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May - plants do well


I have been enjoying my garden this month and in the last week many plants have ‘taken off’. I have also enjoyed seeing your gardens so thank you for posting your blogs. I am sure like me GoY has been a useful entertainment and distraction for many of you.

I have started putting my photos into monthly folders and then subdividing them into weekly folders. Here are some of the things that I have enjoyed seeing develop.

Also I must thank Hywel for sending me some Aquilegia crysantha seed they are in flower now. They are a lovely soft yellow.

This orange evening primrose has survived from last year, it is Sunset Boulevard and is a nice contrast against the Violet beauty allium.

This Paeony has been with me for only 3 yrs and it has flowered for the second time. It is Coral Hawaiian Pink.

This is supposed to be an I siberica ‘Kaboom’ but it is only about 15" tall and the flower is squat, unlike the other I siberica I have. Perhaps it will grow taller as it settles in.

This is one of my prized blooms. I have been nurturing it for getting on for 23yrs. This is her settling down for a couple of hours moth trapping. It was surprisingly cool last night.

We have had a very busy wildlife month in the garden. She has identified and had verified over 30 species of moth. In addition we found a toad yesterday when we lifted a tray of plants up. I had to move the trays so OH could move a couple of bikes around.

After dark this is one of two frogs that sit on the pond wall eating the slugs that come out of the brick work. Last night it ate a maybug. It took some swallowing but it managed it some how.

This one is a pale Tussock moth.

When we were out there we could here a lot of rustling and I spotted a hedgehog. Victoria set up her camera trap and at some point between midnight and 2 am we had 3 in the garden together. Two were a bit grumpy with each other and the third just quietly ate the food.

Well this is the end of my May garden. No doubt June will start the same. But we desperately need rain now. I will have to water tomorrow.

Now we are allowed out I hope to get to see our eldest girl and get some more photos of the two of them together. This was last Christmas.

Enjoy the relaxing of lock down but please stay safe.

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I love your toad. We used to have some but no longer, pity. I really can't see your frog on the wall, I will need its orientation explaining. I hope your family can get together soon, stay safe.

1 Jun, 2020


I love your photos Eileen, especially the frog. Your daughters are lovely. Hope everybody is safe and well. Thanks for sharing your garden.

1 Jun, 2020 have such amazing wildlife, and those beautiful! Sunset Boulevard is beautiful. I love that burnt orange colour in the garden.

1 Jun, 2020


thanks you for your kind comments. I think the girls are pretty but I am so biased. What never ceases to amaze me is that they have such different colouring yet all from the same gene pool. Also very different personalities despite being brought up the same. Definitely Nature over nurture. Elizabeth, my mum and I were very similar when we were 5 yrs old. I will post those some time in the future.

Siris the frog is facing left. its eyeball is almost on a level with the white blob. The darker shape middle to the bottom is its shadow. The flash wasn't working on the camera as the battery was nearly flat.
there is a hedgehog feeding already tonight so I will top their food up before I go to bed.

1 Jun, 2020


I'm glad the Aquilegia is flowering now, and your other flowers are lovely.
It's interesting to be able to identify those moths, and find wildlife in your garden.
You have two beautiful daughters and it will be nice for you to see your eldest one soon.

2 Jun, 2020


A fascinating blog, SBG, and how nice to meet your daughters. I'm sure lots of us our missing close members of our families so it's good to see things easing.
Like you say, GoY, has passed a lot of time for a new member like me, and I have been happy to catch up with fresh acquaintances, so thank you all for your welcome and comments.
Your plants are interesting but so is the wildlife in the garden. I have only seen a toad once in ours and thought it rather beautiful. The hedgehogs are regular visitors, too, although rather late this year in coming. Since discovering 'our' hawkmoth I take more notice of them now.

2 Jun, 2020


Its lovely to see your daughters Eileen - especially Victoria as you have mentioned her so often! No you are not biased - they are lovely. What is Victoria's sister's name? They (and you!) are fortunate to have all that wildlife in the garden. Our toad has disappeared and there are no hedgehogs because there are badgers though no sign of them for quite a while now..No frogs either sad to say. My word what valuable frogs you have - resident slug traps!
A lovely blog, thank you!

2 Jun, 2020


Ooops name check, she is Elizabeth. I chose their names not for any Royalist reason but at the time I hadn't taught any one I didn't like with that name. OH fancied Emily but I had a mare of a girl so that wasn't going to happen. Since they were born I have had both names for challenging pupils!

I still have plenty of slugs!

2 Jun, 2020


Thanks for sharing your lovely blog, Eileen. Your daughters are both looking lovely, it’s sad at the moment isn’t it for everyone with this virus keeping family and friends apart.
The aquilegia is definitely a pretty one, I’ve seen Karen’s and Hywel’s pics of this one too.
Fantastic pics of the moths, hedgehog, the toad and frogs. You definitely have plenty of slug and snail deterrents as said before.
Hope you’re feeling better? Keep safe and well.

2 Jun, 2020


Lovely photos and blog. The weather has been warm and sunny here these last few days so I am behind with being on here. Rain and cooler weather due over the next few days so it will be nice to have time to catch up with everyone.

2 Jun, 2020


Lovely blog and photo's, it must be such a joy to share the same interests with your daughters, your youngest one is very intent on what she is doing in that photo, I'm petrified of moths so don't know one from the others, I know some of them are really pretty but they do insist on divebombing my head, lol...
There used to be a huge toad living in my logpile, haven't seen him this year so hoping he's just moved because we now have my sister's Pepper, sadly I no longer see my hedgehogs in my garden either, that is not all down to Pepper, my new neighbours have two yorkies so I think the hogs are going in the opposite direction now...
We're gradually getting through this crisis, thank goodness, lets hope you'll soon be able to take another shot of your girls together, that one you took at xmas is lovely....

3 Jun, 2020


Lovely blog, thanks for sharing.

3 Jun, 2020


Thank you for the frog explanation, I believe you've a frog with very long front legs, haha.

3 Jun, 2020


Lovely blog, Eileen, & so much wildlife in your garden!

We have never seen any amphibians on or near the balcony in the close to 20 years we've lived here. But we have seen, or at least I've seen, hedgehogs outside the balcony. They would find it difficult to get in anyway as I put chicken wire over the balcony railings very shortly after we moved in to stop our 5 little dogs from getting out of the balcony & onto the busy road outside. Anyway there are no slugs on the balcony although we do get a few snails (they love Amaryllis leaves!) as I see their slime trails all over the balcony, including the ceiling! So if they so desired, they could reach even the hanging baskets!

A few days ago I was out working on the balcony when a Magpie alighted on the railings around the block of flats where we live. It stayed there for several minutes before flying off. We were no more that a couple of meters apart! (It was obviously respecting the social distancing laws in place!).

Just 2 days ago a Robin landed on the railings outside as well but no more than a meter from where I happened to be standing! :)

They always seem to come along when I don't have my phone with me so I might be able to take a picture of them. :(

4 Jun, 2020

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