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Springtime garden 2024 (1)


By hywel


February to March -

Most things in my garden have been slow this spring, I think it’s because it’s been so cold.
It’s still on the cool side and we’re nearing the longest day soon.

However I had some nice flowering Hellebores a few months ago, and my Camelia put on a lovely show,
but my Snowdrops and and Narcissi were mostly devoured by slugs :(

It’s always cheering to see the early spring flowers while the days are still short – Pulmonaria, Crocuses, Primroses, etc …
Here are a few more.

Muscari :-

Tulipa greigii :-

Hyacinth :-

Fritillaria :-

I had put my Loropetalum in the greenhouse for winter, I have never been able to keep them outside here – it’s too damp I think.
Anyway it enjoyed being in its winter home and didn’t drop any leaves at all, and as well as that by March it was full of flowers :)

THEN the spring arrived and I brought it outside, and placed it in a nicely sheltered position,
and guess what ?
Yes, the leaves started dropping, the flowers stopped appearing, and the leaves that didn’t drop went a horrible pale colour :(

SO I’ve put it inside an old perspex shelter (which I was going to demolish but can’t now) and that’s where it shall stay.

To end this first of my two spring garden blogs I’ll show you the flowers of my Erythronium -
They are very hardy and I love them, and I’m going to try some different colours for next year :)

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Thata shame about your Loropetalum Hywel...hope it recovers for you...I've always been attracted to buying one but a little reticent.

4 Jun, 2024


Thanks Meadlowland, it seems to like being inside the shelter and looks much better now.

4 Jun, 2024


You had a good showing of spring plants Hywel but a shame about the Loropetalum.

4 Jun, 2024


Hywel, do the Erythroniums needs special conditions? Damp, dry, shade or sun please?

4 Jun, 2024


Lovely Spring colour, Hywel. I've some Erythronium bulbs to plant later on. I'm asking the same advice as Shirley, please :-)

4 Jun, 2024


Thank you all.

I don't know about the Erythroniums, I just planted them in a hole in the ground and they've been growing there for several years.
I actually think the soil is well draining where I've put them, if that helps.

4 Jun, 2024


I've never grown them & I don't think I'm ever likely to as they like a shady spot whereas the balcony get to sunny & hot for them during the summer.

I found an interesting page on the here;

4 Jun, 2024


It didn't feel very spring-like did it, but your attractive pictures show us it must have been! My erythroniums were planted 2 years ago in a semi-shaded moistish spot. I was surprised and pleased to see them return, although the slugs had a field-day :-(

5 Jun, 2024


Thanks Hywel, I shall read up about them and if slugs like them I'll give them a miss!

6 Jun, 2024

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