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Before the downpour, we had a warm, balmy August...


By kate123


I enjoyed the beginning of August, driving around Lincolnshire, from the Humber bridge and beyond. I often stop en route to a patient if something nice and pleasant catches my eye up ahead..
It’s harvest time and there are fields filled with sunflowers and the skies were definitely summer blue!
Hopefully, this wet weather, albeit wonderful for the garden, ends soon and we return to those warm late summer days.

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Your work journeys look delightful, Kate...the photos are so typical of the real old England.

16 Aug, 2020


We can but hope Kate ... lovely photos 🙂

16 Aug, 2020


Lovely area you work in, Kate. That church is a beauty. How far do you travel? We have been in Southern Lincs. recently, but probably not as far North as you.

16 Aug, 2020


Awesome capture of the late summer sky. Makes me want to go out for a long walk.

16 Aug, 2020


Great photos Kate. I hope summer isn't quite over yet. It feels like it is today, and tomorrow we are promised a deluge. Rachel and Richard are arriving later this evening for a few days with us, so I hope it doesn't rain the whole time they are here!

16 Aug, 2020


Thank you, Julia, that is really lovely of you to say! I think some of Lincolnshire still holds that ‘old England’ feel like you say...sometimes you. An be driving along and it could be 1940 or 1960. Feels timeless..
Thank you Ange, very kind. My caseload of patients take me to just over the Humber bridge to the villages/towns on the other side of the estuary. I drive all over areas of north Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire. I go as far as Gainsborough, Epworth, and Market Rasen. We have a small team and we all cover different areas geographically - from Scarborough the other side of Goole, the east lincs coastline and Hull/west villages. My furthest visit is around 45 miles from home.
Thanks Paul, it really makes me feel quite filled in between my travels...I need to go walking again.
Thanks Karen, please you like! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you tomorrow, when Rachel and Richard come to visit...hopefully it’s a forecast error for you.
Yes! I do hope we have a return to good weather, plus, September is usually nice too.

16 Aug, 2020


the Lincolnshire wolds are beautiful aren't they. We often bimble about on the motor bike across the humber, makes a change from Yorkshire wolds and the NY moors.

beautiful photos. big skies remind me of Norfolk too. Rained heavy in the night so lets hope for a drier week this week.

17 Aug, 2020


I'm right on the Lincs/ Rutland border, 2mins out of my house and I am in a different county Kate, up until last Thursday I was praying for rain, wilting plants, shrubs and prairie coloured grass, the heat was unbearable, since then its rained a lot but we desperately needed it , lots of thunderstorms all around us but never right over the top, would you believe I only saw two flashes of lightning, thats the Welland Valley for you, rain one side of the road and dry over the other, lol....everything is all refreshed again now and all waterbutts refilled....Beautiful photographs...

17 Aug, 2020


Goodness, Kate, that's a heck of a patch to cover! We have had nowhere near enough rain to make a difference. Digging the border, it was dry as dust 2 inches down. Will need to get out and water the pots again tonight. Definitely going to have to get the numbers of them down...

17 Aug, 2020


What a wonderful job you have Kate. All that calm beauty on the way and much appreciated nursing skills when you get there. No wonder you look happy!

17 Aug, 2020


Thanks Paul.
Thanks Eileen, I agree, it’s a nice change...we’re lucky in the UK that we have such beautiful scenery.
Thanks Lincslass, the thunderstorms have been pretty hairy, haven’t they! Our water butts are brimming over! It’s a lovely area where you live, great to be on the edge of two beautiful counties!
Hi Ange, yeah it’s a bit of a trek, but, I do enjoy the job, plus, I can relish the drive around some very picturesque places! Have you had any “proper” lashing it down rain yet?
It’s hard to downsize the pots! There are so many pretty pots and plants in all the GC’s and some supermarkets! It’s like they are a magnet for us!
Thanks kindly, Sue. I do thoroughly enjoy it, I’ve a smashing bunch to look after, even the relatives are welcoming and friendly.

18 Aug, 2020


No, Kate, no real rain. A torrential downpour this afternoon for 20mins. That's it.
How lovely that you have such pleasant people to assist. I expect they look forward to your visits. Being retired, I miss the 'people' aspect of my work very much. Especially during lockdown where we've only really had each other to talk to for most of the day when it first started! After all these years there isn't much that's novel to say to each other under those circumstances!!

18 Aug, 2020


I loved all your photos Kate! What a lovely blue sky. We don't get many of those here on the east coast.
We used to go to Geoff Hamilton's place in Rutland , but haven't been for a few years. I love the village too and the scenery. You are lucky to live in such a lovely area.

19 Aug, 2020


Hi Ange, we have had a downpour this evening, pretty miserable, but still fairly mild. Think tomorrow is to be lovely again! I’ve been all over today, I do enjoy the driving through picturesque places. Today, though, I had to get back quickly so it was A15 and M180...pretty boring sadly. Good day though!
I can appreciate your thoughts in regards to the lockdown and very limited contact with the outside world; some of my patients didn’t see anyone apart from myself now and then. It’s really turned people’s lives upside down...

19 Aug, 2020


Thanks kindly, Rose! Appreciate your message!
What a pity you haven’t had the chance to go back to Geoff’s gardens recently, it looks a fantastic collection of gardens! Somewhere I’d like to visit in the not so far future!

19 Aug, 2020


looks lovely serene and peaceful Kate, hope that you aren't getting the battering from the wind that we are getting down in the sw at the moment, think will be going a bit mad with the secateurs on saturday when this blows itself out

20 Aug, 2020


It's a good drive from here Kate and went with my daughter in law last time about three years ago. Geoff Hamiltons son runs it now.

21 Aug, 2020


Love your photos. Wonderful blue skies.

22 Aug, 2020


Interesting blog & lovely photos, especially like the one of the church.

23 Aug, 2020


Thanks Davey, it’s a lovely job I have. The winds have been pretty bad, well, Friday afternoon mainly. I couldn’t wait to get out on Saturday, yesterday, to catch up. Lots of leaf drop/blown all over!!!
Rose, I wondered if it was still in the family. Good to hear. I really would like to go visit one day. Fingers crossed.
Thank you Linda, it was a smashing week weather wise when I took the pics.
Thanks Josee, that very kind. Yes, the church is in Winteringham, right on the Humber estuary. It’s a lovely village.

23 Aug, 2020


Kate, I'm really looking forward to the cool autumn air. I have my a/c going but am still sweaty & hot. Too much ice cream isn't good for my hard 6-pack abs. I don't want to loose them. lol. I've dunked my head 3 times today into the kitchen sink filled with ice water. A cold shower is really nice - until I step out. I can't dry off because the weather is hazy hot and humid, uggh. Your photos look so cool and refreshing especially the meadows and big sky pictures. I can dream though - I need to dunk my head again. I need some big thunderstorms asap. :) Then I can dream. lol!

23 Aug, 2020


I have to say I am looking forward to the autumnal weather. It’s such a pretty season too. I’ve A/C in the bedroom, it’s a godsend. However, your temperatures weather wise are way higher than ours here!
Hope the head dunks are working! I always think at least in the cooler months we can warm ourselves with woolly jumpers and scarves..but during the summer it’s harder to cool off!
Thanks for your kind comments regarding the Lincolnshire countryside. :-)

24 Aug, 2020


Some lovely photos......would cheer me up travelling to work alongside such beautiful countryside ....

19 Sep, 2020


Thank you Dd, I must say it’s a lovely journey to work, travelling between the patients. ☺️

20 Sep, 2020

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