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Steps to nowhere and Eve pottering around with me..


By kate123


The rustic brick steps which lead to pretty much nowhere, well, they assist the short climb to one of the bird feeders at the low end of the bund hill…have been cleaned a little.
I say a little as it’s a ‘little task’ daily. Bird seed drops from the feeder above. A lot of it! We removed the euonymus and planted a couple of box balls. I’ll look at trimming the thyme when it finishes flowering and rejig this area as the shed is to the right and there’s a water butt there too. Eve has made herself a little path at the top step which meanders through the plants and up the bund hill and beyond.
She likes to have a little nap on the pew when she has exhausted herself supervising our little jobs.

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You have to accept she is a Person of Authority. She's a sweet girl, Kate, and very dainty.
Our bird seed drops onto our grass. I have a rash of little sunflowers and blue flax appearing at the moment. I know what you mean about the mess - we didn't think about the fat woodpigeons when we put up the arches.
BTW our path is called 'The road to Nowhere' ....

14 Aug, 2020


Thank you Ange, that’s a lovely message. I do love her to bits, as we all do with our pets. I’m sorry you lost one of your little cats recently. It’ll be very raw still. Hope your other cat is coping ok? Lots of love I’m guessing.

I’m always chasing wood pigeons, they trample all over the plants and well, the mess they pass! Yuk.
Loving the ‘road to nowhere’. Great minds..😉

14 Aug, 2020


Your cat looks like it is getting primed to start engraving that bit of wood with its claws Kate

14 Aug, 2020


I love your cat Kate! She reminds me of one we had years ago.
I hang my feeders on the plum tree in our garden and any seeds that drop off , the blackies and two pigeons take. We did have two doves until recently, but I found just the feathers one morning which was quite upsetting.

15 Aug, 2020


seed does make a mess but I find one of the hedgehogs often snuffles around picking it up too.

the puss is lovely, looks to be a real character too.

15 Aug, 2020


She does tend to scratch the little log shelving, as well as her scratch pole, Davey!
Thanks Rose, she’s easy to love. It’s always awful to see feathers flying around. I saw the hawk fly off this morning with a little bird in it’s for babies I hope.
We’ve tried feeders all round the garden, we’ve a nut feeder on the pergola, which the tits seem to enjoy. The seed feeder is out the way, of sorts..
Thanks Eileen, she’s a petit little puss. We use sunflowers hearts for the seed feeder.

16 Aug, 2020


Eve is gorgeous, she is the twin of one that often visits our front driveway , I always thought it was our Toffee's pal but now they seem to fight a lot so had to change my mind about that, I quite like your steps to nowhere, I think you need a statue Kate....

17 Aug, 2020


Does Eve often sleep with her front paws against something solid? Our cat does that a lot these days! Be it just a wall or a chair leg ... daft thing!

17 Aug, 2020


Hi Shirley, she usually sleeps on the pew like this or just curled up tight and cosy. They do have their funny little ways!

18 Aug, 2020


Thank you Lincslass! That’s a really lovely message.
If you have any ideas in regards to a statue, all very welcome. 😊

18 Aug, 2020


We always say that Megan has a hidden alarm ... she always manages to wake up just before her meal times!

19 Aug, 2020


The first photo looks so perfect, is she looking up to birds or bird feeders? It's definitely a Calendar photo that one. Some of our feeders have trays underneath which is fine as it gives the birds a chance to easily eat the left-overs that have dropped out. It also gives a precarious ledge for fat pigeons! But the alternative is all that seed dropping down onto grass (not posh enough for 'lawn') which then gets scrapped up by larger birds - pigeons, rooks, crows, magpies and our peacocks, so you get big bald patches. Let alone the Voles burrowing up from underneath!

21 Aug, 2020

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