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Autumn Fuchsias ....


By hywel


I didn’t show any Fuchsias in my other September blog,
it had become too long and I didn’t want to overdo it,
so I’ve made an other blog out of them :o)

So here are my Fuchsias that have flowered this Sep …
and I’ll show you the hardy ones first … :-

Those were Lena, Lady Thumb and Dollar Princess.

‘Army Nurse’ … :-

‘Cloverdale Pearl’ :-

’Delta’s Sarah’, doing very well too :o)

‘Dorothy Hanley’ :-

‘Foxgrove Wood’ :-

Fuchsia magellanica ‘Riccartonii’ :-

‘Garden News’ :-

‘Geanii’ :-

‘General Monk’ :-

‘Lena’ :-

‘Lechlade Magician’ – over 7 ft tall this year ! :-

‘Mrs Popple’ – always a good variety, with strong growth, and dripping with flowers :-

‘Phyllis’ …
A lovely and strong variety :-

‘Preston Guild’ :-

‘Strawberry Delight’ :-

Although the last two are hardy, I’ve got them in pots.
I had them in the ground when I lived in the old cottage, and maybe I’ll get round to finding a place for them up here next year.


Now some frost tender ones ….

First of all, a very pretty one, which has decided to send up one tall stem,
so I’m going to make it into a standard for next year :)
It’s called ‘Careless Whisper’ :-

‘Anne Hoogendam’ :-

‘Citation’ :-

‘Earre Barre’ :-

English Rose’ :-

’Henkelly’s Ivabra’ :-

‘Jack Shahan’ :-

‘Lady Kathleen Spence’ :-

‘Leon Pauwels’ :-

‘Swingtime’ :-

Walz Doedelzac :-

‘Wassernymph’ :-


“And now for something completely different” …

“Who do you think you’re looking at !”

Here’s a lovely Pelargonium …

I’m really pleased with it, after it nearly died … !

And here’s one of the Pelargoniums Sue (Steragram) gave me when I visited :)
Now potted up individually and doing well …


Well, to get back to the subject of this blog …
I still have a few Fuchsias that have not flowered at all this year :o(
but three of them have got some buds at last.
So maybe I’ll be able to do one more Fuchsia blog this year, after they decide to open :o)

(Unless you’re all fed up with me prattling on about my Fuchsias lol but I do enjoy talking about them) :D

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I love your fuchsias , such a wide variety.
Your cat is lovely too.

30 Sep, 2014


You can 'prattle' and show us your lovely Fucshias as much as you want Hywel.They're lovely to look at!!:-))

30 Sep, 2014


Wow Hywel what a fantastic collection you have I feel dizzy with looking at them all, now how do I decide on a favourite? well I have chosen 3 Earre Barr, Anne Hoogendam and Preston Guild but the prettiest of all is your lovely Pussy Cat;0))

30 Sep, 2014


Hywel, they are beautiful! I hadn't realised that there are so many lovely hardy varieties. I must look out for some - I have space for some smallish ones. Such a lovely blog to look at!

Btw, I have found a spot for Lady Boothby, so I planted her out yesterday. I hope she'll be happy there.

Bella's looking good!

30 Sep, 2014


One of my favourites is Strawberry Delight, along with English Rose.

30 Sep, 2014


Lovely collection Hywel, I have added a few this year and found its been a really good year for growing as they are quite a size now.

30 Sep, 2014


Lovely blog Hywel = please don't stop - could not choose a favourite they are all lovely - inspired to add to my meagre collection. Thank you

30 Sep, 2014



30 Sep, 2014


I never tire of seeing them Hywel they're all fantastic and I can't pick a favourite either!! ,saying that I still love Leon Pauwels it's so unusual :-).
Adding your blog to my faves so I remember the names I can see I need to add a few more to my collection now :-)

30 Sep, 2014


Pleased to see that you have a couple of my old favourites Hywel - Swingtime and Mrs Popple! I agree with your description of Mrs P - "dripping with colour" that is just so true!!!
Have you managed to overcome the blight problem that you had with some of your Fushia's in the Summer? I had the same problem and cut the diseased stems right back. I'm pleased to report that my hardy Hawkeshead has reshooted and even has flowers...! :o)
PS I'm adding this blog to my faves as a reference! ;o)

30 Sep, 2014


Thanks for all your lovely comments about my plants :)

It's interesting to read which ones various people like best :) I seem to prefer the mauve/blue ones ... and the single flowers :o)

It's nice to know that I have inspired some of you. If anyone would like some cuttings, let me know ... and I will try to root some for you :)

Melchisedec, I'm glad you were able to find a place for Lady Boothby in the garden. I hope she gives you a good display next year :)

Petaltracey, yes I did overcome the blight - well mostly anyway. I used a rose fungicide and got it under control.
I'm pleased to hear your Hawkeshead is doing well now :)

30 Sep, 2014


Please keep posting Hywel. Your fuchsias are all delightful. My favourite is English Rose with Walz Doedelzac a close second. I'm adding this blog to my favourites too.

