY ..
Yorkshire Val is much missed .. xxx

27 Jan, 2014


Hi Terra..
Although I haven't been on here so much because of other demands, I do look in now and again, and Pamg keeps me updated too. Was such an awful shock to hear about Val..
We shared a lot of really good laughs together, and I wanted to pay my own tribute to a much loved member of Goy..

Hope all is well with you my friend..Lovely to see you here..

27 Jan, 2014


Hi Flori..a lovely tribute to Val,it was so nice to compose this in her memory..and I know Pita and Ralph love it too..
Glad you will be back in the fold when you are able..see you soon,

28 Jan, 2014


Hi Bloomer.. I know you and Val were good friends on Goy, so I know your loss is deep indeed, but I'm so pleased that you liked this humble tribute to Yorkie.. She made a lot of people laugh, and in return, she was much loved by so many.

Hope to be on here on a more often now..If I have learned anything from Val's sad loss, it is that friends are important and way too precious to lose no matter how many demands are placed on our time. It's really good to see you here my friend. Hugs to your heart Bloomer \0/xxx

28 Jan, 2014


Thanks Flori..hugs coming back to you :o) xx

29 Jan, 2014


Eh up Flori, hope you're back for good, we all need cheering up. Great tribute for Yorky. I miss my rival for the hand of Johnjoe ...we fought over him for what seems like years .... Val always won:-(
It was a terrible shock, I knew, from her pm's she was in a lot of pain and couldn't walk far, we joked about her whizzing off on a mobility scooter, but had no real idea of the seriousness of her illness.
I will never forget her:-) x

29 Jan, 2014


I'd forgotton Johnjoe, but never Val xxx

I have memories of Annella and that fireman......oh and he who we don't mention with his wobble board.......

29 Jan, 2014


....oh,that one,Pam! I don't think he is in our thoughts anymore,and is now barred !.We need to find a suitable replacement..pronto..maybe to be continued on the original blog,at some point?

29 Jan, 2014


Just wonderful Flori ... I miss Yorkshire's banter about the North/South divide in the weather ... when I posted a photo of the first Daffodil out in my garden she said she'd thrown her toys out of the pram as she just had the green tips of Daffodil leaves showing in her garden! Always a pleasure to receive a comment from her ... she will be missed by so many on GoY.

29 Jan, 2014


So lovely to see all these comments posted about our lovely Val. So many good memories that no one can take away from us all, and so much laughter.. Goy has always managed to make me cry in merriment, 'specially at some of the crazy posts added.

I must have missed the great love triangle BA, poor Johnjoe wouldn't have know what hit him! lol It was the humour we found in the darkest of days at times, that kept our Goy 'family' together..We always knew we could rely on our friends on here to make us laugh and get us through whatever ailed us.
Yes Pam, I remember poor Santan getting stuck up the chimney and her Poor Richard peej became a cross-dresser according to us, and Ba and I became strippers (of wallpaper I hasten to add!) lol Crazy wonderful fun.. Our 'Moonies' weren't a lot better either if I recall rightly.

Shirley, thanks for looking in..I think nearly all of us who fondly remember Val on here have such great memories of her, usually always because of that wacky sense of humour..
I think it is so great that we can share those laughs together on here.. Val was someone pretty special, and she would be so happy to know that she has touched so many of our lives and left such a loving mark..What better tribute can there be than that my friends? Here's to Val with all our love..xxxxx\0/x

29 Jan, 2014


What a beautiful tribute to Yorkshire/Val you have done her proud Flori as only you could.
Hope to see more of you soon, trust you are both well? sending love your way xxx

29 Jan, 2014


Hi Dd! Always good to see you my friend.
Thank you so much for popping in to add a comment. Glad you feel that I have done Val proud with this tribute..I think I am only saying the words that so many of us feel about the loss of such a lovely valued member of Goy..

Yes, now my project is completed, I hope to be back on Goy on a more regular basis now. I have certainly missed you all!
Glad to say that we are both fine as is Raffie..I hope that life is treating you and yours well too..
Love and hugs to a lovely\0/

29 Jan, 2014


Oh well done Flori for that lovely poem. You put into words what we all would love to say about Val. I am so missing her too.... I am sure it is appreciated by us all.
Looking forward to more of your blogs my friend, and maybe a visit later when the weather is warmer. xx

30 Jan, 2014


Lovely poem for a lovely lady, will miss her on here.

30 Jan, 2014


Bless you for looking in on me Cinders..I had hoped this poem would convey how we all felt losing such a good friend from Goy, so I am so glad you feel I have succeeded.
Yes, it would be lovely to catch up with you later this year. I have such fond memories of our last visit...\0/xxx

Thank you Holly.. It isn't always easy finding the right words in sad circumstances such as this..I really appreciate you looking in on me my friend and posting a comment. Val was such a special lady.. \0/xxx

30 Jan, 2014


that was really nice right from the heart

30 Jan, 2014


Bless you Pondlady, it really is. Val was so popular and so well loved..She is a sad loss to us all, but I know her family will be comforted knowing how loved she was by so many on here.. Thank you so much for dropping by and posting a comment. \0/x

30 Jan, 2014


I've really enjoyed reading everyone's comments under your wonderful tribute flori. it's so lovely to see richard on here again and yourself coming back to us at last as well. I wish I'd known val better, as I missed out on a lot of fun. she was a very funny lady, and her passing was a real shock. bless you for going to the trouble of writing this for us. The pictures are perfect too. :))

30 Jan, 2014


Lovely to see you Karen, and only recently realised that you had moved! Hope all is going well my friend. I'm so glad to see so many old friends on here who have united us through Val. She would be tickled pink!
Much missed and much loved..Only five words, but how they sum up a really lovely Goy member who is sadly no longer with us.. I bet Val is looking down and having a good laugh at how 'soft' we all are, but I bet you she would be so touched too \0/xxx

30 Jan, 2014


Yes, that's exactly how Yorkshire ladies like Val are! You've got it to a 'T' Flori...they feel things very deeply, while expressing them very 'lightly'. I wonder what it is about the county that does that to people. who knows....

