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Iris in flower today.


I love the genus Iris and have many species in the garden. The earliest to flower is I. ungucularis, usually in January and they are followed by the I. reticulate and I. histeroides.

There is then a lull of iris flowers until now.
I have several I germanica in flower:

Loop the Loop

Azure blue

Deep Black

This is a heritage one but I cant remember its name.

another un- named one

I have two I siberica in flower at the moment:
Thelma Perry

Tropical nights

About 3 years ago I was given seed for I tectoria alba. finally it has flowered; and I must say it is very pretty.

This is a very pretty dwarf bearded iris called Iris pumila but I don’t have a varietal name for it.

The Iris psuedocorus in the pond is starting to form a bud so that will be one for June.

Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and I am not surprised that this genus was named after her.

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So exotic and the raindrops make them look so more alive.

26 May, 2019


Hi Eileen, my I siberica hasn't flowered this year, because I didn't divide them last year, I had planned to do it, just never got around to doing it, they certainly let you know when they're overcrowded, Derek.

26 May, 2019


Beautiful! When I was little my mother used to grow big purple flag irises, and I always loved them.

26 May, 2019


All lovely, especially Loop the Loop!

26 May, 2019


You have some real beauties.

26 May, 2019


Hi Seaburngirl .Very varied collection. I don't think the first Bearded is Loop the Loop. If you look up the Iris Data Base it is a plicata with the narrow deep blue edge. I have found buying from the large mail order companies, (or receiving 2nd hand) often one does not get the true named variety and the name is perpetuated. I think some growers dump in bulk to the suppliers.
Having said that it is still pretty what ever it's called.

27 May, 2019


the growers label that came with it said it was but I know exactly what you mean Siris. either way it is still very pretty. there is an acer with the name 'noname' but the original plant had the label Acer no name ie not registered but the person had not left much of a space so it looked like 'noname.'
the azure blue also looks like jane phillips.

27 May, 2019


They are all magnificent.

27 May, 2019


I love Irises, too. I still remember as a boy seeing the big purple ones in people's gardens & in our local park. There they had lots of different colours which impacted on me very much.

I grown Irises from bulbs many times over the years but I've never grow I.germanica. Yours are really lovely!

27 May, 2019


They really are lovely Seaburn, I've never tried growing from seed...

28 May, 2019


I love them too and yours look exquisite especially with the raindrops on them. I think my favourite amongst them is azure blue.

28 May, 2019


Aren't they great. Some are very fragrant, others are a total surprise because of a mix-up or mis-labelling. Loop the Loop is a show stopper!

28 May, 2019


Gorgeous collection.

29 May, 2019


Great colours, look great splashed with the rain.

30 May, 2019

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