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An NGS open day


We recently holidayed on the Isle of Wight and were pleased to have visited a garden open for charity via the National Garden Scheme.

It is called ‘Saxons’ and has been created over 19 years on sloping ground, spread over 3 terraced levels. This half acre garden has 3 ponds, unusual and rare trees and shrubs in borders, providing year round interest and attracting much wildlife.

A stream is an attractive feature within the garden, together with several modern sculptures for added interest.

There had been heavy rainfall for a few days prior to the opening but use of pallets enabled visitors to walk safely over the lawn. Be warned – this is a long blog!

Beginning with the front garden …

Now we walk to the back garden via the side path, not stopping for refreshments, even though the cakes looked good. We didn’t want to spoil our appetites before our pub lunch!

The first pond to our left as we enter the back garden

Tall Cordyline with variety of bird feeders, some allegedly Squirrel proof.

OH stepping down to the second level of the garden … very wet underfoot … hence the sign

I really liked this simple & under-stated water feature, situated just before stepping down to the third level.

Greenhouse to the left.

I imagine this swing seat would be a welcome place to rest on a sunny day.

Stepping down to the third level now.

Modern sculpture near another pond.

I shall let the pictures tell the story now as we walk to the back of the garden, where there is a field beyond for horses.

We did like the use of sculptures for interest.

The bird in the tree was another sculpture. Hope you spotted it, and the Owl beneath.

How lovely to have a field at the bottom of the garden.

These flowers are a new Wildflower meadow – not to be walked on!

We loved these ornamental Ducks.

If you enlarge the photo on your screen (press Ctrl and +) you will be able to see how the garden has evolved over the years.

A final look at the front garden on our way out. I bought two plants, an Eryngium planum ‘Blue Hobbit’ and a Lobelia cardinalis as a reminder of our holiday!

Hope you enjoyed the tour around this lovely garden.

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wow it was a lovely garden, pleased you took so many pictures and the time to put them on here, what a beautiful place to visit. :O)

20 Jun, 2014


Appreciate you effort to posting Shirley.
It's a lovely garden and some super plants. I even liked the garden art. Often those modern sculptures don't do much for me but the ones they had chosen seemed to work.

20 Jun, 2014


Thanks, Shirley - what a shame they had such bad weather. The sky wasn't blue, was it? I hope they still had plenty of visitors.
I'd love to have space to have a wild flower meadow - <sigh>. Do you know how big the garden is?

21 Jun, 2014


Thanks Oliveoil - it was a pleasure to visit this garden.

I agree with you on the sculptures Scottish - they chose these with great thought and they really do enhance the planting.

No Barbara - the sky was a murky grey! But at least the rain had stopped the day before. It is a half acre garden according to their information.

21 Jun, 2014


I can see why you enjoyed the visit here Shirley it looks very well thought out and not too big to walk round and enjoy. The pallet path was novel and looks to have saved the day.

21 Jun, 2014


What a fantastic garden and such lovely attention to detail with those often simple additions (the 6 'poles' increasing in height). I liked the water features too and the spiral sculpture, so much to see and it seems so loved. So pleased you put this blog on - I visited a garden yesterday (private just opened for charity) and was so disappointed - lovely trees but just an expanse of lawn, very few plants and a huge swimming pool! The cakes were good though!
Now I feel I have visited a proper garden - thank you :)

21 Jun, 2014


Very pleased with the detail of the rocks. I am just trying to sketch The Great Somerset Wall as a background and
couldnt remember the detail of the grade shading.
Thank you !

21 Jun, 2014


What a wonderful place to visit Shirley, so much to see and admire, I love the little feature with the ducks too;0)

21 Jun, 2014


Wow! Saxons is lovely, with loads of interesting features! I really enjoyed that Shirley. Some of the best ponds I've ever seen, and I love those red 'poles/posts). I shall be putting this on my favourites so I can refer to the pond designs next year, or whenever!

21 Jun, 2014


It looks a lot bigger than half an acre - brilliant design. What a pleasant day out - thank you for sharing.

21 Jun, 2014


Phyl - I think it was their first ever NGS opening - one they will always remember for the pallets alone I should think!

Gee - how disappointing for your garden visit! At least the cakes were good :o)

Diane - glad to be of help!

Carole - weren't those Ducks just so lovely? Set against the white stone really showed them off too.

Karen - thanks for putting it on to your Favourites - we can glean so many ideas from other gardens can't we? Must admit I did like the red poles as well - I like odd numbers though and would have put one more in!

Stera - deceiving due to the planting and layout - it does look bigger than a half acre!

22 Jun, 2014


Lovely :) I enjoyed seeing that garden and I liked the sculptures, which is rather unusual for me :)

22 Jun, 2014


Agree with others, Shirley. Modern sculpture is not often to my taste but I really liked the sculpture at Saxons - especially those maroon-ey poles and the various birds and glass. We, also, visited an Open Garden on Sunday and were disappointed. Although the setting and views were spectacular, the planting was rather mundane and uninspiring.

23 Jun, 2014


Thanks for viewing this blog Hywel ... are you making any pottery at the moment for your garden?

T'bear - I loved those poles too ... nothing too elaborate but quite eye-catching. I wonder how some gardens qualify for the NGS scheme when I read comments like yours ... such a shame you were disappointed.

24 Jun, 2014


I'm slow catching up with GoY lol ...

No I'm not making any pottery at the moment. I need to sort the place out and have the kiln moved. Other things take over and I never can get on with it :(

25 Jun, 2014


Welcome to my world Hywel! Always something to do ... :o)

25 Jun, 2014


lol It's never ending ... ! :)

25 Jun, 2014

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