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I wanted to replace a particular succulent plant that I’d lost recently, and found a website where I could get one from.

As well as the one I wanted they had lots of other desirable succulents a few of which I couldn’t resist.

Here they are …

Aeonium ‘Firecracker’ :-

Aeonium ‘Medusa’ :-

Aeonium ‘Black King Kong’ :-

Aeonium marnier lapostelle :-

Crassula nudicaulis :-

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora variegata :-

This is the one I originally wanted before I saw the others …
Kalanchoe orgyalis :-

They’re spending the winter in my new greenhouse :)

Accompanying them is Echeveria ‘Black Knight’ which somehow jumped into my basket as I was walking around B&M Bargain shop in a local town recently …
It flowered in the summer

I don’t think I’ve shown you this cactus flowering, it’s called Pfeiffera monacantha and hails from Bolivia …

Well it later produced these bright colourful berries :)

This one is not in the greenhouse, but it’s in my kitchen because I think the greenhouse will be too cold for it.

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Love the new additions to your Collection ,Hywel,especially the last one,it's a beauty. :o) x

1 Dec, 2022


What a lovely collection

1 Dec, 2022


Gosh, Hywel, youve got a trolley load of desirable succulents, lovely selection.

1 Dec, 2022


wow, what a lovely collection. They all look so healthy too.

1 Dec, 2022


lovely plants hywel . I also like Succulents, cacti

2 Dec, 2022


How lovely all those for your new greenhouse. The aeoniums are ones I've not seen before, I do like their pink edges.
I do have the black one, which has heads like dinner plates! And a bright green one which has grown like a shrub. I remember in Tasmania, the green type were growing right over the cliff edge the beach, with the bright yellow cones of flowers. All happy, even.though they would get salt spray regularly..

2 Dec, 2022


A fabulous collection Hywel, I like the pink edges on the Aeoniums, that last one of the cactus is spectacular, I've never seen that one before... Added to Favorites...

2 Dec, 2022


Thanks for everyone's comments :)

3 Dec, 2022


Even though I am not into succulents Hywel, and am not surprised you couldn't resist them, I must admit that they are all lovely!

3 Dec, 2022


I’m not surprised also, that they all went into your basket. I didn’t know there were so many such colourful succulents.I love all of them & your cactus is a wow, flowers & lovely berries, can’t beat that. Thanks for showing them to us. Your greenhouse will soon be full up!

3 Dec, 2022


Thank you all :)

3 Dec, 2022


Lovely to see so many different succulents, Hywel! I had no idea either there were so many colours! I've never grown them myself but seeing so many here makes me want to give them a go!!! 😀

4 Dec, 2022


Some succulents might do well on your balcony Balcony :)
It seems to get a lot of sun, and they don't need much attention.

4 Dec, 2022


Yes, Hywel, our balcony does get a lot of sun - all that's going from about 11am till the sun sets, whatever the time of the year.

In the summertime it can get incredibly hot with the midday sun heating up the balcony very much. Of course at this time of the year the sun is very low in the sky & doesn't have as much time to heat up the balcony but even so it is pleasantly warm if the wind is not blowing a lot.

This morning I was out on the balcony no more than about 10 minutes yet with a cold NW wind blowing I was unable to be out there for longer! My left foot especially was numb by the time I got back inside!

6 Dec, 2022


What a wonderful selection….. can I ask where you bought these new succulents…was it surreal succulents by any chance?

6 Dec, 2022


It has become cold here too Balcony ...

Dottydaisy, I got them from Coastal nurseries, they were quite expensive but I thought I'd spoil myself.

7 Dec, 2022


And why not? they really are beautiful….. was that mail order Hywel?

14 Dec, 2022


Yes, I chose them from their website. I fancied more than that but decided on just those in the end. They were very expensive.

15 Dec, 2022


I hope you haven't had the -5C/-7C that we have had here on several nights this week, Hywel. Your succulents, especially the new ones, probably wouldn't like it at all. Hope you have managed to keep them safe.

15 Dec, 2022


I've bubble wrapped my aeoniums and put them under the staging in the greenhouse. It's where they go every year but I am bothered now it may just be too cold for them..:(

15 Dec, 2022


Thank you both,

My succulents and cacti are all right Balcony, I've timed a heater to come on for an hour three times during the nights, and the greenhouse has walls on two sides, so it's a bit sheltered.

It is very cold here too Janey, I hope the bubble wrap is enough to keep your Aeoniums safe.

16 Dec, 2022


Good to hear about the heater, Hywel! Your plants will be safe then the rest of the winter!

16 Dec, 2022


I hope so :)

17 Dec, 2022


I got rid of all my frosted plants today - the majority of my plants! 😢 Next year will mean having a new start!

19 Dec, 2022



20 Dec, 2022


Though I've lost so many plants I still have replacement plants on the kitchen windowsill as well as on our bedroom windowsill. Some plants also survived in the mini-greenhouse on the balcony so fortunately not all is lost but I shall have to propagate some cutting from them as the plants inside the flat are several years old, particularly in the bedroom window.

I will not know what I'm propagating till they begin to flower as the majority I have no idea what colour they are- not that it's all that important but one of the Pelargoniums was a particular deep pink with white blotches called 'Mandarin' & I have no idea if I still have a plant of it or whether they all died frosted. 🤷‍♂️

21 Dec, 2022


I'm glad you haven't lost everything and hope there's a cutting of 'Mandarin' there somewhere for you.

22 Dec, 2022


Thanks very much, Hywel! 👍 😀

23 Dec, 2022

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