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Random January pics.


By kate123


January is my least favourite month, despite my Mum’s birthday and my eldest niece’s birthday too.
I feel like Spring is still far off and the nights are still not light enough! I guess it’s often dark when I leave in the morning for work and it’s dark when I’m arriving home afterwards.
February is still not the best time for me either. I don’t like cold, miserable weather. Never mind, there are much worse things happening in the world.
I’ve added a few random pics, I’ve not much going on in my front or back garden. A few things are sprouting, and OH has been widening part of a path at one side of the house at the back. Lots of bags filled with soil etc down one side, we’ll get a skip soon.
Work has been extremely busy, I’m finding time to get to yoga which is so therapeutic. I’ve an extra session tomorrow afternoon, which includes sound bath vibration therapy. Lovely!
The last pic is an odd one! We came out of the village hall from our yoga class last night – and we came across these 3 people..not sure what was going on? It was very quiet too. I really should have asked them what they were doing??

First snowdrop to open up from bud.

One of the pinkish hellebores in bud.

Darker aubergine hellebore in bud

Edgworthia in Spring flower. Not the most exciting plant!

Sunny, crisp midmorning near North Kelsey, Lincolnshire.

A spot I stop at sometimes to check my messages.

Humber Bridge in the distance, from edge of Winteringham.

Winteringham barn

Widening end of a path, new pavers eventually.

After yoga..we came out of the village hall and these 3 ‘artists’ were in front of us 🤔

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I think we must all agree Kate, Januaryaryary does seem a really long month! :)) One we should hibernate in. But the light is coming slowly isn't it.
Love the snowdrop, it looks to be an unusual one and the pretty buds of your Hellebores. I remember the dark one you have with dark red stems too?
Smashing local pics, I know Winteringham well, it's a very pretty village.
Your OH looks like he's making a good job of widening your path too.
Wow, the figures look great! January ghosties..:))

27 Jan, 2024


Thanks for the cherrie pics, brightened up a dull month.

27 Jan, 2024


Hi Kate , like you I hate winter months. I get different moods as soon as dark comes along. Lovely pictures however and always nice to see the pretty flowers arriving. Enjoy your lovely Yoga . At least 4 weeks gone out of January now ... Also nice knowing light hours are increasing

27 Jan, 2024


Hi Janey, you're right, it's a time where we feel like hibernating..
It's a funny time of isn't ever pleasant, really. Dark nights, a bit of a low after the festive season and Spring feels like an age away as yet.
Thanks for liking the pics too. The very dark budded hellebore is the one with dark red stems, pleased you remembered!
My friend came for lunch yesterday, she said we're always changing things around! She's right, but it's all down to OH and his ongoing ideas!!!
Yes, I knew you'd recognise around Winteringham! I love the openess of it all round this area.
I can't for the life of me work out what those three ghosties/aliens were up to, Janey? However, once home, I zoomed in to one pic, the phone camera must have picked one chap up clearly..he was smiling over! You couldn't make any of them out with the naked eye.

27 Jan, 2024


Thanks kindly, Sue! I'm pleased the pics cheered you up! 😊

27 Jan, 2024


Thanks so much, Paul! I just feel the day has limitations when the nights are's also too cold to muster up the momentum at times.
I know people who suffer from SAD, it's difficult for them in winter.
I find apart from work and yoga, I do some DIY, read books and catch up with things I need to do.
You're right though, that's just over a month since the shortest day. I would never wish time to rush past, however, it's too precious.
Thank you for liking the pics! I wish I'd more colour in the garden! Bulbs ate sprouting, so not long now!
Best wishes to you 3!

27 Jan, 2024


Lovely January photos Kate. It's one of my favourite months. After the shortest day has passed and all the Christmas nonsense is behind us it's as if I've come out of a long dark tunnel and I feel much more positive.
The early flowers have a quiet charm and the clear fresh weather is uplifting. Nice to see it all in your photos :)

It's better to have a wide path, especially as one gets older (speaking for myself now haha)

Those things in the last photo look creepy !

28 Jan, 2024


I hate January, too, Kate, and it's even more glum-inducing when your b'day falls in it, like mine does and all the relatives you mention. My brother's is in February, too! As you say, worse things happening and not much sign of improvement.
The area around you looks pretty in the sunshine. Perhaps it is time to think about coming out of hibernation! The hellebores are attractive colours. Our red ones are the first to appear.
The figures are fascinating. I want to go to that party!

28 Jan, 2024


Thank you, Klahanie. I appreciate that our midwinter and yours are vastly different! The longevity of your season too, plus the hard work having to clear snow and navigate your way through it too.
I always feel February here is wintry too, British wintry. Its the cold sludgy soil and dampness. Dark nights driving..roll on light nights and mowing the lawn, pruning flowers and heat in the sun!!!!

