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Just getting back on GoY at the end of June.


By kate123


I’ve been so busy for several weeks now, I had been visiting my family the first week in June. It was glorious, the catching up and the weather was mid 20s then. My youngest niece was 18 and the day after was Dad’s birthday.
Back at work and we’ve been reduced to 4 of us covering East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire. Plus, the hospital too.
I’ve travelled a lot of miles this past month.
I’ve still managed to do my 3 evening yoga classes, they’ve been a godsend. The garden has been getting done too, my rockery has suffered in the drought/heat. OH planted a fern and a Harlequin Euonymus in place of some withered little rockery plants. He took down the little side fence at the end of the rockery and opened it up to the steps to ‘nowhere’. Looks way better.
The olive is happier and I can see more of the lower bund planting.
Last weekend we tackled the big front hedging. It’s the clearing up of a gazillion pruned leaves in amongst cobbles that is a mundane task.
Friday, I pruned the long Ivy hedge in the back. Yesterday, it was the Ivy on the top of the rockery fencing, and general gardening.
Evening came and we sat out with a cool shandy or 2, relaxing and having some chit chat.
I do hope you are all well and keeping safe in the warmer weather. Look forward to catching up with all your beautiful garden blogs and photos!
Best wishes to everyone x

My niece Hannah on the left. and her friend Lana, school graduation. Hannah was 18 that day, 5th June.

Evenings were warm and sunny at my parents, Dad was the perfect host.

My brother in law is a volunteer coastguard, he was called out twice while I was visiting.

Back at work, Lincolnshire village this week.

Borage starting to bloom near Brigg.

Some of our garden pics this weekend….

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What a wonderful blog full of interesting items...twisted trunk caught my eye.Thanks Katex

25 Jun, 2023


I'm exhausted just reading this, Kate! Well done to you for achieving so much in a few days.
Congrats to your niece, too. Glad you all enjoyed the get-together.
The garden looks positively Mediterranean. You have such a good eye for placement.

25 Jun, 2023


Stunning photos as always and lovely to see your niece and your delightful plants. It sounds as if you are being kept very busy at the moment so do find time just for you!! Love your wooden chair. Nice to see the poppies and the borage.

25 Jun, 2023


Thanks Julia, that's kind, I'm pleased you like the twisted trunk! It's the base of the solanum glasnevin Chilean potato vine.
It's a difficult vine to keep on top of, I leave it to OH! x

25 Jun, 2023


Aw thank you, Ange! I'm pleased you like the blog, despite it being an exhausting read 😄
Hannah and her friends have all applied to the same university, Glasgow. Hannah would like to do politics and history, Lana her best friend hopes to do veterinary medicine.
It's been quite exhausting all in, recently! We've been to a GC this morning to buy a dwarf conifer to replace a few withered rockery plants. Picked up several houseleeks too.
All planted now and we enjoyed lunch under the parasol and haven't moved since!
You've made me quite happy with your Mediterranean comment! Thank you for your lovely message.

25 Jun, 2023


Thank you so much, Rose! Its lovely to receive your feedback. I'm definitely relaxing today, albeit baking hot! Thank you for your warm wishes.
Pleased you like the Lincolnshire countryside pics too.

25 Jun, 2023


Glad to see your wonderful pictures again Kate. I missed them.

25 Jun, 2023


Thank you, Klahanie, that's really lovely of you!

25 Jun, 2023


Wow you have had a very busy month Kate, and it seems you are going to be busy at work also,I love your garden and the photos are beautiful, and your chair looks very inviting.Take care in this heat also xx

25 Jun, 2023


Thank you so much, Callie! You're very kind too. I appreciate your concern also, I promise I'll keep safe.
Hope you are keeping well xx 🤗

25 Jun, 2023


Lovely roses & I too like the twisty trunks of your Solanum & also the wooden chair. What a lovely place to sit, surrounded by all the plants and those ferns. Glad you had a good hol, catching up with family.

25 Jun, 2023


Lovely pics from your garden and I'm glad you had a nice time visiting your parents.
Congratulations to your niece on her graduation ...

(I hope you got rid of the vine weevil I saw on one of your roses, their larvae will devastate your plants)

27 Jun, 2023


I am surprised you have been able to post so much, despite being ultra busy, well done. Would comment more but Gou keeps fouling up on me!

27 Jun, 2023


Thanks kindly, Josee. Pleased you like the pics. The adirondack chair is placed well in a quiet corner to sit, sheltered. As you say surrounded by the fernery and plants. Thank you for your message.

27 Jun, 2023


Thank you so much, Hywel, I appreciate your lovely comments. It’s kind of you to mention Hannah’s graduation. Fingers crossed for uni!
Ps. I also appreciate your last comment re. Vine weevil! I did wonder what it was. I forgot to put it onto the question section, but, I’m so pleased you picked up on it and alerted me!

27 Jun, 2023


Thank you, Sue! Yes, it was fitting it in to be honest! I endeavoured to get back onto GoY as I had been off the site for a little while. Thanks for your kind message.
I’m sorry the site has been troublesome for you. Hope it sorts itself out soon!!!

27 Jun, 2023


Great blog Kate. What an interesting family life you have. I don’t envy your work though..,that’s a huge area to cover even without the hospital. I hope that improves very soon. Lovely pics of your garden. The one with the Adirondack chair looks so inviting. I wonder how you find time to sit there! I’ll be here in Dorset for one more week, then back up the long road again to start cutting my own hedge! It’s the picking it all up as you say. I’m going to use a sheet this year to collect as much as I can. Then I shred it all and put it under the hedge as a mulch. It’s a massive j9b, but If I just do a couple of hours at a time it will get done. Scott does the easy it’s along the drive with his power trimmer, but I try not to let him in the borders to do it as he tramples my plants! :)

2 Jul, 2023


Aw thank you, Karen. Hopefully you're enjoying your time in Dorset, pretty sure you are 100%!
I am feeling a bit run ragged so to speak! The miles I've covered in the past few days...
Off till Monday now so I'm out in the garden catching up.
Sounds a good plan with the hedge clippings. We often use a large plastic sheet, but, we seem to plan poorly. The wind always picks up!
I like the idea of using it all as mulch too. We usually use our suckered blower tool and it chops it up a bit. Rob uses his long electric trimmer thing too, weighs quite heavy or I'd give it a go!
Men do ficus on one task in the garden, and as you say, are prone to trampling!!!!!
Safe travels!

7 Jul, 2023


I am just looking through some of the blogs I missed since I lost my lovely Rick.
I would just love to sit in your garden on a sunny day Kate, it all looks amazing and you both have put a lot of work into it.

28 Jul, 2023


Thanks kindly, Rose. I do hope you are keeping well? It's such a difficult time for you, you'll be trying to keep busy I guess, and also thinking about those lovely times with Rick too. Happy memories are so important for you.

28 Jul, 2023


Thanks Kate! I do have many happy memories and am lucky to have a caring family and friends.It helps when I am out in my garden.

29 Jul, 2023

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