30 Jan, 2014


Yorkshire folk are really the salt of the earth Karen. aren't they? I have a couple of Yorkshire friends who have come down to live in Wiltshire, and one thing you can guarantee is that you'll always know where you stand with them! lol

Val just reached out and touched so many people here on Goy.
She was absolutely unique in her own way, and I'm so glad that her and I became friends. She may be have passed on, but some friendships last in the heart forever..\0/xxx

30 Jan, 2014


Yes, I agree with everything you've said there Flori. My dear 'soft' southern friend is always laughing at me for calling a spade a spade. I can't think why that's funny. ;)

Yorks will always be with you, you just won't see her in print again, and her family won't see her in the flesh, but she will always be with them nonetheless. :))

30 Jan, 2014


Yes, my northern friend calls me a soft southerner too! lol
I think being direct can be oddly refreshing..
I 100% believe that about our Yorkie, she will be watching over us all.. I do hope those angels in heaven aren't being corrupted by her risqué jokes..You know our \0/xxx

30 Jan, 2014


I've dug many a big hole with my spade,Flori..but it's sometimes better to swap it for a trowel ! Lol....maybe Val is doing the same ..:o)) xx

31 Jan, 2014


Flori bless you for bringing so many GOY ERS on to this page.
Cinders for one, was rather worried because I had not seen or for some time...well done lovely lady..xx

31 Jan, 2014


Hi there peeps!

Just wanted to say thank you again for all the lovely comments, they keep me smiling and 'yep - that Valerie woman will be watching!' (makes me smile that Mum used to call Southerners; softies! - She was born in Middlesex and spent the majority of her life down South!!)

Keep smiling and even though its a rainy weekend - make sure you're sunny inside!

Love and blessings xx

31 Jan, 2014


Hi Pita reading all these lovely words about Val and the frienships on here help so much to banish the grey days don't they ♡

31 Jan, 2014


It is so great to see so many dear friends popping into this page, it warms my heart it really does..
Lol Bloomer, well I guess a trowel would be a lot more pratical use than a harp..hahahaha..Bet Yorkie will have a grand old garden up there and will be in her element designing it! lol

Hi Dd, yes, it really is wonderful seeing so many of my old friends here once again. Think Cinders hadn't be too well, but lovely to see her here as it is you all. Val would be so touched that she was so highly thought of by so many...\0/xxx

Pita, you don't know how much good it does for us to see you popping in and saying hello my friend.. Really soggy here once again, and a lot more rain and high winds to come.. My OH in the middle of Ark building even as I write! lol Thinking of you and the family..\0/xxx

Hello Pam..I swear that friendships on Goy can be the best in the world.. I feel as if I have been lost, and now found myself back home once more among the ones I care for most. Val still working her lovely magic keeping us all together and uniting us once more here on Goy..
Bless each and every one of you who have taken the time to look in on me and post. You are the very best! xxxxxx \0/

31 Jan, 2014


Sorry to see that Val is with us no more, may she look down on us all, R.I.P Val, I repeat what all have said about the poem that you wrote it is a very fitting tribute Flori.

1 Feb, 2014


Bless you John, that is really a lovely comment to post. Val will never be forgotten that is for sure..She has left her mark on all she touched on here at Goy and in her life.
I'm just so glad to see so many people who knew our friend 'Yorkie', have taken the time to look in on this blog and pay their own tribute to a much loved and popular lady who blessed us with her presence for too brief a while. Good to meet you John.. \0/x

1 Feb, 2014


Floribunda. what lovely tribute to Val, she really was a great friend to have. Full of humour always straight to the point, her comments would be funny and witty she sure was a friend in deed. Every time I upload a photo I do expect a comment from Val, it did not matter how bad the photo was, she would always have something nice to say about it. Yes I do feel she is looking down on us and pointing at us silly billys, lol, out to all the other souls. I do light a candle and say a prayer for her and her husband Ralph and Family.

12 Feb, 2014


Oh Johnjoe, what a pleasure to find you here on my page, and yes, Val is so deeply missed by so many of us on here. It is amazing how so many of us may never meet but the warmest of friendships are created through the internet and GOY in particular..
I do believe that Val is still keeping an eye on us all, and still making the angels Bless your heart for looking in on me and posting a comment my friend. \0/xxx

12 Feb, 2014




15 Feb, 2014


Hi Pita..It warms my heart to see that you have dropped in to say hello.. Hope all is well with you dear friend.. xxxxx\0/

21 Feb, 2014


How lovely of you to write that poem as a fitting tribute to Val, Flori. I can't say I 'knew' her well but she obviously made a huge contribution to GOY and brought laughter into people's lives - and we're always the better for that. Nice to see you here, Pita - hope you're doing ok.

28 Mar, 2014


Thank you TB, love and blessings x

30 Mar, 2014

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