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A Winter Wander


I have been for a wander in the garden – not much to see but maybe someone will spot something of interest.
First we start from the back door, past some rather bedraggled Primulas and some Auriculas, which I hope will come to something in the spring. Perhaps you can see my lovely Daphne Odora on the right, which has obviously come to the end of its days. No flowers this year, I’m afraid.

Then we wander along the patio, past some pots (Phormium and Pieris) and a Camellia which I hope will not be too affected by the north winds

To my right, I look across the garden to the north east. You will see my new birdbath – it’s not been very well used yet….

I have tried a new method of marking my perennials in the winter by painting sticks blue for delphiniums and green for lupins. We’ll see if it works!

Then we will stroll to the back of the garden, the only colour is the Choisya Ternata “Sundance” and a little Pieris.

Then on to the apple tree, which I call the bird canteen!

Then along the back border – the foxgloves are looking good.

The Heuchera bed is looking a bit the worse for wear – hopefully they will recover when the weather improves.

Now I have reached the greenhouse!

In front of the door are my parents’ garden tools. They were a wedding present to them in 1935. As my father had not been interested in gardening before they were married, his friend thought he would not be afterwards, so a lady’s set was bought. But he fell in love with his gardening as did my mother and the trusty tools were used till he was in his 80’s.

Now we’re inside – there are some soft herbs and winter salad

Here are some more Auriculas, a couple of Pieris plants and some everlasting sweetpeas which I shall be planting out soon.

Here is a collection of bits and pieces keeping warm in the winter. The heated pad is very useful and keeps the temperature up pretty well.

I took some cuttings from my Daphne in the autumn, but they are looking very poor I’m afraid. We’ll see….

I have planted some sweetpea seeds in rolled newspaper. This is the first time I have tried them like this.

Back outside is an Eleagnus waiting for a new home, probably to replace one of my two dead daphnes.

Next, a quick stroll across to the little rockery where the winter heathers are doing quite well.

Finally this is my pond area, which floods a lot and I am looking for moisture loving plants for this patch. We, or that is the HH (helpful hubby) have dug out as much as possible of the rampant bamboo – lets hope it doesnt re-appear……

So, this was a little look at some parts of the garden – I hope you didnt think it was too dull and depressing.
Lets hope we all have plenty of outdoor colour before long!

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lovely garden RM , it will look great in summer,i would love a greenhouse we have been looking at some :o))

1 Feb, 2010


You have lots of interesting things growing. It will be nice to see them all waking up soon. I like the fork with short prongs. There's one the same in my father's old shed. I must remember to bring it with me one day.

1 Feb, 2010


looking good around u...RM id love to look around in your greenhouse.....i alway find other peoples greenhouses facinating....

2 Feb, 2010


I still use my Grandads hand fork, he passed on 9 years ago at the age of 100 and was a country boy all his life. He would be gardening 24/7 gven the chance ! I wish my interest in gardening had started in my teens as he could have taught me so much. Enjoyed the wander around your garden very much.

2 Feb, 2010


Thanks for showing us round your garden lovely story of your parents , and good luck with your sweetpeas.

2 Feb, 2010


I have my dear mother-in-law's fork - it's just the right size for me. I like using it - it reminds me of her.

It's nice to see the sweetpeas in newspaper! It does work....and I'm sorry about your Daphnes. Eleagnus are lovely, though. You'll enjoy that. Thanks for the tour! :-))

2 Feb, 2010


I think your garden is looking good for the time of year, mine is looking a bit sad at the moment. What a shame about the Dapnes, my was only planted last year and so far is doing well.

Sandra x

2 Feb, 2010


Well LB,
my Daphne has done me proud for 15 years so I cant complain! I pinched a cutting from one of Cardiff's parks (shhhh...) Over the years I have taken many cuttings which are doing well in friends' gardens.
Yes I hope the Eleagnus does well. Maybe I'll get a second one.:o )

2 Feb, 2010


thanks for the tour. a lovely garden with lots of winter interest.

2 Feb, 2010


Thanks everyone! :)

3 Feb, 2010


What a lovely garden it will look lovely in full growth/colour.You have loads of interesting plants.

5 Feb, 2010

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