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Warm weekend gardening and a wonderful Coronation celebration.


By kate123


It was a lovely Coronation weekend, the weather here in East Yorkshire was warm and mostly sunny.
Egg and cucumber sandwiches, ham and mustard too..raspberry and almond miniature squares and shop bought strawberry and clotted cream Swiss Roll.
Chit-chat with neighbours.
Gardening blissfully in the front and the back.
Watched a little of the coronation concert. Really wanted to see young Lucy play the piano – beautifully.
Plus, I always like to see Gary Barlow and Take That.
Sunday was warmer, a must for picking up a few things from the GC, then more gardening. Watched a bee nestling into a little hidey hole eventually, while OH seeded and treated some lawn patches.
Topped up 3 pots which seem to have lost some soil somewhere???
The snail was tossed in a careful manner by OH up over the bund..
Afternoon, relaxing, feet up and enjoying the warm sunshine and blue skies before today’s cooler temperature and drizzle by lunchtime.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

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Glad you had such a perfect weekend Kate … lovely yummy blog too!

8 May, 2023


Here in north Shropshire we only managed one sunny day out of three (Sunday) Guess it was better than none! Spent the whole sunny day in garden, started at 9.30 and collapsed at 16.30 onto the sofa. So much to do… Should have enjoyed it a but more but knowing it was going to rain today I wanted to get as much as possible done. Your weekend sounds perfect….

8 May, 2023


I'm not far from you Kate, yet we just had the one day that was sunnier.
Lovely blog, I loved the Coronation too. No one does it like the Brits..:))
You've some very pretty plants in flower, I especially like the purple nemesia? Is it a new plant or a perennial? Beautiful pink daisy too...

8 May, 2023


Perfect weekend Kate, lovely pictures too especially the bee..

9 May, 2023


Loved your gardening pics and blog Kate, what a lovely weekend you had, it sounds delightful , with your tea with your neighbours and the food sounds yummy . We only had good weather Sunday, and I was out gardening also like you, but it was so nice to feel the sun and I really enjoy being outside.

9 May, 2023


Thanks Sheila, it was rather yummy!

9 May, 2023


Thanks Amsterdam, it was a smashing weekend! Sounds like you had a very productive albeit tiring day on Sunday! Definitely better having a least one day rather than none. You'll be pleased with your endeavours.

9 May, 2023


It's odd isn't it, Janey! We're a good 19 miles apart, but, the weather can be so different. Just crossing the lovely Humber Bridge and the weather changes from one side to another at times. I must agree, we do know how to put on a spectacular time in the UK, and this past Coronation weekend was no different.
Thanks for liking the blog, the nemesia has been hardy throughout winter. Flowers abundantly for months and months too. The fragrance is gorgeous!

9 May, 2023


Thanks kindly, Klahanie. Pleased you like the blog pics, the bee was sweet, I do envy Chris/Wildrose and her wonderful bees!

9 May, 2023


It's so kind of you, thanks Callie! I'm happy you enjoyed my blog and the pics. We were fortunate really. It started to drizzle here by late afternoon yesterday on Bank Holiday Monday.
Warm and sunny today, with a short heavy shower around half 3, fairly nice again now.
Hope you had a lovely day in your garden.

9 May, 2023


Glad you had a good week end. It was only sunny here on the Sunday. I celebrated my birthday on that day as the family came & after a pub lunch we went to a GC. & I got 2 bags of peat free compost 3 Begonias & 4 Calibrachoa. Not planted out yet, it keeps raining & quite cold at night. Plants, best presents for us gardeners! My BD was May 6,
so that was spent watching the coronation on a big screen with friends at a local church, better than watching alone at home. Your photos are lovely as always. What is the pink flower that you show in bud & then open? Looks a bit like a garden Pink but the leaves are different.

9 May, 2023


Wonderful photos, as usual.

10 May, 2023


Thank you, kindly, Josee. I was so sure I’d replied to you, yesterday.
Happy belated birthday to you, it sounds like you enjoyed a lovely day with the family. You’ve made some great purchases afterwards at the GC too. I hope you manage to get your planting done soon. I must agree, plants are definitely the best gifts for gardeners on special days.
Your Coronation weekend sounds fun too, especially with friends watching it on the big screen!
The pink flowers are aster varieties, Josee.
Thank you again.

10 May, 2023


Thanks so much, Ange!

10 May, 2023

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