30 Sep, 2014


I like all of them but tend to favour the paler colours, you can't stop prattling Hywel, thats how we manage to name our own, looking through your blogs is also how lots of us choose our next buys, lovely to see Bella still keeping a watchful eye on the progress, going in my favs as well.....

1 Oct, 2014


Ditto , gone to favs straight away .
Just beautiful , the whole lot , couldn't choose a favourite . How clever you are Hywel , you should be so proud .

1 Oct, 2014


How could anyone be tired at looking at such a fantastic collection, I love them all.

1 Oct, 2014


Thanks for your comments :) I'm pleased to be of help to so many ....

1 Oct, 2014


Can't find the words, Hywel!! You took my breath away. As for Bella... the name says it all really. Loved that.

2 Oct, 2014


I like Lena best. Your hardy fuchsias are fantastic Hywel. A really marvellous display. They bloom for so long and are really rewarding to grow. Into favourites.

3 Oct, 2014


Thank you both :o)

4 Oct, 2014


They are fabulous and well worth talking about Hywel, well done!
I have to say that my few fuchsias have done incredibly well this year, in fact what a gardening year it's been all round.......................
This year has been a totally wonderful non stop display of flowers, growth, colours and healthy enormous plants - wow! And still the show continues into autumn - double wow!!
I'm simply saying thank you and appreciating how lucky we are to be living amidst greenery, beauty and nature.

4 Oct, 2014


I've just read your bit about cuttings, and have to say that I would totally love one each of English Rose and Swingtime, my two favourites.
But would I be able to come and pick them up (don't know where you live?) or can they be put into the post?
How does it work Hywel?

4 Oct, 2014


This is a great blog on Fuchsias, Hywel! I had to add it to my favorites because, as you know, Fuchsias are a favorite flower of mine, too! :-))

I only have one this year, 'Lady Boothby'. But it has done very poorly the last couple of years but this autumn I'm doing a makeover on my balcony & so I will give it a big pot of its own in fresh compost & hope it does better next year.

4 Oct, 2014


Thank you both for reading about my Fuchsias :)

Anne, I will send you a message ...

Balcony, I hope Lady Boothby does better next year. She might appreciate some fresh compost after you repot her :)

4 Oct, 2014


Please keep posting your Fuchsia photos love to see them must take you a lot of time and patience.
I have Delta Sarah and find it does not like full sun as it fades very quickly.

15 Oct, 2014


Thank you :)
Most of my Fuchsias are have finished now. I don't think they'll get any more flowers until next year.
Delta's Sarah is still looking good though ... she is in a shady spot.

16 Oct, 2014


Just revisiting this. Such glorious flowers, Hywel ?

16 Oct, 2014


? Glad you enjoy seeing them ...

16 Oct, 2014


I had intended to repot my Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby' but when I tipped the pot over, (it's more like a big square tub than a pot!), I saw there were lots of bulbs poking their noses through the soil. I scraped off the top inch of soil but there were too many bulbs I'd end up upsetting, at the very least, if I emptied the tub out.

There are some Gladioli in the pot that have been there for quite a number of years. They are white but this year, for the first time, they didn't flower. Anyway I had some Gladiolus corms so I made holes with my fingers & then pushed them down as far as I could. On top of the pot I spread some new compost & planted Pansy seedlings of my own. These don't have any flowers & are still very small. If they can resist during the winter I should get some nice white Pansies come the spring! :-))

On Wednesday I took some cutting of my Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby'. It's rather late in the year to do this sort of thing I know but I've done it in the past with some success so I though I don't really have anything to lose by trying it again. I just hope the 'Lady' decides to put on a better show next year.

16 Oct, 2014


Autumn cuttings usually do well. Good luck !

17 Oct, 2014


its really beautiful :-)))

17 Oct, 2014


So many beauties, would be very hard to pick out a favourite, love the cat one, most unusual lol,..... you carry on posting please always a joy to see your garden Hywel.

17 Oct, 2014


Thank you both :)

18 Oct, 2014

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