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Hot Hull on a Sunday stroll..


By kate123


We decided not to have a drive up the coast today, timing and traffic…
So, we walked or strolled down from our house to the marina.
There was no shade unfortunately as we were right next to the river.
It was quite busy with people cycling, walking, running and chatting.
We passed The Deep aquarium and the carpark was full, there were a few coaches parked up, some people getting off were from mainland Europe going by the language. Hull isn’t too bad to visit after all!
There was the Humber Street Sesh all day yesterday at the "Fruit Market/marina, but, I feel it’s for young people..lots of music – alternative I think.
It was difficult to find a café or restaurant with a shady spot free..all the outdoor seats and tables with parasols had been taken! We did eventually get a spot right next to the marina, they brought our light bite and drinks over!
We did eventually walk round Old Town and spotted a new coffee bar called ‘Still’ which we shall try soon. I peeked through the window and it looked nice, trendy I guess.
We stopped at our little local shop near to home to stock up on more water and treated ourselves to an ice cream.
Back to work tomorrow after a week off with this trapped nerve…it’s to be 28 degrees..awfully hot in my uniform!!!
Sorry about the last pic! Got home and noticed my nail varnish matched my blooms!

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Lovely photos Kate, thanks for sharing. Sorry you have to put up with the heat in your uniform, but things look to be definitely cooling down this week. If so, we’ll all be grateful!

Great last pic 😃.

14 Aug, 2022


Hi Kate , looks a real treat , certainly been hot for so long. You are still young as you mentioned in your blog about music part :) Love seeing the sea pictures and lovely grounds. Sorry to hear about your trapped nerve ! We have a nurse over the road I happened to blurt out that she looked hot in her uniform today not thinking how that sounded when I said it - both laughed though ha ha :D Lovely photos as always

14 Aug, 2022


It's even too hot to do nothing!
The harbour area looks very attractive, were sensible not to drive ,at least with a stroll you are moving in and out of the sun.Doesn't an ice cream just fit the bill.The Mini magnums have been selling like 🥞 hotcakes!

14 Aug, 2022


Thank you, Sheila! Pleased you like. Yes, the thought of the heat tomorrow and my thick nurses tunic and traders! Phew…at least I can enjoy the air conditioning in the car between visits I guess! Yes, cooler later in the week I see! I prefer the low 20s…
Glad you like my last pic! 😁

14 Aug, 2022


Thanks Paul! You are kind 🤗. One of my friends was there yesterday with her husband and enjoyed listening to some of the bands, although earlier in the day she had a stall promoting transplant donation along with some kidney transplant patients.
You did make me laugh - out loud actually - when you mentioned the ‘hot nurse’! Brilliant! Good to see you both had a chuckle about it 😁

14 Aug, 2022


Julia, you’re so right! When we returned from our walk/light lunch, we sat out under the parasol in the back garden. I was reading a book and OH eventually went indoors, he was too hot. Thanks for liking our marina/harbour..there are 2 marinas, it’s such a nice area to stop and have a drink or a meal day or night.
Yes, we actually had a magnum ice cream, funnily enough!
Hope you’ve had a lovely day too!

14 Aug, 2022


It was interesting to see photos of Hull- don't think I've seen any of the city rather than the marina before. You really did deserve that icecream! It was too hot to venture outside here - we just sat quietly in the house being grateful for the first time that our sitting room is North facing!
Sending you lots of good wishes for work on Monday. It will be interesting to see how many of your patients offer yo a cold drink! But here thunderstorms are forecast so that will be nice change
Oh, and I love those toes!

14 Aug, 2022


Very nice to see your marina and town Kate. It looks attractive and it sounds that you had a nice walk regardless the hot weather.
Your toe nails really match the colour of your geraniums :-)

15 Aug, 2022


We had a Magnum last night too … perfect treat in the heat!

15 Aug, 2022


Lovely blog, you even managed to make the Humber estuary look pretty and blue, and that is no mean feat. It is always a muddy brown. The 'old town' has certainly improved in the last 10 years hasn't it?

Has the trapped nerve become free or is it just getting better slowly? I had to go to Chesterfield on Friday and I was relieved to have air con. I know the car uses more fuel but it was over 30C.

Love the matching nail varnish :p

15 Aug, 2022


Really enjoyed this and it gave me a nice insight into life in Hull. It did look uncomfortably hot but glad you eventually found a table in the shade.
Such lovely photos.

15 Aug, 2022


Thank you for the images of Hull. It took a horrific beating in WW2 from sustained German bombing runs. The resilience of its people to restore this city is very admirable indeed.

17 Aug, 2022


Thanks everyone, I'm sorry for the late reply! Catching up this week at work. Phew. Off for a few days now. 😊

Monday and Tuesday were so uncomfortable wearing a uniform..especially on home visits! I was pleased to get back to the car AC! Have to say, not everyone offers a drink. 😕
Thanks for liking the pics. I should've posted more of the older buildings, many restored now.
It's got such a lot of history from Henry VIII, the English Civil War, Amy Johnson the aviator etc...although Amelia Earhart gets more recognition!
There ate lots of TV shows and films shot here as the Old Town setting is perfect for period drama.
Loosestrife, your right! Kingston upon Hull was the 2nd most.bombed city after London. Thank heavens they didn't destroy everything!
Thank you to everyone again for your very lovely messages and feedback 😊

19 Aug, 2022


That must have been painful Kate , having a trapped nerve!
At least you managed to have a good day out in the sun with icecream!
Love the nail varnish! lol

27 Aug, 2022

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