28 Jan, 2024


Much appreciated, thanks, Hywel! Pleased you like the pics, your message is uplifting in itself! I can see what you mean, by your feedback..Spring is just around the corner. I usually feel by the end of March, its Spring!
I do prefer summer and autumn. Maybe it's my youth in Scotland. Although the weather seems to have improved on the south west coast.
I always yearned for the warmth and dryness of summer!
Our path leads into a patio area. We were trying to keep as much grass as possible when we added an extension to the house. However, you're right, as you get older, it's awkward to try and navigate the narrow path!
Yes, those 3 spectres were very bizarre!!!

28 Jan, 2024


Thank you for your message, Ange! A kindred spirit.
Happy (?) Belated birthday!
I think it frustrates me as it's a quiet month, leaving I'm the dark and getting home in the dark too.
I managed to help OH yesterday in the garden, it was bitter cold, but some some sunshine was a gift!
I'm lucky I can traverse the countryside with my job, I'm always on the lookout for some interesting pic opportunities...but not much at the moment.
Thank you for liking the pics too! I Di like hellebores, the flowers are pretty. I wonder, did you watch Carol Klein the other week? She mentioned she cuts the ropey leaves off of them. I remember you mentioning the leaves turning not so nice. I was always a bit apprehensive about taking them off, but not now!!! My red ones seem to be later than the paler ones.
My Friday yoga teacher loved the figures outside, she thought they were very artistic. She messaged me afterwards. Looks like no-one asked them what they were up to!!!

28 Jan, 2024


It is so nice to see the very early start of spring with plants popping up here and there.
I don't like January and it is worse now being on my own, plus I got some sort of cold virus which is just hanging on.
I will be pleased when I can get into my garden again!
Those figures are very strange... eerie!
I agree with Hywel, it is better to have a wider path now.
Just wanted to ask, but what is that bath sound therapy?

28 Jan, 2024


Hi Rose, I'm sorry to hear you've been suffering from a virus which isn't going away. Hope you're keeping warm, drinking plenty and looking after yourself.
I can understand it must difficult for you this time of year, well, any time of year now, but I guess this time of year is bleakish.
I agree, though, seeing some Spring shoots and snowdrops etc, helps. We don't want to rush through the months, but, it's good to feel we're heading towards brighter days, milder weather and lots of colour in the garden.
It's amazing how many bags of soil we've dug up! 20 at least. That'll be strenuous work getting it all in the skip.
I am not long home from my 2 hr yoga and sound bath, Rose. Sound bath vibration healing isn't for everyone, my OH always shakes his head when i say i've booked a session. It's meant to promote relaxation and well being. It realigns your chakra's through vibration frequencies. Charissa, one of my yoga teachers, carried out the class. She uses a large gong and small singing bowls. Gosh, I was so relaxed afterwards. Every inch of me was feeling so destressed and calm.
It's definitely not for everyone. I'll post a pic for you Rose x

28 Jan, 2024


I enjoyed your photos Kate. Love the one of the wintry sun
I think I would enjoy the vibration therapy. I’m sure it must be beneficial to one’s health. I’ve heard that humming is a good thing to do also, especially for chest infections. This is a way of creating vibrations from within. Cats purring is good for them too.

29 Jan, 2024


Thanks Kate! Looking forward to seeing that picture.

30 Jan, 2024


Lovely photos Kate, bet them blue sky days were bit on the nippy side, like you my mother's birthday was jan, but would quite happily hibernate myself until March.
On the plus side was looking around the garden today and was quite pleased to see crocus in the baskets and a few daffs about to come out, so hopefully get few nice pictures, then spotted the two fence panels that the storms have exploded, to be honest were on last legs and surprised lasted as long as they did. All will have to wait until march now to get sorted when hopefully will be even more mobile getting around

2 Feb, 2024


Thanks Josee, I appreciate your message! Yes, the vibration therapy is really quite something. Thoroughly beneficial, definitely worth thinking about.
You mentioned humming, we often end our Monday evening yoga class with a sort of humming mantra.
I agree about your thoughts on cats. I love it when Eve gets settled on my chest, her purring is pure therapy! 😻

3 Feb, 2024


Thanks so much, Davey, I do hope you are starting to feel like you're healing and recovering well after your op? Hopefully, the family are keeping a beady eye on you!
It's good to hear you've some Spring colour popping up now! It's quite uplifting, isn't it.
Sorry to hear about your fence panels after the storms. I do hope you can put this job off until later! Fingers crossed.
Yes, January can be a quiet, long month. Like you, we still have celebrated our Mum's birthday, past and present. I do think many of us could happily hibernate indoors until lighter nights and Spring bulbs start to bloom..
Take care, and look forward to seeing your lovely, artistic garden pics!

3 Feb, 2024


I really enjoyed looking at your garden pics Kate and those blue skies look really cheerful too, something sadly missing here since Christmas. It’s brightening up slowly and spirits lift with the longer days. I particularly like your dark coloured Hellebore. Those ghostly apparitions were surprising.

10 Feb, 2024


Thanks so much, Sheila! I'm really pleased that you've enjoyed the pics! I'm just so happy to see the lighter evenings too, and the winter coming to and end in a couple of weeks!
Yes, those unusual costumes..Still didn't find out what they were up to!

11 Feb, 2024

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